10th: Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf)

Born in 1987 in California, Tyler Lee Hoechlin is an American actor of German descent, currently starring as Derek Hale in MTV’s supernatural TV series Teen Wolf. His character is one of the main ones, as Derek was to be the protagonist Scott McCall’s mentor. During his acting career he also played the role of Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven and Tom Hanks’ son in Road to Perdition, role for which he beat over 2000 young actors.

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A gorgeous man of 1.83 m, Tyler Hoechlin has been playing baseball from his early childhood, in 2004 being part of The Maxim Yankees and in 2007 of the Battle Creek Bombers baseball teams. His passion has brought him even a scholarship in 2005 for the Arizona State University.

Tyler Hoechlin, sexy teen wolf starAs an actor, Tyler was about to star in the Twilight saga as Emmett Cullen, role which he refused in order to play college baseball, and later was one of the potential actors to play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the new Batman vs Superman movie, role which belongs to Ben Affleck now.

Honourable Mentions

Tyler Hoechlin is not the only handsome Teen Wolf actor. Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) now popular for his main lead in the 2014 movie The Maze Runner, the musician Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) and the theatre British actor Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey) are also fan-favourite eyes candies.

9th: Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon A Time)

Colin O’Donoghue is an Irish actor born in 1981, better known for his role as Captain Killian “Hook” Jones in Once Upon A Time. While he originally starred as a villain, his character was cured by the power of love and is now on the good guys’ side – though, he is still the swashbuckling sassy leather and eyeliner lover he has always been. O’Donoghue also starred as the charming Duke Philip of Bavaria in The Tudors, along Anthony Hopkins in the horror The Rite and in 2012 in the horror-sci-fi Storage 24.

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When he is not acting on stage, the small screen or the big screen, Colin is the guitarist for the Irish band The Enemies, appears in Christiana Perri’s “The Words” music video – in which he makes us swoon more than he usually does – and is a dedicated husband to his wife Helen and the father of baby Evan. Back to his formation, Colin has spent a year abroad in France to learn French right from the source.

Colin O’Donoghue, Captain HookHe is also very dedicated to his work – in order to research for his film role from The Rite, he attended a real exorcism in Rome. Other fascinating things about Colin are his reddish leprechaun beard and his cheek scar. While there is no fantastic story behind the scar – he got it as a shaving accident – it does make him look rougher.

Honourable Mentions

Once Upon A Time has a gorgeous cast – men and women. So it is obvious that while he is the most handsome, there are other actors worth mentioning. Josh Dallas (Prince Charming/David Nolan) who also starred in the first Thor movie as an Asgardian, Sebastian Stan (Jefferson/The Mad Hatter) better known as the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Universe, Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) who is also both an actor and a singer and of course, the very popular Mr. Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan (The Huntsman/Sheriff Graham).

8th: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones)

This Danish actor was born in 1970 and is currently part of the Game of Thrones cast as Jamie Lannister, the twin brother and lover of Cersei and Joffrey’s, Tommen’s and Myrcella’s father/ uncle. Coster-Waldau made his American debut in Black Hawk Down and since then has played in various movies such as the horror Mama and the comedy The Other Woman. In 2016 he will appear as Horus in Gods of Egypt.

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When he is not acting, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is living in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark with his wife, the actress and singer Nukaka, with whom he has two children and two dogs. Nikolaj made his debut on stage as Laertes in Hamlet in the National Theatre School in Denmark where he was educated.

Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Game of ThronesWhat he loves about acting is that he gets to try many activities such as horse-riding, travelling and sailing. And even if he looks so muscular and tough, he has admitted that even though he enjoys horror movies, he finds them terrifying and difficult to watch.

Honourable Mentions

While Game of Thrones is more about its beautiful strong intelligent ladies, battles for power, landscapes and costumes, there are other sexy actors along Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. So, of course we cannot forget about Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon) and we are going to stop here because we cannot deal with so much hotness.

7th: Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire)

This 33 year-old American actor with piercing blue eyes has been leading in Chicago Fire as Lieutenant Kelly Severide since 2012. His character is a ladies’ man and the leader of Rescue Squad 3; but behind his arrogant façade, he is a dedicated man with commitment issues.

Kinney also has a recurring role in Chicago P.D. and has appeared on various mystery detective series such as CSI: NY, Rizzoli & Isles and Castle, but also in the popular The Vampire Diaries and in the comedy The Other Woman.

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Taylor Kinney, Chicago FireOf German, Swiss-German and English ancestry, Tylor is a handsome man for sure. So handsome, that he won the heart of a very talented and eccentric artist – the one and only Lady Gaga. They met on the set of Gaga’s music video for “You and I”.

They started dating after a little while and have been together since then. The couple’s feelings are so strong that in February 2015 they became engaged. But at least fan girls and fan boys still have him on the small screen.

Honourable Mentions

With a TV series about firefighters, one obviously expects many sexy men on screen. So, of course, there are other actors who are just as handsome as Taylor Kinney, actors like Jesse Spencer (Mattew Casey) – also known for his role as Robert Chase in House M.D. – and the Julliard School graduate Charlie Barnett (Peter Mills).

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