You know that kind of show which you don’t why you like it but you keep watch it? The Walking Dead is that kind of show that, even though it’s gruesome and violent you keep watching it. A lot of the fans would say they watch it because of Norman Reedus but there are some who watch it because of the comic books from which is inspired.

Certain satisfaction

Still the zombie show often serves as an escape from our world to another than is far worse and it gives certain satisfaction that we are nor Rick Grimes and his crew. And lastly because of the terrifying scenarios in which we like to put ourselves in and think what we would do and obviously look up to our favorite empowering characters and how would they handle that situation.

The show along with its complex characters makes the high-budget series to stand out from the crowd. The Walking Dead has evolved since season one and it started growing on us a long time ago, especially since Daryl and Rick’s friendship and Maggie and Glenn’s cute relationship. I think these are the key elements that gives the show’s unicity: finding happiness and hope in a world turned into necrotic waste.

Zombie show

The story is based on the comic book series which AMC turned into a show that explores the human struggles in a world in which survival becomes the new goal. The zombies aren’t the worst thing that can happen to them, other people are also a threat, turning out to be themselves the walking dead.

There aren’t many shows out there where the good guys die, where the boy and girl don’t end up together and where his heart is being ripped off, literally. Besides the hideous zombies, the characters are the ones that keep the show alive and makes viewers come back for more every week.

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