Hi everybody, we are having any time soon April’s fool, and being such a fan of pranks I’ve decided to make an article about various ideas that you can apply to your friends, family or motherfucking enemies like “What’s with Andy”, and you will be quite satisfied trust me.

Firstly I’ll start with a little history and found like 12 theories of how it did appear and surprisingly there is none that is accepted 100% by al historians. Scumbags. But the one that it looks for me the most interesting is the one that in old times a big part of people amongst with were included the Romans as well, were celebrating the New Year on April 1st.

The reason is quite simple: in this period the nature starts to come to life, the winter has passed, and it looks like the plants are restarting themselves. They are trying once more, they are pollinizing like mo’fo gangsters. All cool and interesting until 1582 the pope, Gregorian the 13th adopted the Gregorian calendar and decided that actually the New Year is on 1st of January.

In that period the shepherds weren’t connected to the internet like today so them along with the people from the country side, found quite late about that. The cooler ones from the city let them celebrate in the old style and the tradition of April’s fool had started.

I’ve selected the followings based on two categories:

1. No matter the prank, nobody should get hurt. And 2. No matter the prank the others goods should not suffer.

  1. aprils fools listWhile your father is gone on shopping take as much shopping trolleys and surround his car. Don’t forget to film the shit and if you have time also make a medical insurance that is not crap. The only downside to this prank is the fact that it takes you a lot of time and in this case you should clean the mess yourself after you’ve done it cause you’d not be able to blame it on the beggar that is circling your area for some change.
  2. A simple and quite effective is to stick to the victim’s mouse a troll on the optical area. It suffice of innocence to stick it to the boss’s mouse as well, of course if you don’t control the air traffic, then that would be quite a mess. Just don’t do it. Trust me.
  3. Hang the portrait of Kim Jong-un on the family wall. That would relieve some stress and the visitors would be horrified of it thinking you are some sort of a mob from the Korea’s side and never visit you again. Get rid of false friends.
  4. Do you know what happens if you mix Cola with Mentos, right? Make some ice cubes with Mentos inside them and serve your victim, then wait the ice melts and voila you have one of the most successful pranks ever invented. Total consequence with just a simple method.
  5. soap2Even much simpler put a Mentos in the Cola cap with a string attached to it, screw the cap, cut the loose ends of the string and wait the innocent to open the bottle. He will have no idea. The only minus is the one in which the victim is waiting too much and the bubbles tend to fade off from the content.
  6. Put nail polish on your parents soap on every side. In this way nobody will be able to wash with the soap, having no freaking idea why. It works at the job place, of course if you have one, or one with people, not like me, the no lifer.
  7. Hang sausages at different heights in the unsuspecting victim. The effect is at least SF. It’s bad if you have the victim as a gourmand cause he will start to eat them while entering the room and while at the desk.
  8. Put a mannequin’s head in the shower window. It will definitely creep the one that will take a shower and probably yell out of this.
  9. Replace the Oreo’s content with tooth paste, nobody will figure that out until they taste it and probably spit it out.
  10. Put some paint on the wiper’s base. In this way it will appear a fucking rainbow on the windshield when he will desire to clean it.
  11. If you have enough patience down to your sleeve, wrap their car like in the airport. It will take time to wrap off as well and total delight to your account. Of course don’t forget to film the reaction, cause otherwise it will not have the same valor.
  12. best aprils fools listPlant a grass garden in your coworker’s keyboard. Take some seeds with some wadding and pour some water, that’s of course after you’ve removed all the keyboards from of course the keyboard. And let it grow swapping next the two keyboards. You will have a once in a lifetime experience. Of course if he doesn’t throw the keyboard.
  13. Put an airhorn behind the wall. Stick it to the wall and when the victim is entering the room watch for his reaction. Priceless.
  14. Put some water in glasses, then, with a piece of plastic, put on top of the glasses and turn them backwards then let your kid figure out what to do with the reversed glasses.
  15. The grenade. Use a bottle of Febreze or some sort of washing material with a poof-poof, zip it with a permanent zip and throw in the room squirting on every co-worker. Brilliant.
  16. Give them an office technology upgrade. Swap all the components in your friend’s desk with cardboard then draw everything on them so they look kinda realistic.
  17. Become a seat and watch the people’s reaction. Get yourself a costume that resembles a seat then drive in downtown to watch for some reaction while your car seems to drive itself.
  18. Infest the office with fake rats. This one is a costly prank but it’s worth every dime. The reaction is priceless especially if they are afraid of the vermin.
  19. Attach an airhorn to their seat. This is more like the farting shit that you put under the seat but this one triggers something bigger of a reaction, making them jump of their seats.
  20. Make their worst nightmare a grim reality. While your buddy is at the toiled he will discover that he hasn’t no more toilet paper cause you switched it with one of your own that writes April’s Fool, he’ll figure out what to do with it. Or not?
  21. Ruin the flavor of every Pringles piece. This one is quite disgusting, you must lick the flavor out of every piece of Pringles. Damn that’s grouse.
  22. best aprils fools everGive their hands some surprise lubrication. Use some lubricant instead of liquid soap and wait for someone to wash with it and realize, to their amaze that it won’t come off. They will be miming the things they need next.
  23. Make sure they read the morning’s newspaper. Wrap all the stuff at the office with newspaper and then wait for them to come.
  24. Throw them a surprise balloon part. Fill out the chamber in which your co-worker is in with balloons and then wait for him. Don’t forget to capture on film the reaction.
  25. Give their car a bright new pain job with sticky notes.
  26. Introduce them the mayonnaise filled donuts. Fill out the normal donuts instead of vanilla flavor, mayonnaise, they will spit it right out.

And some pranks for kids

  1. Freeze the cereals of a little youngster inside of the milk. He will definitely start to cry but don’t be discouraged, he will learn to do a prank on others account as well, and probably get a wedgie.
  2. Sew the victim’s sock on the middle so that he will get late for school or wherever the hell she/he wants to go.
  3. Put a “for sale” announce on the porch. When he will ask you where are you moving, tell him that you accepted the lumberjack post at the 3 little flowers cabin.
  4. Tell him you bought him and eye-pad, after that give him the eye-pad. He will change his emotions from excitement to anger in no time.
  5. Put his laces backwards.
  6. Replace the Men and Speed stick with cheese, making him smell cheesy all the way down to the town. He will definitely rage on something.
  7. Look for a confectionery with special orders and change his phone with an identical replica made out of chocolate, it will have the same effect as the eye-pan, the only difference being the fact that he can eat the phone though.

And not the best pranks ever made in this world:

10. Saddam Hussein

april fools worst

Do you remember Saddam Hussein? The guy with the blood lake and the Koran written in blood as well? On April’s Fool he liked to make pranks to his people via a newspaper controlled by him as well.

For example: in 1999 he announced that the monthly ratio of food was supplemented with bananas, Pepsi and chocolate. Haha, prank, still hunger in the country.

9. Pi

aprils fools toplistIn 1998 the April’s number of a magazine New Mexicans for science and reason had an article that announced that the Alabama country has voted to change of number Pi from 3,14159 in the biblical value 3.

Hundreds of people called the mayor’s office revolted until they found out that it was a prank.

8. Burgers for lefties

worst aprils foolsOn April’s fool, Burger King made out an article in USA today announcing that they have created the 1st burger for lefties.

The article explained the process of rotation of all ingredients with 180 degrees for being much more tasty for lefties.

Surprisingly hundreds of people took the prank by asking the lefties burger or the righties.

7. Metric Hour

worst aprils foolsOn the 1st April 1975 an Australian newspaper announced the swapping of the time from normal to metric hour. 1 minute was supposed to have 100 seconds, 1 hour,  100 minutes and a day, 20 hours.

And more, seconds were becoming mili-days, minutes-centi-days, and the hours deca-days. A reader called out at the redaction post how he can change his digital watch in the metric hour.

aprils fools list6. Mega bomb

In the 1st World War a French airplane flew above a German camp and launched what it seemed a huge bomb.

The Germs took cover but seeing that it isn’t any kind of explosion they approached the fake bomb on which said April’s Fool prank.

aprils fools list5. The Big Ben

In 1980 BBC announced that the Big Ben watch will be changed in a digital one for keeping the pace with the fashion. Lotsa listeners called angry to protest the change.

As well, the BBC announced that it will be holding an auction for the old components. A listener called right away to make an offer.

best aprils fools list4. Politiken Newspaper

Announced in April 1965 that Danish parliament voted a law in which all dogs should be painted in white.

The motive for this change was the desire of the authorities to increase the visibility of the dogs in the night period.

3. Smello-Vision

1965smellovision_thumbIn 1965 the same BBC broadcasted an interview with a science guy who just invented a device called Smello-Vision.

This miraculous technology allowed the user to smell via TV the flavors the aroma produced in the TV studio.

After they cut some onion and they roasted some coffee called shocked how they succeeded in smelling all like they were in the filming stages.

2. Viagra for pets

hamster viagraIn 2000, the newspaper Independent published an article announcing that the researchers made a Viagra pill for the hamsters and other pets. Quote: “ Most often a hamster sits in the cage thinking: I haven’t done sex in months, am I so ugly?” .

To resolve this serious issue all that you had to do was to put the little pill in the little fellow’s food.

1. Crying Lenin

aprils fools listNumerous Christian statues representing the Virgin Mary it was to be said that they started crying but in April 1995, Lenin’s statue from Cavriago, Italy, cries as well.

Lotsa people gathered to observe the milky substance that was pouring from his eyes. The crowd remained in the square some hours until the authorities announced that it was a prank.

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