Some people are master minds when it comes to committing murders and then get away like spot on with no clues to their identity or at least something to lead you towards their location.

Some people have a knick for brain-games, some for murder, but those who succeed in this area are those who are practicing both of them. And of course leave our world a better place without any stupid people to be killed or strangled or whatever they desired to do to them.

I am not sustaining any kind of infractions or criminality or general menace. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that there do not exist some murders that are extremely interesting. Firstly with the fact that they were never solved and for the circumstances that were extremely bizarre in which they happened.

Some of the following cases seem more like thriller parts but you can be sure that they happened. So, I’m presenting you the top 8 most strange murders that weren’t solved with the hope that I intrigue but as well with the hope that some of you will solve them out, making the world a better place for us all. NOT.  So let’s get started. GO.

8. The lead masked case.

unsolved mysteries toplistIn 1966 in Brazil a kid was playing with a kite in a field when she discovered the bodies of two men, lounged one by another on the grass. The police was noticed and came to the location where they discovered the circumstances extremely bizarre of the murders.

The two men were dressed up in costumes, the regular ones with ties and everything and above them they were wearing impermeable coats and on their faces, each one of them had a lead mask used to protect you against the radiations.

Near them there was an empty bottle of water as well as two wet towels and the most intriguing aspect was the fact that there was also a little notebook in which it was stated the followings: 16:30 –Be present at the meeting point; 18:30- swallow the pills and after the effect expect the signal. What the actual fuck?

What capsules and why swallow them? What effect they were expecting and what signal was said to come? Not to mention the lead masks and the wet towels.

Not at all surprising the case wasn’t solved till this day, the elements that are part of it being so random that the most creative writer of crime novelist would struggle to find a link between them.

In time there posted numerous hypothesis about what happened. From extraterrestrial to sabotage, but until now nobody knows for sure what the hell happened. If you think you figured that out please do tell me as well, I could get a prize for that.

7. The axe man from New Orleans

unsolved mysteries toplistBetween 1918 and 1919 in the city New Orleans from the United States there took place 12 homicides that took place with brutality done apparently by the same individual that broke in with force in the people’s homes and murdered them using an axe.

This criminal had not have any financial motivations, not stealing every of the times from the people’s homes, apparently he was simply a psychopath. Thing that becomes very obvious at some point, thing that he sent a letter to the local police of which text was equally macabre and bizarre.

Here are some quotes from the letter: “Dear mortal. They never caught me and they never will. They never seen me cause I’m invisible. Like the ether that surrounds the Earth. I’m not a man but a spirit, a demon from the most scorching Hell. When I think that it’s necessary I will come and make new victims. Only I know who will they be. I will never leave a clue, except my dirty axe with blood and brains from those who I’ve sent down to Hell to keep me company.

Alongside those terrifying messages, the letter also contained an information that was extremely odd. The killer announced the date and time of his next criminal escapade but he also presented a clause who stated that he will never attack any court in which a Jazz formation is hired in that evening to sing. This criminal pretended that was a Jazz fan and that he will spare any individual that is found in the company of this kinda formation.

Nobody was attacked in that night and the axe murderer was never caught. Anyhow I don’t exclude the fact that he most probably was a jazz singer that was frustrated that he never sang which made him compose a marketing add extremely ill.

6. The poisonous Umbrella

unsolved mysteries listGregory Markov was a writer from Bulgaria who in 1969 left his native country, running away from the regime which was communist.

This one had settled in the UK where he became a correspondent for BBC. In this new posture, Markov began a satiric campaign and extremely criticizing against the government back at his home. Apparently his actions weren’t ignored, this one being assassinated some years later.

Even though it never had been found out who murdered him and why, the general opinion speculates that he was murdered by the Bulgarian government helped by KGB cause his anti-communistic propaganda which had consecrated him. What is even more interesting is the way in which he was murdered.

This one was expecting the bus when an anonymous citizen shot him down in the leg with a poisonous capsule using a gun disguised as an umbrella. Markov died in the hospital 4 days later due the poisonous projectile which contained ricin, and yea, I know what you are thinking, the ricin is a poison that Walter White used in Breaking Bad, only that this case really happened and it also implied a mega-shotgun dressed as an umbrella and of course the murderer was never caught.

5. The city sumbag

unsolved mysteries listSkidmore is a very small town in the American state Missouri. This one has less than 300 inhabitants and it is mostly a famers community of which pumpkin festival is the biggest of the year.

With other words the city was small and the people there knew very well each other and one of the citizens was universally detested by most of all. This man was Ken Macelroy. And he was considered the city scumbag. He gathered over 20 accusation over his live for a variety of infractions like theft, rape, pedophilia, body injuring, arson and others.

This one has somehow succeeded in escaping the prison with some legislation technicalities until at some point the city citizens had enough. In 1918 on the main street of the city in full daylight this one has been shoot down numerous times by two individuals while he was in his car.

There were approximately 40 individuals that were there when he was shot down. Anyhow, when the police came to question them, every each of the witnesses said that they weren’t paying attention and that they never seen a thing. They lied to protect the killers or this one should be a part of the most intriguing coincidences in history.

4. The headless man and chicken

unsolved mysteries listA very strange crime happened in San Francisco in 1981. A man, most probably stray was found dead in the park alongside a chicken that was also dead.

Initially you may thing that those two had wrestled till the death cause of some misunderstanding, but this hypothesis would not be possible cause of the fact that both the man and the chicken were found out headless. More than that, some parts of the chicken were… introduced in the man, not being specified what that meant.

You can use you imagination… It looked like a religious ritual had happened there, some sort of witchery. And cause the policeman that were investigating didn’t have a knick for this subject, they called an expert in occult. A detective woman that has worked some other-like cases and she had specialized herself in that domain.

After she analyzed the situation, this one determined that most probably is about a Santeria ritual, a West-African religion that ended up near the Caribbean. More than that, she recognized this ritual and speculated that over 42 days, his head will be returned near to where the corpse has been found. Anyhow nobody took that serious and of course that over 42 days had happened exactly that. The head was returned to the murder scene but nobody was near that place to arrest the person that brought that…

3. The killer Tylenol

unsolved mysteries everIn 1982, seven people deceased in Chicago after they swallowed Tylenol pills that contained Cyanide. It looked like somebody had access to a lot of pills before they went down to the market and covered every pill from more boxes with Cyanide.

Adam Janus was one of the victims. This one had thoracic pains so he took a Tylenol and he died an hour later. In the same evening, his brother alongside his wife, being devastated by the death of him, they took as well from the same pill box, dying as well a few hours later. Alongside those, there were another 4 persons to die. And when it was discovered the correlation between Tylenol and those deaths it has provoked an entire hysteria.

Police cars were searching the streets of Chicago’s, announcing the citizens with their speakers to not consume those pills. A man tried to blackmail the pharmaceutical company, pretending that he contaminated the meds and asking 100.000 to stop from doing that. The police has rapidly found him but apparently he wasn’t the killer.

The real killer was never to be found and although this is a very scary murder, we can calm ourselves down with the idea that there were only 7 people to die. It could’ve been much worse. And after this incident, there were settled new methods to seal the pharmaceutical products meant to stop those kinda incidents in the future.

2. Taman Shud

unsolved mysteriesIn 1948 in Glenelg, a little Australian town, there was found the cadaver of a man that was sitting on the beach under a lamppost. These are the only information that we know about this case that was never identified even though the police tried hard to do so.

Every clothes this man wore, as well those that were found in a suitcase which belonged to him had their brand etiquettes torn off or cut to not reveal his origins. Anyhow the police succeeded in determine that one of his shirts were originated from America, an extremely bizarre thing, cause his dental prints weren’t a match for any man that ever lived in America.

The death cause of this individual is another mystery. Apparently this one died of poisoning, there weren’t found any trace of poison in his body, suggesting a high-hierarchy assassination. Anyhow the most bizarre aspect of this case it represents its note found in one of his pockets. This one was found in a closed and sealed compartment and apparently was a part of a torn page from a book on which there were written only two words: “Taman Shud”.

Probably you are curious what that means and as much curios was the police that contacted experts which affirmed that” Taman Shud” is an expression in the Persian language which means “terminated” or “ending”. It was determined that this piece of paper was from a book that was called “Rubaiyat Omarkhayyam”, a collection of poetry that was translated from a mathematician and poet from Persia.

The police had started a national search of this book until a citizen has presented himself with the exemplary from which the piece of paper was missing but instead of finding answers, the book did only to raise more questions. On the last page of the book was found a bizarre code, a cipher composed from 5 rows of letters which seems to hide a secret message.

The police was dizzied by this code and they never succeeded in solving that one, the crime remaining unsolved till this day, when, I, … did not solve it. The mystery in which is this murder engulfed remains with many speculations like secret societies or spies especially the Cold War right then. The only certain thing is that no one succeeded to decipher that code as well as other aspects of the case which remained one of the biggest enigmas of Australia’s history.

1. D.B. Cooper

unsolved mysteries toplistIn 1971, a man under the name Dan Cooper had embarked on a plane which flew between the American cities of Portland and Seattle. Once he was found in the air, this one had ordered a whiskey after that he announced one of the stewards that he has in his possession a bomb and he will detonate it if his demands are not fulfilled.

The steward sat near him and she asked to see the bomb. Very calm, D.B. Cooper opened the suitcase which was filled with explosive material after commanding another whiskey which he paid leaving a tip as well. This Dan Cooper of which name was wrongly transcript in D.B. Cooper was described by the witnesses as being a very calm man elegant and polite.

He had a medium height with an age of approximately 35-45 years, and he wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a black tie. The authorities were announced by the situation that emerged and his pretentions were fulfilled. This one asked 4 parachutes, food for the staff as well as 200.000 of dollars the equivalent of 1.000.000 dollars today.

The plane landed in Seattle where his demands were fulfilled, after the passengers were released and the plane took off again having on only the pilot team, the main steward and him as well. After a while this guy tied his money to his body, opened the airplane door and jumped with the parachute somewhere above Nevada, evading in a very cool way.

Despite there were exhausted a lot of resources to find this mysterious guy, D.B. Cooper was never caught and till this day it remains the single case of air highjack unsolved in the American’s history. When the plane was taken back, the investigators found only his tie to tie him to the case. See what I did there? No? Me neither.

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