A revolution is a change that affects the fundaments and relatively fast in which he regards the leadership structure or the culture and the mentality of a country or a region. In other words when something major is rapidly changing we have a revolution.

Along the history there were numerous revolutions, more or less successful. Some had success but it didn’t change much, others failed but changed everything. Important are the lessons that we get after them and how we apply them nowadays.

I once was to a revolution, or some sort of social expression in my country but learned a valuable lesson. If you’d want a page from my blog to have my entire view of the system, I will not show you, cause it’s better that you are dumb and dreamy than smart and sad. Be dreamy. It’s good for your health and imagination.

How do you think I ended up writing in such style, by mistake? No. it was all correlated actions to get me something better than I had and seen all the structures of a dream, or a spherical desire in which you try to accomplish every day to doing so. And me wanting to be the best lead me to learning each every day the most important parts in the society.

There are those who do, and there are those who dream. Those who dream come first cause you cannot do if you don’t dream of something that you want and so you get better at your dream each every day. Careful what you wish cause there are a lot of dreamers in this world and probably would like the same thing as you, so, better start working on your dreams if you want to be the best in what you do. The clock is ticking. Tic-tac.

8. Caribbean

top revolutions everIn the Caribe there is a little island called Haiti but in the 18 century this one was called Saint Domingue and it belonged to France.

As well the island was full of sugarcane which was worked almost exclusively by black slaves brought by force from Africa and the sugar being very expensive and wanted and how the slaves were very cheap and extremely easy to find it happened that slowly the little island to transform into one of the most profitable colonies in the world, maybe even the most profitable.

This pleasured very much the leader from then, Napoleon until the slaves organized themselves and rebelled under the leadeshit of Toussaint L’Ouverture and began a revolution that after some years of harsh battles and tragic deaths ended up in the release of all slaves, the recognition of them as free people as well as their independence which transformed their name into Haiti, becoming the first independent country in the Latin America.

7. American Revolution

biggest revolutions everOf course you cannot have a top about revolutions without mentioning the one that created the strongest country in the world. The American Revolution.

This one had place when the British colonies on the American soil were full of the taxes that were required by the British Empire, which alongside that they were big, they were established without having a representative. After the battles that took place nearly 20 years, the colonies were declared independent on 4th of July 1776 and this is how the United States of America were formed.

No matter what opinion we have about this country it is indisputable that this one had a major importance in what were they saying among the world countries, historically, culturally and political. An the real revolution didn’t count as the one in which they declared their independence from UK, but in the personal rights, of personal property and equality as well the government system which they created, one without a king, on the base of which there were constructed lotsa other governments.

6. French Revolution

revolutions toplistEven France was a wealthy country in the 18 century this one began to have problems cause of its leadership system. On one side you had the big boys formed out of the wealthy people which didn’t paid taxes and on the other side there were the peasants, extremely poor which of course were paying the taxes.

Unsurprisingly the peasant class remained without money, France having lotsa debts and when the weather that wasn’t so good, ruined all the crops the country entered in ruins, the ordinary people having been overwhelmed by illness and poverty, revolted by the conditions in which the wealthy people were living in, formed a national gathering and began a bloody revolution which came to exchange the king and changing the entire leadershit system.

Even though till the end, the French revolution may seem that it didn’t solve a fucking thing on the practical side, in the way that even though they took the power from a totalitarian regime, they replaced mostly with the same totalitarian regime. This one succeeded in changing in a drastically way the mentality of the people in which the laws are regarded, the institutions and the rights of every citizen, regardless their social rank, some principles that we still try to apply today: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

5. Arminus

top 8 revolutionsThe following is an old revolution, almost forgotten, which hadn’t success till the end but which had radically changed the evolution of Europe.

Arminus has lived nearly 2000 years ago and he was a Germanic barbarian which he was kidnapped and forced to work for the Roman army. This one accepted his faith and become slowly an excellent soldier and very good in tactics. Meanwhile the Roman Empire continued its expansion in the rest of the world until it ended up in the German territory.

In this moment, Arminus changed sides, coming back to his compatriots and leaded an army of tribes into a revolutionary war against the empire that have learned him all that he knew. The roman army was literally destroyed by Arminus and his warriors but the things did not end up there.

The Roman Empire was huuge and after a while they sent enormous armies that killed poor Arminus and all his folks. Even the revolutionary movement died, the spirit in which it began remained more vivid than ever.

The Roman Empire had so much to suffer and the Emperor remained so devastated by the initial defeat in front of Arminus, that they never ever tried to conquer the Germanic territories and as well they radically changed their military strategy.

It is speculated that if there weren’t for Arminus, most probably today in Germany would’ve been spoken the Italian language. So we have an example of how a single man can change the world’s evolution and in the meantime to be almost forgotten by history.

4. Civil War

toplist of revolutionsEven if we call it the Civil War, this event was more of a revolution cause the fact that it was the base of changing of a fundamentally ideology and to be more precise, human slavery, which isn’t so bad if you were to ask me. M’eh, I kid.

Until that moment it was perfectly normal to have slaves which you can beat, rape and work until their deaths. The American Civil War was a battle between those who sustained this system and those who realized that this barbaric and inhuman practice must end.

Of course the real reasons of the war were much complex than that as well the other explained in this article. Anyhow, the consequences of the war were clear, the slavery ended in America and even if the discrimination for the other races still persists, was a crucial step towards the development of equality and the fundamental rights of every human being born on this planet.

3. Icelandic Revolution

biggest revolutions everThis one is the least mediatized revolution extremely important and this wasn’t at random. The economic crisis in 2009 affected most of the world’s countries but Iceland on the verge of bankruptcy didn’t give up and the citizen didn’t accept the burden which their leaders gave them.

This ones ended up in the streets and after a series of pacified protests the government was changed, those responsible arrested and it was written a new constitution which permitted Iceland to escape their debts as well as the externally control over the country’s finances.

More than that this new constitution was written by 25 ordinary people, people that didn’t belong to any political party and which were never involved into policies but which were nominalized by at least 30 peoples. The new constitution redaction was visible online and live and anybody could’ve come up with ideas or questions while this was written.

Today Iceland occupies the 13th place in the world in which the quality of life is regarded and the revolution that ended up with this progress was made in a peaceful way using the collective force of the citizens. This even was barely mediatized in the external press and it’s easy to understand why.  It is clear that the biggest players both economic and political at the world scale have no interest in making the normal people to understand their own power in opposition to corrupt authorities.

2. Renascence

top revolutions everGenerally we don’t tend to look the Renascence as a revolution but this cultural movement and artistic as well meets all the requirements to a revolution.

Besides the fact that the Renascence is the phenomenal that brought the ending of Middle Ages and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution this one had numerous other important consequences.

The Renascence contributed big time to create a basic mentality and more precise, the people should not be united through war and conquering but more likely through art and culture.

In the Renascence it was pointed out the esthetics and beautiful and the artists, philosophers and the time’s architects made it all possible to use their creations for transmitting information of unity, peace and modesty. In other words the Renascence was the cultural movement in which it was tried to change the world into a better place with the help of Art and not using their weapons.

1. The Internet

best revolutions everThe life of a normal guy has a little importance compared when it is placed into a bigger historical event line. Cause of this reason it is hard to appreciate the passing of the time and the big changes which our society is passing by as well as the people that were living in the Renascence times didn’t know that around them was happening exactly that, Renascence.

But the truth is that we are in the incipient phase in which could have unimaginably implications. The internet has transformed every human being into an individual that has a word to say. We can communicate one to another, free, open and with the speed of light. The information on the internet is uncensored and in the present time we have at our disposal answers to almost every question via a device that sits pretty comfortable into our pockets.

The lies, the propaganda and the political manipulation will become slowly but steady useless, normal people will become much more informed, more competent and better and much emphatically meanwhile the world becomes much small and more united.

We have slowly transformed into a big crowd of people that think in the same way with a common conscience and has at its disposal all the information of humanity has to offer. We have at the moment a huge potential that not only that it wasn’t imaginably in the precedent years but one that we weren’t even capable of imagining.

And if we use all those tools with passion, empathy and kindness it is very possible that the Internet revolution to be the last revolution that we will ever indeed need. Think the possibilities. We could fly on other planets having common information as NASA’s complicated schemes and be able to form all nation communities to fly into space at every time we would like to. Have donations for every single aspect that is not doing great in this life, and much much more. Think.

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