Everybody loves a good conspirator theory in the actual fact that could be true and mess up everything we know about the world. Yes there are some Santa Claus stories around the world that we tell others to keep them on their toes, but some are quite exaggerated and sincerely hope that they aren’t true. Like at all.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my skin at all. Conspiracy in its true definition some different but yet linked together facts that lead to a true story somehow, or at least in the creators minds at least and usually they spread a itsy bitsy amount of fear among who are listening to them. They are just another kind of horror story teller which doesn’t tell them only by the camp fire, but in high hierarchic societies.

The story dweller in our societies love the attention so they came up with something to be bragging about, or they are simply nuts and we don’t have to listen to all sorts of aberration in our paths. I once came up with something, but it was so stupid that I’ve forgot what I’ve been telling, so stupid back then, but some seem more plausible and there are some interesting conspiracy you could bath in case you felt boring in your life. Enjoy.

15. The Moon Landing

conspiracy theories listOn the 15th place it landed the most popular conspiracy theory. It’s the 1st theory I heard about and quite believed in it, and still believing a bit and it’s the most frequent believed conspiracy theory.

It puts under a question mark the landing of travelers on the Moon, telling that actually the whole expedition was filmed in a studio and not even the members of the crew that was told they’ve been landing on the Moon didn’t knew about that fact.

This is based on photos modified in Photoshop and ignores any other proof like the ones left on the Moon, the return of the crew back on Earth and the original images non-modified.

14. Cthulhu

conspiracy theoriesIn 1997, in the remote areas of the Pacific Ocean it was heard a noise of low frequency that resembled one produced by an animal, it overcome the blue whale that produces the most powerful sound and it wasn’t discovered till this day the source of the sound.

An exaggerated theory blames the character of a mysterious book, a divinity called Cthulhu that is possible that he wants to come back on Earth and to lead us. A similar theory like this one is that Super Mario will come from the sewers and will candidate for the development minister.

13. Middle Ages

15 best conspiracy theories listHere we have the author and historic from Germany called Herbert Ilig which says, pay attention, that the Middle Ages did not exists, the time period from 600 and 900, poof, it’s a lie and it is the Vatican invention, forging documents, paintings, monuments to resemble like buildings made in the 600-900 period.

Historical figures does not exists and they were modified and we are in the year 1713.

12. X-Box One

conspiracy theories listThe launching of the X-Box 1 console came surrounded by lotsa controversies, it may seem that Microsoft company are taking a step away from the gaming world and approaches the TV world, having it coming with lotsa interaction actions with the TV.

It came also with a camera a little intruding, that can see, even through people’s clothes, existing even proof when we can see the intimal parts of a guy. It was proven that actually it was a fold in the pants, but this didn’t stopped the human wave that thought that secret services haven’t had something else better to do that to watch us standing covered with chips remains and we are searching the controller of the remote for the TV. More ridiculous is to thing that terrorist still have time to play on the console.

11. Resistors in the Great Pyramids

conspiracy theoris toplistA series of discovery in the temple complex from Dendera made the people think that it may be possible that electricity existed, a series of hieroglyphs resemble with electrical wiring, with resistors, transistors and it is illogical to believe that the long tunnels from the pyramids were illuminated with torches, of course there was electricity, they had light bulbs everywhere, only that they were held hidden.

They didn’t put them in the temples or the imperial houses, but only in the graves, for the dead to see what they are doing. Yes, I don’t see anything wrong with this logic.

10. The Conquistadores

15 conspiracy theories listThis one is a classic. When the conquistadores arrived in the Americas and met the native population, they couldn’t see for a good while the ships in which they came.

In the same spirit nowadays there are people that don’t believe in the existence of planes, of flight and consider that this is a conspiracy theory put in line to kidnap them.

9. President Obama

Which may seem he can control the weather after his will and he doesn’t do this thing to enhance the agriculture, so in case there is a scandal related to him on the TV or one of his laws does not succeed or something bad happens that attracts negative attention towards him, a tornado appears. Election are close?

A storm devastates America and the world comes near to him into his arms for comfort and he is reelected. There are so many coincidences of this kind seemingly people became suspicious of him, theories from the X-men movies or graphics of the weather so precise which say that nature cannot do so such things, made me personally convinced, certainly Obama controls the weather.

A similar theory was with the ex-president Bush, but this one didn’t have magical powers, instead he had Britney spears which every time Bush got it wrong, thing that was frequently happening, she had a mental breakdown, on the TV, on the scene and in the public life she was an emotional wreck and she was collaborating with Bush to take the negative attention from him. Hell of a martyr and patriotism. Good job Britney.

8. The reptilians

best conspiracy theories listThe father of this theory is David Ipp, a BBC reporter that says that the most important people in the world and most famous, like the American presidents, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, the royal family of Great Britain, are reptilian.

They are a human species of reptilians coming from the constellation called Alpha Draconis which are preparing the world for the big invasion.

He says that they are feeding on fear, uncertainty and with human blood. This is elementary for keeping their masks on. Even princess Diana, before she died, said that she is indeed reptilian and for that she lost her life.

7. Time Travel

best conspiracy theories listIn 2003, Andrew Carlssin was arrested for fraud at the stock exchange. He succeeded in a few weeks to transform $800 in $350.000.000. He was of course arrested for fraud and in the interrogatory room he came with an alternative story.

He said that actually he is a time traveler, coming from the year 2256 in which he knows which company had success and he normally he invested with brains. Was he nuts, was it true, at a closer look we see that Andrew Carlssin was not existing before 2002, he ever predicted the date when the Americans will invade Iraq.

Are you convinced. With a more detailed search we discover that there exist a magazine which publishes short stories and by mistake Yahoo news took this story thinking that it was true and published it further. Other news groups took it from the Yahoo and they published even further, succeeding in arriving in the middle of the population and believing, being very hard to deny it today.

6. Spy Sharks

15 conspiracy theoriesAfter a series of mysterious attacks on the Egyptian coastline in which the sharks were hunting people, the authorities came up with the conclusion that Israel is the one to blame.

They found on the sharks some dubious devices, never to be facing them, uncommonly, and said for sure that they want to destroy us and cause of them the tourism is going on a downwards slope and that’s why people are avoiding Egypt, not from the heat, not cause shark kills us, but cause Israel is the one to blame.

Some kids saw for themselves the devices and said, “I think I saw that on the TV that device”, being relished in the end the fact that they were having only the GPS devices put on the sharks, slapped their forehead and buried in the soil from shame.

5. The Earth is flat

The belief into a flat Earth it is associated in our minds to the period from 500 years ago of the Middle Ages, the dark period, when the people had a dark mind, they rejected science and the advance of knowing, even though this theory wasn’t so spread, it was known for years that the Earth is round, and till this day there are people thinking that the Earth is flat.

A mystic cabala from the masonry for worshiping the Sun made with Galileo, Copernicus, with Newton and promoted today with Niles Armstrong, Aldrin, and all the NASA members to fool us that the Sun is the center of our Universe and they want to take our attention and worship towards Sun.

They say that actually the Earth is flat and that all the images that we have are actually forged in favor of the round Earth. Another theory related to this thinks actually that the Earth is actually hollow. It’s center isn’t the way we believe and that actually there is a cylindrical hole into the Earth.

4. Denver Airport

best conspiracy theories listThis is not only the biggest and most awarded airport from America but it also is the headquarters of the neo-nazi, of Illuminati, of the masonry and of Satan himself, depending on who you ask.

Yea, it may look a bit peculiar, from some angle it may look like a Nazi swastika, you are greeted at the entry by a large horse with red eyes and there is some strange form of art on the walls, but that doesn’t mean that there is the gate to hell. For most people these reasons are sufficient to host the monster from the legends and of the biggest criminals nowadays.

3. Stargate

People hated and feared so much Saddam Hussein that they believed him to be capable of everything. So far that they believed that his initiative to dig on the old Babylon site is actually fueled by the need to find a gate in space and time, a Star Gate. It is presumed that not only he did found it, but that he is still alive but in another dimension.

2. Adolf Hitler

best conspiracy theories listHad survived so many bombings that there are people that think he survived even the suicide and he is alive in these days, coming up with physical evidence, with pictures, him being not less than 120 years.

To believe that you must forget that we are logical persons who love symmetry, and we see faces even in stones.

It is normal to find someone that resembles with him, but it isn’t normal to think that it’s actually him. Not to mention the Antarctic base filled with UFO’s and the secret base on the Moon.

1. Adam & Eve

best conspiracy theories listIn this theory not God created the world and he created those two, no. But a space ship piloted by none other than Noe from the Bible, brought extraterrestrials on Earth to colonize it.

Declassified documents show that the space ship most probable crashed in Turkey in the Ararat mountains, where it is presumed that is ark is found.

This theory is also based on the paintings in the cave from France which looks like a central console of a space ship and the geological proof, historic, the buildings, bones that were found are actually falsified by the extraterrestrials to make us forget our origins.  I think that someone messed up in the head had tangled the SF story with the morning newspaper and this is the way they arrived with this theory.

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