We all know that some of us hide behind them some secrets that aren’t all that bright. We all share our pool of secrets but seemingly some have going a little bit too far.

And when I talk far… I mean having completely another life to share with himself or others. Some of the lives they carry are quite fucked up so don’t ask me why they did it cause I am here merely to talk about them and not really to explain the rational story behind it. I will try, as I can, but most of their secrets will still remain a “what the actual fuck” kinda aroma stick to it.

We’ve seen the double life scenario in lotsa movie, almost all of them with spies or in case of Dexter, a movie calendar full of murders and shits, and these scenarios are just the same, only the fact that they are real. Very fucking real. Many of which don’t have the meaning of the “understanding” term in its composition. Skipping the chit-chat, let’s go straight to no. 8.

8. John Leonard Ore

double lives toplistIt is a classic example of human being that has a double life. In one of his lives this one was a fireman, the chief of his station as well as a fire investigator.

In other words a respected man with high values in his career and advanced knowledge about arson. In his other life in exchange, Leonard Ore had a passion kinda fucked up, meaning that he liked to put on fire buildings. This one had started nearly 2000 arson during his lifetime and in many of them, he was the one to investigate the cases.

His knowledge gave him an inedited advantage and he knew what and how to do it to never get caught and he was so trusting in his abilities that he wrote a fucking book about that, in which was about a fireman that started fires. It was practically an auto-biography and nobody got hold onto that, until many years later when a fingerprint screw his life around and exposed him.

7. Anna Chapman

double lives toplistIn 2001, in London, Alex Chapman was in a club, when suddenly he finds on the dance ring the most beautiful woman that he ever met. This one goes full force upon her and what follows up it’s a love story like in the movies.

Those two got along pretty well and after 5 months they even married. The famous girl I’m talking about is called Anna Chapman and it was a Russian hotie, student at a university in Moscow which was found in a vacation in London.

The young couple had some interesting years until things got a little dubious. She started having all sorts of secret meetings with Russian friends and her behavior became more and more weird. After a while they broke apart and Anna has moved in New York, where she started an real estate business which had overnight a huge success, having more than 50 employees.

All of those seemed so strange to her ex-husband until he found out that Anna Chapman was a part of a spy group from Russia sent in America to gather information. This one was exposed and arrested and after a short while she was sent back to Russia where her double life as well as het hotness had brought her celebrity overnight. In Russia, Anna began to appear on TV, to pose for diverse magazines that implied nakedness, you know, the sexy ones.

She had high position as well. Anna was in fact a single member of a huge group of spies that were caught but because she was young and sexy all the American press focused entirely on her and ignored the rest, very unprofessional, but it’s a trend or something cause girls have all the attention in my country as well. Sexism and its values … damn.

6. Shigeo Tokuda

people with double livesThis one is an oldie that is 76 years old and lives in Tokyo with his wife and daughter and his life is pretty plain for an oldie.

Except his job of acting in porn. And yea, he is one of the most renowned actors in that industry from Japan appearing in more than 350 productions with this thematic, older man. For nearly 14 years he is a continuous presence in these kinda movies making it around with hundreds of woman in this time.

It all started when he was shy of buying a porn movie from the store so he went straight to the producer where he had a cling with the people there and became friends with them when they thought it was a great idea for him to become an actor for the adults. Even if his face is shown perfectly clear in all the movies, nobody from his family doesn’t know about his weird career. In a very bizarre way those are not in trend with the new tendencies in porn, probably that they will never find out, unless they read this article.

5. Radovan Karadzic

people with double lifesIt’s an ex-politician from Bosnia & Herzegovina which during the Bosnia war committed numerous war murders including the genocide, being responsible for nearly 8000 Bosnians.

After all that carnage he ran outta the country and tried to hide but he never went to a jungle or a cave, being the most credible scenario. Au contraire, he established his home right in the heart of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, where he started working as a doctor at an alternative medical clinic.

This one had a very open life, free and he was a part outta the community, he even kept speeches about the alternative medicine. All of those were possible due his new name David Dabici (DaBitch), and his beardy chin like Santa. How could you suspect Santa for genocide. He lead this life almost 12 years until he was finally captured. To imagine yourself of how shocked was the world, try to imagine that your dentist that you are visiting till childhood is actual Osama Binladen.

4. Warren G. Harding

This one was the 29th president of America, a very prestigious opposition, considered by most as belonging to the most powerful man in the world.

Besides being the leader of America, this guy had another little passion. This one was a part of the Ohio group, an amalgam of politicians that kept meetings of orgies full of … full of what orgies are full of in general, I have no idea actually.

Besides that the president had numerous affairs with lotsa women, some married, others single, but apparently most of them were fucking desperate. But who wouldn’t like to have an affair with the president of America. Think the possibilities.

All this crazy stuff plus lotsa other stuff made many people considering him the most weak American president of all times, but most certainly the most perverted. Even the name suggests dubious things.

3. Ted Haggard

people with double lifesHe was a pastor in the pastoring thingie from America, the leader of a religious movement with over 14.000 faithful followers that respected him and listened every word coming outta his mouth.

This one had a strict religious view as well a political message that was extremely conservative, anti-drugs and anti-homosexuals until one day it was discovered that he was a homosexual that consumed drugs. It appears that father Haggard had hired a masseur with whom he had sexual affairs for more than 3 years with whom he constantly consumed meth.

Initially he denied all these accusations but slowly he admitted and gave all his leading positions. Functions that were extremely important and influent. From 2006, when this incident had occurred, the Oxford dictionary had put his image for the hypocrite term. Or if they didn’t do it, they should.

2. Saloth Sar

polpot1This one was a French teacher at a respected university in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. This one was a quiet and kind man and one day he simply vanished.

Nobody knew what it happened with him and after a while it was presumed dead. Well he didn’t die and probably it was for the best if he died, cause Saloth Sar was the leader of the communist party from Cambodia. A hidden association and unofficial.

In every day after classes, the French teacher was planning the next hit on the state which was to put him in the leadership position and one day he did just that. This one alongside his communist army assaulted the capital and broke down the government and once there in the leader position terrorized his country nearly 20 years, killing 2 million Cambodians or ¼ of the country population.

I forgot to mention that meanwhile Saloth Sar changed his name in Pol Pot, maybe you’ve heard of him, if not search on Google the meanest people in history and most certainly you will find him. All of those from a fucking French teacher, I fucking hate French. And you thought your professor sucks…

1. Keanu Reeves

top 8 people with double lifeWhich is of course one of the biggest stars in the world and one of the most successful people from Hollywood, renowned for his figure extremely suggestive.

Being a multimillionaire as well as a big star you would expect him to be full of shit, spoiled and narcissistic, being the kind of many actors of his size. But the truth might surprise you. In an incredible way, Keanu continues going with the subway and he was filmed offering his spot for a lady without hesitation.

As well he is extremely generous with his fortune that sums up to $114 Million being the sum won from the Matrix, Keanu offered 80 for the productions guys, cause he thought they deserve it. Heeey, I deserve as well… $80 Million. I would’ve want to work on that movie as well.

Sad face… Alongside his generosity he is considered in an universal way one of the most cool guys in Hollywood being extremely kind, polite and generous with everybody on the stage no matter what position they fill up. Even more bizarre is the fact that as a child he was surrounded by pain and death: His father abandoned him, his best friend died in his young age, as well as his baby and wife.

So much pain and suffering could destroy anyone in this world but Keanu Reeves had transformed him in someone better as a person, proving that a double life is not necessarily a bad thing.

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