The sleep occupies almost 1/3 of our lives. Having considering this we know very little about sleep overall and we trust, most often, in myths regarding the sleep. Cause this particular aspect is very important for our lives today I’ll be talking about the most common myths regarding it.

I personally had a period when I slept only during the day and not at all during the night. It was a pleasant period but sincerely not at all productive. Not at least a bit. I played computer games a lot and written the same, and the learning was left aside unfortunately. I wasn’t all that capable to retain all that information if I was feeling sleepy, and the rest were sleeping.

My personal belief is that sleeping makes you fatter but it’s not in this list. Why? Cause you aren’t distributing so much energy in you doings like in the time that you are awakened and all that crap that you eaten before sleep tend to deposit themselves on your hips and belly. There are countless myths regarding the sleep so here are some of the most common things that people speculate upon.

21. Sleeping is a lux

sleeping myths busted8 hours of sleep is a luxury and 6 is more probable the reality. The truth is that the sleep must not be treated as a luxury but more of a necessary part of your health.

The people that sleep enough are feeling much better, look much better and they are in general healthier.

And this is a very big step in living and feeling your life that you have. It’s very hard to enjoy your life if you are sleepy all the time.

20. You can recover the sleep during the day

myths about sleepThe 2nd myth says that you haven’t slept enough during the night you can compensate with a sleep during the day.

While a nap during the day can invigorate you to be able to pass that day it cannot be a permanent solution for the lack of sleep and if you must take a nap try to sleep before 15 pm cause it will affect your sleep during the night, creating in this way a vicious circle. You can’t sleep at night, you sleep during the day too late and from this cause you can’t get a decent sleep during the night.

19. Sleeping only during the week-end

myths about the sleepThe 3rd myth: the week-ends are the perfect time to recuperate sleep that you lost during the week. The truth is that you can’t deposit sleep at the bank or store it for the future.

Still if you’ll get enough sleep during the week-end, having considered that sleeping during the week-end will make you recuperate time from the week, a particular slow motion will engulf you and the leaving outta your schedule will make you get outta shape and will affect you during the week that you are entering.

18. The night is for learning.

25 facts about the sleepI did personally this kinda ritual during my exams and challenges to learn in 1 day things that usual are learnt during a whole fucking week. Not good.

Even if you have a particular strong point in the long term-memory, this will not help you at all. But your memory will fail you during that test if it is right after the learning because it doesn’t have the required time to sediment and we won’t recall the things we learnt a day before. Pardon me, a night before.

17. Another 5 minutes

25 myths about sleepThe 5th myth say that if you sleep another 5 minutes after the alarm rang you will feel much better and if you are sleepy you are deprived from sleep, not quite sleeping and the sleep doesn’t come in little bits of sleep that last 5 or 10 minutes so be honest to yourself and put you alarm at the time you need to wake up and do it regardless the snooze.

If you need a much more kind awakening and therefore you sleep another 5 minutes try to do some easy exercises right after you awakened.

16. Reading and watching TV until you sleep

myths about sleepingAnother myth says that if you are getting up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep you should read a book or watch TV until you sleep arrives again.

The truth is that the bright light of the TV, of the light turned on for reading a book will make you more alert and the sleep will arrive to you much harder. Try to think, make a summary of your precedent day that just passed. If it doesn’t work in this way at least you can meditate the things that you did the precedent day.

15. Exercises are keeping you awaken

If you do physical exercises before you sleep you will be too much alert and trained to get a decent sleep. The truth is that making the exercises near of the hour you are trying to get some sleep it is possible to keep you awakened during the night and that is owed to the fact that you are too hot, your body having not the time to cool itself before going to sleep.

That’s why you feel so sleepy but you can’t sleep. The temperature of your body is simply too big. The best time to make exercises before sleeping is like 4 hours before you go to sleep.

14. Less sleep

25 myths about the sleepDuring the time you are getting older your body needs less and less sleep. The studies show that as long you get older we need the same quantity of sleep.

In fact the older people need to spend more time in bed to accumulate the same quantity of sleep cause of the pains, the medication that are awakening them during the night or some other things that send them to the bathroom during the night.

13. Snoring doesn’t affect your sleep

myths about sleepingThe snoring can be annoying but it has no other negative effect. False.

People that usually snore can risk serious health problems like the lack of sleep that can induce arterial pressure much bigger, the second risk of the hearth attacks and infarcts, not to mention the impact that it has to the colleagues, brothers or another partner of sleep.

12. Sleeping at warmth

If you want to sleep well you must stay at warmth, cuddling thought the pillows, the blanket or a pair of pajamas that are thick can make you feel sleepy but be careful at overheating, thing that can wake you from your sleep.

Keeping a low temperature of your body is improving your sleep and permits the melatonin that is responsible for the anti-aging effect and for a good sleep to do its job.

For a good sleep you can take a bath before the sleep and give your body the time it needs to cool off.

11. The lack of sleep is not causing you any harm

myths about sleepYou may think that the lack of sleep is not doing you any harm and have any severe effect on you.

Sleeping constantly with a single hour less than you should increases the risk of hearth stroke and for the people that are lacking sleep constantly they are exposed to a higher risk for getting ill from hearth problems, infarct until diabetes, obesity and depression.

10. I sleep when I’m falling down to the pillow

The most opportune moment for getting some sleep is the moment when you are sleepy but if you feel extenuated it is very likely that you will fall asleep very easily but going to sleep in every night at the same hour is as well as important for the quality of the sleep.

Studies show that if you impose yourself a routine of sleep you will get to fall asleep much faster and if you have a predisposition to waste your time and postpone the sleep you can put an alarm that will get you to sleep.

9. Cheese= Nightmares

cheeseEating diary before the sleep will give you nightmares. Lotsa people tend to avoid eating cheese before sleep but a study show that only 6 outta 100 people that eaten cheese had nightmares.

This is kinda a stupid saying considering that warm milk is supposed you to get to sleep instantly, so why avoid it for a little horror movie?

8. The brain sleeps

myths about sleepAnother myth says that when you sleep, your brain does just as well. The moment you are getting to sleep you brain doesn’t go Log Off, it still continues to work hard, like our body it recharges itself but still controls your body functions like breathing , temperature, digestion and as well does things that you can’t do while you are awaken such as regenerating the tissues, bone construction and enforcing the immunity system so if you want more of that sorta stuff sleep more or at least sleep as much as it is needed.

7. Counting

myths busted about the sleepCounting sheep will get you to sleep. On the contrary that we learned from movies and cartoons, counting sheep or counting other things will not do anything but to delay the sleep cause you are occupied with something and from personal experience, trying all the possible things to fall asleep much faster you can think about the things you did the day before, or that personally works for me. And they are so boring that I fall asleep immediately.

myths about the sleep6. 8 hours it’s universal

This is a very common myth. The World Health Organization says that a medium adult needs from 7 to 9 hours in every night but the required time allocated to sleep it is different from person to person based on its needs and its most often dictated genetically.

5. Waking up early makes you more productive

myths about sleepingIt will help you, will increase your productivity, maybe yes, but if you are a night bird and you are most productive during the night then that’s the moment when you should be working the most.

You internal clock is most often genetically and affects your sleep and the habits regarding the sleep. Listen to your body, see when you are the most productive and unleash all your energy your productivity in those hours and being the time when you are feeling most energy and most prepared, being at 6 am or 3 pm.

4. You sleep too much

25 myths about the sleepSome say that if you sleep less you have more success and that you’ll have enough time to sleep when you will be dead.

But if you don’t sleep now enough, death will come earlier than you may think.

3. Milk makes you go sleepy

facts about sleepingAnother myth that is ruptured from movies is that of drinking a glass of milk before sleep. There is not kind of proof to hint at least that this thing works.

But the more you are relaxed before going to sleep, then is the most probable to sleep better and faster, so if a glass of milk before sleep it’s making you feel relaxed, go ahead, but caution try not to force the sleep, not to search it cause that thing will lead to stress and it will make you fall asleep much harder.

2. Beauty sleep

myths about sleepingIs this one real or it is reserved only for the stories, fairy tales, indubitable. Most of us feel more healthier, more stronger and most happy and maybe much more handsome after a good sleep, but a group of scientists from Sweden asked the people to note on the beauty basis for the people that slept well and those who didn’t.

The participants in the study did give better grades for the people that slept better and considered them much more attractive. So if you want to look the best of the best don’t neglect the beauty sleep.

1. Not everybody dreams

myths about sleepingI have never dreamt or I dream rarely. What does that mean? Studies show that people are dreaming a minimum of 4 times a night and the dream can go from a few minutes to half an hour and more than that.

But we are not the best in calculating time when we sleep so don’t trust so much your memory when it comes to dreaming. It is very possible not to recall that you dreamt. This thing is normal. Some people are more inclined to remembering stuff and some may not remember the dream having considering that they dreamt it. A dream is tied up to the intensity of it.

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