People in their existence tend to leave aside the cleaning making them believe that they build something in this live- piles of garbage.

Could you be more wrong… In lack of their knowledge about the elementary things in life such as communitarian balance and the very essence of the word, communion, there are faults in our creation… we seem to tend in believing that everything belongs to us … so we drop everything we can in and all around us to mark our territory on our passing.

Aside from the there is the other aspect… indifference, and we do tend to learn from each other, so what most do, all are going to do the same, it’s in our nature and it’s called trend, or fashion.

Everybody destroys in the same fashion, leaving only destruction in their paths. Why? I dunno either why this lack of education or common sense at least for forming and institution that will care for all that garbage… literally.

This is the world which we are going to leave for our children… ok, maybe yours cause I don’t want any of that crap, but think that at your old age when you’ll wanna enjoy what is left,,, you will enjoy a pretty nice disease dropped from the sky by all the remains that surrounds us, toxic gas, and many-many more.

We are such a bunch of termites with no brain whatsoever… and I dunno how to resolve that cause nobody seems to actually care… ok, I will embark on the next space ship to mars, at least there are no garbage people, or just garbage… dunno about the people. Think they would be nice. Anyhow.

Thinking all about those places makes me sick and sad, so I will make you as well sick and sad, so join in my quest of sick and sad, and sorry for the disposition that I’m about to create for you guys. So there we go. No. 13

13. Brazzaville, Congo

most polluted places on the earthIs the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Congo and it’s also called Congo Brazzaville, being located on the Congo River.

One of their main issues is the oil pollution that involves in the fishing area as well, being a rich country in oil and spilling out their wastes in the water. If there are countries lacking in water supplies this is definitely not the case in Brazzaville, being one of the riches in fresh water in the world.

Despite this fact the drinkable water in the city is insufficient, only 40% having access in the urban area and 14.5% in the rural one all this trouble being cause by the fact that they lack in modern structures being forced to use rain water, and still not being the clean type of water. As well there is a big problem with noise production cause of the shitty vehicles they drive.

12. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

most polluted places on the earthYea, salami… Their lives are strongly connected to the environment and their future generation are based on what they are doing at the moment with their problems.

The main problems is the high rate of urbanization, more and more people moving from the country side in this shitty place, with a population of 4.5 million and still growing.

The major problems come from the motor vehicles, believed to be the main source of the air quality destroyer and the burning of fossil fuels as well as the automobiles.

11. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

polluted places on earthThis one has been hit numerous times by natural disaster that flipped over all their infrastructure and systems resulting in one of the worst waste crisis.

The air quality is one of the worst, considered hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and made an experiment in which they proved that is higher than levels observed elsewhere in the world, with the exception of China and India of course.

10. Dhaka, Bangladesh

most polluted places on the earthOne of their main problems are the water supply, 30% of them being supplied from septic tanks and only 2/3 are supplied by the city supply system.

More than 9.7 Million tons of solid wastes are produced in this place and I don’t think they go anywhere else than the same water that they drink it, incompetence…and more important this is the capital city… not just any city, so they are gathering there like ants in search for a better living and instead they are given the finger out there…

In the air quality chapter there is not much to say that it’s ranked 169 out of 178, so it’s like the last places you can breathe due the infrastructure of the industry. At least they have a big bank …

9. Mexico City, Mexico

One of the biggest cities in the world with a high rate of development, probably the biggest, with a population of over 20 million inhabitants in and around the city. The population is daily exposed to fumes produced by 3.6 million vehicles.

It’s have been known for many years that the pollution is far worse than other developing nations worldwide cause of its placement having their car combustion to form improperly due the lack of oxygen at that altitude resulting in soot or otherwise called black carbon.

You can be sure that by breathing you can inhale a big portion of soot starting to have eyes, throat and even lung problems, accumulating over time cause it isn’t causing any sneezing or something to expel.

8. Rondonia, Brazil

most polluted places on the earthAir pollution in Brazil has gone extremely fast up in the last century due of the rapid urbanization and deforesting making place for lotsa big cities.

As well has a high rate for Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide in the atmosphere resulting in acid rains over the jungle that are harmful for the soil and the delicate ecosystems in which they settle.

7. Baku, Azerbaijan

polluted places toplistsIt’s the capital and the largest city in Azerbaijan having not less than 2.000.000 inhabitants. Its main problem comes from the fact that in the early 1900 they discovered oil in the region and makes practically now an infested region.

It has one of the biggest air pollution in the world, an index of 76 for water pollution and 73 for dissatisfaction and Garbage Disposal. Being a large city has an index even for noise pollution.

6. Sukinda, India

Holding a large reserve a chromium ore, the region was powerful exploited in the past leaving all the residues affecting nearly 2.600.000 citizens.

The hexavalent chromium and other metals made the Blacksmith institution catalogue it in the top most polluted places on Earth. Later on the country said their information is invalid and outdated but they still remain in my list.

If you don’t know what hexavalent chromium is I will unravel ya… it’s a shitty heavy metal used in stainless steel and leather tanning which is carcinogenic if came in contact.

In Sukinda which has one of the largest open cast chromite ore mines in the world, most of the water contains this crap. An Indian health group estimated that 84.75% are caused singlehandedly by that and said that there were actually no attempt to clean up the water.

5. Mailuu-Suu

most polluted places on the earthA mining town in the southern Kyrgyzstan being economically depressed since the fall from the Soviet Union. Their main specialization was uranium, processing more than 10.000 tons of it in the Soviet nuclear program.  All they left was 23 unstable uranium tailing pits on the hillside around them. Like 6.000 cubic meters.

In 1994, a landslide blocked the river near them and ruptured a waste reservoir, causing a mudslide and nearly submerged a tailing pit in 2002.

4. Riachuelo Basin, Argentina

most polluted riverOr how it’s called Matanza or the “slaughter river”, and for a good reason. It’s a stream of 64 kilometer in Argentina that hosts 4000 factories, 42 garbage dumps and 13 slums and it’s definetly the place you’d wanna spend the rest of your life in.

In 1993, the president of that time Carlis Menem’s Alsogaray, made a project for 3 years to clean up the river, being approved, but never started, having his daughter prosecuted for the loosing of the funds for that project. Fuck her face.

After the retrieval of a part of the money more exactly $90 Million outta $250, they succeded in doing the project and only $1 Million was actually for the respective one the rest going in social projects. Critics said the cleanup was in vain, all they did actually was to remove the sunken ships in the river.

3. Kabwe, Zambia

most polluted places on the earthFormerly known as Broken Hill, it’s a city in the central province of Zambia, that has a administrative role of the province.

The founding of the city is related of discovery of lead and copper in 1902, that was all they needed, to find something to tear apart. It is considered the birthplace of the Zambian politics.

Apart from lead and zinc it also extracts silver and heavy metals like cadmium, vanadium, and titanium.

Even though the mining has stopped in the city, the children blood level of heavy metals doesn’t seize to stop.

2. Citarum River, Indonesia

most polluted rivers listThis place is one of the most polluted places on Earth alongside Chernobyl says and environmental organization called Green Cross Switzerland and the nonprofit organization Blacksmith institute.

The river provides 80% of surface water in the island of Jakarta and irrigates 5% of the cultivation of rice. It’s polluted with Mercury due the smelting process releasing as well into the air for them to breath. Everybody wants that shit, it’s something one of a kind.

There are released substances that are banned in the rest of the world for the textile industry and many more, they don’t really care about the fact that they are one of the most exposed to cancer in the world.

1. Norilsk, Russia

The nickel ore is melted near the mine in this place and it’s directly responsible for the heavy pollution in this town that generates acid rains and smog.

After some estimation nearly 1% of the world’s pollution comes from Norilsk. The heavy metal pollution is so hard in this place so it’s worth to exploit the soil due the platinum and palladium pollution.

CNN said that there isn’t any tree on an area of 48 km near the refinery; making one of the most deserted places… maybe they are preparing to mine the nearby soil… and most importantly is that in Norilsk has its life expectancy with 10 years less than in the rest of Russia…

0-Ground 0. La Oroya, Peru

most polluted place on the earthThis one is a small town near the capital Lima, with a population of 33.000 inhabitants living on the river Mantaro.

The main operation done in this place is smelting, being one of the biggest cities specialized in blacksmithing and got its name put on here in 2007 as one of the World’s Most Polluted places.

The main issue in this town came from a big mining and refinery company called Centromin that was causing all sort of pollution around and was to be taken measures of new sulfuric acidic plants-being running on old technology, eliminating of fugitive gases from the coke plant, a water treatment plant for the copper refinery, management and disposal of sulfuric residues and all sort of shit.

The problem came when the company from its lack of interest said that it will not be able to complete all those from the 2004 to the 2006 so there were issued lotsa non-governmental issues cause the government said “it’s fine”, here take another couple of years to solve your shit out-cause of course they would not mess with one of the top money bringer in the country so they gave them extra time- having cost of over $57 million to solve their issues.

In the meantime there were called extra news bringer in there making worldwide one of the most polluted places on Earth. In the 2008s they succeeding solving their problems, but however they were still plants upstream doing garbage in the river so the town remained a shitty one.

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