We all know that having a show with so many characters involves lotsa money as well and to skip that payment that is totally irresponsible 20th Century Fox has come up with the idea that the same actor will voice numerous other characters.

Such a man is Hank Azaria, which, with some throat clutching he ended up with other numerous voices over the show, and pretty acceptable I’d may say, cause at some point is barely realizable that someone else is acting that voice that appears like from nowhere giving him the aptitude to cover all that basis for other things.

And the personality is changed as well and not to be frown we see some linguistic patterns in which you can see the character loud and clear.

I know this guy back in the Friends age when he starred as a nerdy fellow and as Phoebe’s boyfriend as well. He was born in April 25th 1964 and starred in numerous other films such as Godzilla, The Smurfs, Mystery Men, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Run fat boy run and many-many more.

In the Simpsons he voiced lotsa important guys in the show like: Apu Nahasapeemapetilion, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Carl Carlson, and Moe Szyslak. After he attended Tufts University, he joined the show with little experience in that domain and he became one of the most important guys in this show.

10. Frank Grimes

best Hank Azaria charactersFranklin “Frank” Grimes aka “Grimey” is a former employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power plant and he declares himself the enemy of our hero, Homer Simpson. He was a model employee, hard-working, earning everything that he had. He is a very irritably character, all time grumpy with all sorts of anger problems.

Hank Azaria succeeds in playing this character to perfection, making it sound with society problems, making his short-temper very palpable. He was a guy who was abandoned by his family at the age of four so all he gained is all hard-work, having no one to depend on.

He wasn’t put on school but rather through life, working as a delivery boy for people that delivered gifts for their wealthy brats. He was never thought to be married but still have a son called “Junior” who worked as a mechanic.

9. Moe Szyslak

best characters played by hank azariaBefore becoming who he is he was a child actor in The Little Rascals, playing Smelly. He is a short-tempered character, suicidal at some points and pretty lonely.

Later on he was a boxing professional, taking the names “Kid Gorgeous”, “Kid Grusome” or “Kid Moe. After he went to the university at Swigmore, he opened his own bar with expired brews in which almost all the town’s men are coming in for a drink.

He is most time seen with Homer and the lads drinking up in his bar. He once stated that he is coming from Netherlands and also has a bagels shop in Colorado.

His temper is as well irritable and rude to other people except his bar friends, which include Homer as well. His way with the women is not that good, having him dating only rejected women that also reject him, poor fellow.

Anyhow, he is very short tempered and Hank Azaria succeeds in taking him to the next level of credibility. He is often seen showing his shotgun to the customers in case he is not pleased and his low esteem correlated with the homicidal and suicidal temper make him have obsessive behaviors.

8. Cletus Spuckler

best characters played by hank azariaThis character in which he is posed has somehow a good personality, often seeing him wearing jeans and a simple sleeveless white shirt, the typical redneck with a snake tattoo on his arm.

The snake has the same tattoo. He has his home on the Route 9 in Springfield and he is married with Brandine Spuckler and it’s often pointed that they are brother and sister, making their kids inbreed. So he hasn’t the best personality.

He is described as a hard-working person with good relationship with his mother and he doesn’t care what other think of him, he isn’t ashamed of his marriage to his apparently relative, (we don’t know for sure- it probably was joke).

He has a number of hobbies which include whiting ”pine babies”, digging through garbage, looking for road kills and so on. He says that his favorite food is fresh skunk and raccoon. He adores spending time with everyone from the family except his wife.

He suffered some sort of illness after he drank from a mercury thermometer and happen to have innate abilities, like reading into the future when he foretold that someone will maul Chief Wiggum, having a bear doing that later on that day. He also has memory loss problems and concentration as well.

7. Jeffery “Jeff” Albertson aka Comic book guy

 Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Hank AzariaThis man, even though he appears in numerous episodes has never revealed his name, a quite odd personage in which we find a sensitive writer at some point. He is a 45 year old virgin that still lives with his mom. Obese, filthy and social incompetent this character once dated Principal Skinner’s mother. Damn that’s grouse.

He is said to be having a score of 145 in Mensa testing, even though he is smart he is kinda incompetent in life having no actual skills to communicate with the other human beings that are surrounding him.

He once wrote a book himself called “Everyman” being a huuge success at the beginning but slowly fading away due the fact that he selected the main character, the one and only Homer Simpsons and quickly fading its “wow’s” after Homer has fattened again after he worked out his body, making him like he was, snobby and grouse like in the past. Jeff was fired, or to be precise he had fired himself, not standing the life of his in which he was famous. He was once married… In an online role-playing game.

6. Duffman

hank azaria charactersThe mascot and spokesman of the Duff Beer Company. There are many theories that evolved around this character such his religion and his sexual orientation and of course the numerous persons playing this character.

All times ready to do some “Duff Love”, Barry Duffman usually entertains enthusiastically his crowd through numerous schemes, gay-ish schemes I’d may say. Fuck that.

He usually speaks of himself in the third person with an enthusiasm hard to reach with the ending “Oh Yeah!”

Duffman is an athletic figure which wears a pair of dark glasses, white gloves, a red cape and the Duff logo across his chest.

He is revealed as being gay, paired up with Grady, and he is with him in the present as well. He is how would we say, a replica of the Budweiser stunts for publicity, copying Bud Man.

He has a parrot named Hoppy which sometimes says his catchphrases. One time he tried to commit suicide cause of Homer, seeing Homer naked broke up his spirit and mind and tried to drown himself. He claims to have two children in a Super-Bowl commercial.

5. Apu Nahasapeemapetilion

best characters by hank azariaHeck of a name, who could actually read this shit?… He is quite a smart man having a Ph.D. in Computer Science but despite all that he is working at Kwik-E-Mart, working there since…forever, as well he is the proprietor, buying the store in the meantime.

Even though he was a pretty eligible bachelor in the past, he is now married with Manjula, having with her 8 octuplets. Fuck science. He also is declaring that he is a close friend with Paul McCartney and says that he is the 5th Beetle.

He is generally polite to the public that visits his store, even though they are trying to rob him. A workaholic to the bones he is very into his job, sometime he worked so hard he thought he was a hummingbird.

Spending more time at the work than in the family even though he has 8 fucking children, her wife, Majula was upset at some point that she never found out that in America they have a practice of so called week-ends in which you don’t work. Of course he would work his ass of if he has 8 octuplets for fucks sake.

In some episodes he is seen manipulating people into buying stuff they don’t really need of, sometimes extremely dangerous stuff or extremely pricey.

4. Chester “snake” Turley

characters by Hank AzariaOr Snake Jailbird so as he is called, a recidivist criminal which inspects wallets and getting arrested every fucking time but is rarely seen in jail. He was a former professor and an archaeologist but he saw that those jobs aren’t all that paying off, making him one of the criminal forces in the town. He has a snake tattoo on his arm, taking his nickname from there.

He has a little Pontiac Firebird car which he calls “Lil Bandit” which is supposed to get him outta harms reach. Snake has also a son named Jeremy Turley, who resembles his father. Even though he is a criminal he is quite a good father to his son, despite the fact that he has custody issues over him. His girlfriend, Gloria has been seen dating for a period Mr. Burns but then she came back for Snake, for the snakey love. She is presumably pregnant with him.

Kent Brockman says that his real name is Albert Knickerbocker Aloysius Snake in a story of his, this statement, being told by that news anchor who is supposed to display everything bad in his job, may not be true.

3. Kirk van Houten

best The Simpsons characters played by Hank AzariaHe served in the U.S. army after finishing his Grudged College. A little bit slow in the money area, he was married once, but his wife left him after he wasn’t really providing for his family, needing to steal clothes from the church donations and from his sister. For a period of time he worked at his father-in-law business with crackers but he was fired after his wife dumped him.

After the divorce he began to become depressive and sad, in numerous cases trying to get Luann back, even tried to give her his severed foot to get him back. Millhouse and Bard cut off his foot. He is the typical looser father, rarely seen with someone, and the most important was that in the time which he was seeing someone, that person stole his car and ran away.

Him and Luann  are presumably cousins due to the fact that he looks like the male version of her. In one episode Millhouse clearly states that those two are indeed cousins. One time he had his arm cut off by Snake in the attempt to strangulate Homer with a wire.

2. Police Chief Clancy Wiggum

best Hank Azaria charactersThis is one of the typical patterned show members being as much as incompetent as Bart, Homer or Eddie.

He is as well quite over-weight as the rest of the previous mentioned and represents everything that’s bad in the police force, receiving open-hearted bribes, being lazy and incompetent and has very little knowledge about the law.

Somehow the men underneath him respect the fatso and treat him like a mentor. Anyhow, he has good intentions and has a flourishing relationship with his son Ralph and wife Sarah.

Chief Wiggum is to be said that he had an entire village doing his pants. He also represents all the stereotypes a bad cop could represent, even having on his badge written “cash bribes only”. He is actually clueless about the laws and inspired to do everything by his will.

1. Professor John Frink

best Hank Azaria charactersEvery town needs a nutty professor like him, always home, always put on inventing something interesting to amaze the folks, he is the nowadays Thomas Edison inventing all sorts of stuff from The Frog exaggerator to hamburger earmuffs and the Intra-Bovine Ice Cream Maker.

Now make sure to check the abbreviation on this, he works in the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology and usually he is seen when in need for a logical solution somehow to an illogical problem that appears now and then.

His eyes are eclipsed by his professor-like eye-glasses in which he finds his view radically different from ours.

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