They really cut out the funds having a person doing so many voices, and it’s not even recognizable. As well as the fact that the cartoon really looks low budget, it actually is a low budget cartoon that succeeds in creating something for general interest with a proper American family in which account we are holding up every action we find us capable of emphasizing.

And there are not few occasions to mention. We find us in the spot of Bart when we were young and restless not knowing about the more important things in life, we find somehow a place for our father or for us if we are stupid enough to take that step further, but nonetheless this is not a show for stupid people, na-ah, it’s for general interest so it’s not for the stupid… I said general right?

Ok, it’s for the dumb and stupid as well I must say, they need to have their ego polished in one way or another feeling much more intelligent than a cartoon character, right? Right?

Oh common, agree with me cause this is not for stupid people made and I have not wasted a portion of my life watching this stupid cartoon. No? Ok… Apparently the people don’t agree with me and this show is not for an elitist group of smart people, maybe Scratchy & Itchy is. Not even that? Damn.

So this playable characters like Dan Castelanneta and Hank Azaria are capable of inducing us a state of well-being into our brains, not counting of which kinda category you find yourself in and joining their team comes Harry Shearer to group up in an unbeatable trio that succeeds in carrying on all the hard work and bringing as well a shit load of money.

12. Kang

characters played by Harry ShearerKang is that shithead retarded character which tries over and over with his buddy what’s his name… Kodos, it doesn’t even matter anyway, to take over the world.

This annoying brat is played as well by Harry with a decent gear of presence and prestige, making it seem plausible or some sort cause every time is see those potato-heads I get goose-bumps, and for good reason, I hate that it may be possible the extra-terrestrial life could be possible, but they are feeling in a joke mood and making fun of everything that’s wrong with this fucking society.

Kang is a Rigellian from Rigel 7, what the hack would that be and has with his buddy a shit load of weaponry in their space-fucking-shuttle as we could see in one episode that they have a sling-shot and a bat, terrorizing our inhabitants, trying continuously to take over our world.

They once portrayed our presidential world in which they said that it doesn’t count which shit-head takes over the world, it would still be the same.

11. Reverend Timothy Lovejoy Jr.

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerIn this one he portrays a sick of life character in which life has strived to show him all the wrongs it could show, having all that sinners by his side and asking for his forgiveness.

As well he engulfs that shit-load of sins in something much worse, himself, being a accumulation of craps that he forgave and somehow has their stains on him, representing everything that is wrong with reverends nowadays.

He says that when initially when he came to Springfield, a young reverend, so eager to start throwing his chandelier there and there, be transformed in that cynical and disillusioned about his job, mostly cause of Ned Flanders in which he finds a so stupid character, almost transforming the minister into his wife of his, having lacking in that domain.

He is also the proud writer of “It’s Not Just Christians Anymore” and a little pamphlet called “Satan’s Boners”. He is also tolerant as the book says of every ethnic group out there, once marring a Hindu couple and is incapable of pointing out what kinda religion is Apu, saying to comfort him” There, there, there”… and so on

10. Dr. Julius Murphy Hibbert II, M.D.

Harry Shearer best charactersThe town’s most important and competent doctor who strives to make outta every situation, no matter how bad, a laughable one.

That’s my kind of fellow I must say but he as well succeeds to point out what’s bad in his area of practice, his high prices, in which he doesn’t try to hide or anything, being most proud to expose them out, a little much better than our doctors I’d may say. His sidekick is Dr. Nick Riviera.

He has although some sort of incompetence down his sleeve, once covering the crayon in Homer’s brain with his thumb. Anyhow he is always kind-hearted, of course not being any other way of being, cause he is conflicted in every situation with a less pleasant situation, an illness or some sort, and always give candy to kids and adults alike, acting just as a real-life doctor.

With an IQ of 155 and being friends with Mark Zuckerberg on facebook he is quite a successful doctor with over three cars in his possession, a Mercedes, a Volvo and once was mentioned a Porsche.

9. McBain

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerHe is a fictional character more or less, playing in movies called McBain like his name, being an interpretation of what’s worst in the movie area, interrelating Bruce Willis (McLane)  and Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a powerful Austrian accent down his sleeve with countless relations with the Die Hard series in which he doesn’t seem to die anymore, appearing more and more films, with no ending whatsoever.

His role-play is counted the fact that he is a former cop which stumbles upon a series of wrongs in the society parts, finding all sorts of criminals as well as fighting them, not able to let them live for anything in this world.

After his partner Skowie dies he swears of putting a stop to the terror his arch enemy brings, more specifically Mendoza. He then enrolls back in the police force and tries to get the trail of the enemy. At some point he says that his revolver is too little for the task and the captain of his brings the regulation book up to him, shooting down the book instantly.

After a while he gets to Mendoza, is being drugged and on the verge of death, he gets out, kills all his men, take Mendoza, throw him into a gas station and destroys everything around him, killing him once and for all. Hell of a hero.

8. Herman Hermann

Harry Shearer's best charactersHis role is a minuscule one in the Simpsons, often participating when large crowds appear. He is a skilled military tactician which has his arm torn of.

He told Bart that he lost it during a fight putting on a bus’s window, but in reality it may appear that he had its limb torn out a passing car on the street and not in fight , by captain Wiggum, trying to catch a dog. He is a little off the hook but who the fuck cares, he is still fun to watch and replicate the fights in which he was a part of.

7. Dr. Marvin Monroe

best characters by Harry ShearerThis fatso is the local Psychiatrist which successful takes the money out of innocent people that don’t know what the hell is happening with their lives.

A monster of unaware kids, with his commercial aired due a boxing match over at Moe’s which promised “family bliss or double your money back” having the Simpsons as patients he didn’t succeed to do so and he lost a portion of his profit which is enormous being lotsa families with problems in Springfield.

He told them to never tell about that and with the money hard earned from that they bought a new TV which actually is the same fucking one. Stupid cartoon.

6. Otto Man

Another retarded name, being a school bus driver over an Otto Diesel engine, see the resemblance? God bless all the nations for bringing up the most artistic names ever. Not.

He is a heavy metal lover, picking it over some girl that he was married in the past, picking it over Becky, cause that was her name. Of course logically he is marijuana, heroin, LSD and probably meth and he was saw once talking to his shoes.

This one right here is one of the most retarded people Springfield has to offer, not needing any special skill to drive a fucking school bus.

He is always on something new and interesting and always seem to develop an interest for the kids, wanting to be a role-model or something, but he is extremely stupid to be able to do that.

5. Lenford Leonard

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerOne of the most thriving employees down at the Nuclear Power Plant alongside Carl Carlson, with a fucking predilection this Matt Groening, loving to be original in names he comes up with this character, a good friend of Homer’s which is often seen drinking at Moe’s.

He is the proud owner of a green elephant called Pinky, his imaginary friend who is at some point killed by Homer’s imaginary friend, most probably cause Pinky slept with its girlfriend or his, I dunno.

Little is known about his family, once being stated that his mother loves Carl and Moe better than him, stating as well that she would’ve liked that Carl were her son, being a mutual feeling. Leo has a sister that has eyes for Carl, buut, it only applies on Valentine’s Day.

4. Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr.

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerThis one has a crunch of annoying me. A veritable pet of Mr. Burns with consistency of having lotsa respect for that creep, with advices always in hand for him, he represents everything that is bad with Sub-Directors in our society, always some sort of kiss-ass in which he succeeds of making us resent those kinda people.

And all above that he is gay as well. What’s not to hate about this guy? He also has a crush on Mr. Burns doing all his bidding asking no questions when it comes to that. His father also worked as a kiss-ass at Mr. Burns Nuclear Power Plant.

3. Principal Seymour Skinner

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerYea, this character has indeed many faces to show us upon, seemingly carrying for his well-being he also cares about the children somehow in which he lends his forces to help the young ones.

He is strict in his teaching in the Springfield walls cause his mental scarring from the Vietnam War in which he participated having terrifying flashbacks from his bad treatment over there. On the brighter side, ok, a little brighter, he lives with his mom and had a past with Edna Krabappel.

He has very little time for the little unknowing Bart Simpson and has a fear for Superintended Chalmers and apparently the year 1995 was a very good year for him, like a wine, as well having the money to buy himself a 2nd hand Toyota Camry.

2. Ned Flanders

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerOh poor fellow. He has the worst treatment of them all in the show, being a some sort of Jehovah’s witnesses lover in which he loves God over the limits and has a predilection for failure in life.

He had his wife killed by Homer and has a left-handed shop, the Leftorium. Even though he is 60 he is in a great shape for any age for that matter and he is the father of Rod and Todd, another brilliant names brought up in the scene by Matt Groening. Also he has a big cock.

1. Charles Montgomery Burns

Best Characters in The Simpsons, played by Harry ShearerIt really must be obvious why I put him in the first place, being the energy provider for the entire town, people and jokes about the wrongs that the society provides in this lifetime of ours.

His age isn’t actually known, ranging from 81 to 123, he is a very ill man, having all the diseases you could imagine, but somehow survives during the whole lifetime of this show, in which he was on the verge of dying, finding out that his cruel personality is the one that kept him alive all those years.

He is much feared amongst the Springfield’s community in which most of them are his employees. He has a life-time servant, Waylon Smithers which is believed that he has a crush on him. He is the most gross of them all. Fuck you Matt Groening.

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