10. Fable Legends

Fable Legends, Xbox gameWe all knew that we will soon meet again the Fable series in action. That’s why the arrival of a new game in the saga will not surprise many people. Besides the three main episodes (and DLC), some spin-off have already had the honor of addressing our consoles and Fable Legends is visibly part of it. Its main asset? Cooperation in four.

It’s been years that games of this type abound with great success. Left 4 Dead is a very good example, although one can also mention PayDay 2 for something newer. Obviously, the concept is not new (Gauntlet, Secret of Mana … we could mention all day) but the advantage of the latest titles operator comedy and tactical potential of the co-op is to offer a multi fun renewed each part to the intervention of chance. Fable Legends hopes to surprise you, but with another weapon.

The Thief has a Small Ace but He Knows How to Fight

But before discussing this, let us first see the context of this presentation. Here we are in front of four heroes abilities and different characters. We have a bantering and pretentious thief, a strong warrior equipped with a shield, a sexy and awesome magician and an archer (well, ok, rafter) ready to draw all the time. And if we talk about characters, it is because the buggers cannot help bawling during the fighting, combining the one-liners worthy of the finest films of the 80s. Regardless of their tendency to scream their lungs, as they are all together, that is to retrieve an artifact called Moon on the Stick. They must join forces to reach their goals facing hordes of enemies ranging from the so deformed goblin monster you wonder what can it be.

The Co-op in Four, a Concept that Works

beautiful graphics, Fable LegendsThe first point to note for the graphics. Colourful and bright, scenery email us directly into the world of fairy tales, which will surprise no one with experience in the Fable series. The reading area was particularly green, with an intense flora. Although the leaves have not made one of the best represented of gaming elements (from a technical point of view), the set is rather nice, especially as the bestiary adds to this folk atmosphere offering certain charm to the whole.

Of course, the animations are coupled with slightly cartoon style title like humor that seems to revolve around spikes that sway them heroes. Attention over the long term, this kind of humorous sentences always end up repeating, so wearying.

When Monsters are Controlled by Players, You Have to Expect Everything

In terms of gameplay, what I saw seemed relatively conventional. Each hero can walk wherever he wants in this 3D world, with the main purpose to slay anything that moves and more or less unearth hidden treasures. Here we are in a kind of beat ’em all seen in the third person with relatively sharp fighting and simple access that does not seem to require a strong strategy.

If the thief and the warrior regularly are the fun type (and protect) to the body-to-body, the sorceress and the rafter drift away in what looked like a strong shooter. We must therefore expect future presentations visibly (or playable session) to see the different interactions that could add spice to the action, especially since we were told that the optimal cooperation will be important in certain situations.

Until then, you may be wondering where is the element that should diversify the parties? It is simply the opportunity to play the bad guys. Indeed, playable online, Fable Legends will allow four players to face fifth thus take control of vile creatures. It is then for the latter a set of “strategy”, again in a wide and accessible way, and in which he can place in the early game and send troops wherever he wants.

Playable equally to the joystick or SmartGlass (online as well as for the co-op in four), this role can obviously let speak all her treachery in trying to separate and trap the four heroes with good management troops . This was particularly the case with end-of-level bosses, the “bad guy” player could partially control (this is to give orders). Of course, in the end, is recovered from the experience (whatever the role held) to enhance capacity or features that have not yet been presented to us in detail. In short, a simple principle, but has already made such evidence. Note that each role (or villain teammate) may also be played by AI, history can make parts without complete or completely offline.

My Impressions

If we have yet seen anything revolutionary, Fable Legends has some comic potential that could be interesting. For now presented as relatively conventional (and easy access) in its gameplay, it still offers the alternative to keep the bad guy or a nice battle between four heroes controlled henchmen to a villain. It will obviously depend on its enchanting design and other unknown elements to win the set in the future.

9. Forza Motorsport 6

Xbox game, Forza Motorsport 6While we are still waiting for news of Gran Turismo 7, Microsoft and Turn10 pass the second and chain Forza. After Forza Motorsport 5 Forza Horizon in 2013 and 2 in 2014, 2015 will be the year of Forza Motorsport 6. A title that will have the mission to restore the previously pristine coat of arms of the series of Motorsport, who had taken a shot in the wing at the output of the fifth installment. A few weeks of its release, I had the opportunity to try a near-final version of the title, a preview that lets us think that Forza Motorsport should regain its throne, at least on Xbox.

This may seem hard to go intro Forza 5, especially for those who have played several months at its output. But remember what happened at the time, during the release of the title: FM5 was indeed beautiful (1080p, 60fps …) but it has mostly lost a good part of its content, including of its cars, which for too much had proposed paying DLC. The possibility of buying directly from cars, with hard cash, was also singled out. In short, for many, Motorsport 5 came out too fast, to accompany the xbox one at launch. What some at Microsoft, frankly do not deny this …

Always so Beautiful…

Upon his release, Forza Motorsport 5 took off some retinas. The title was particularly pretty, with its fluidity, its effects of light and ever gleaming bodywork. On this preview version, i was called “very close to the final version of the game” is at least as good, if not better. It should in fact go over some circuits already on Forza 5 as the Circuit of Prague, to realize the work done: the details are more numerous, the largest display distance, and much more precise textures.

If titles like Project CARS Driveclub had accustomed us to see beautiful turn racing games in recent months, it seems that Forza 6 has left to put the bar even higher. Not by much, but still: two years from the exit of the 8th generation consoles, we see that the developers have mastered better and better bikes on which they work. Rolling in Rio de Janero, driving the new Ford GT, is a feast for the eyes.

…But Most Complete

racing game, Forza Motorsport 6But what has been criticized, not its visual appearance: what was fishing, it was mainly the content. Turn10 heard criticism (or they already knew, hm hm) and Forza 6 will arrive home with 26 possible destinations and 450 different vehicles. I had the possibility to search the garage of the game and I must admit that I was quite satisfied: there is everything and in large quantities. Of course, it is far from Gran Turismo but each car is represented with the same care, whether the last Ferrari or “small” Clio Sport V6.

I still spotted some cars marked with a seal “DLC”, so one will agree to pay one way or another. Among them, the Ferrari 458 Speciale and Lambhorgini Veneno, two of my favorite Italian cars … Damnation. However the number of cars “DLC” seemed frankly minimal throughout. A few months after the release of Forza 5, Turn10 had revised its business model and clearly Motorsport 6 follows the path opened by its predecessor and Forza Horizon 2.

Speaking of the latter, you may remember the DLC Fast & Furious which landed shortly before the release of the latest film by Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Well imagine that a pack Fast & Furious 6 will be available for Forza, cars and some movies are already available. Digging a little garage, I discovered the Skyline O’Conner 2 Fast 2 Furious, the 350Z DK sighted in Tokyo Drift, Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi Fast & Furious 6 piloted by Dom, or the famous Supra prepared by him and O’Conner in the first film. A partnership always surprising, but for enthusiasts, the presence of these vehicles will be necessarily more.

Career Mode Reviewed and Answers

If the content has been revised upwards, Forza 6 game modes will also propose some changes, where the fifth installment had stagnated. The career mode in particular was rebuilt. After choosing your first car, you will have to participate in 3 races that will help you learn the basics of driving, before you can choose a new racing category. Career mode is actually divided into 5 sections: Super Street, Sport Icons, Grand Touring, Racing Professional, and Ultimate Racing. Of course, after a few hours of play, you only have access to Super Street but this does not limit the player provided.

Forza Motorsport 6, racing gameEach of the five categories is divided into three subsections, named Series in the game (Super Street, the Series are: Challenger Series, Club Circuit Series, US Tour). You thought you could ride, once you have chosen your Series? Well no, because now you must also choose its class (Sport Coupe, Hot Hatches Back, Japanese King Street, Classic Compact …) and therefore the car you can drive.

And there only you can drive. This way of building career, somewhat reminiscent of the Forza Horizon 2, has an advantage: it should not be bored. Cars, circuits, situations are different and it therefore offers a significant variety. When you add to this the night circuits or riddled with puddles and Showcases Event … this gives a frankly interesting career, estimated at least 70h by Dan Greenawalt, the creative director of the game. 70 hours to complete Career, not to finish all the races, note.

My Impressions

If Forza Motorsport 5 had disappointed us, his successor seems to have corrected all its pitfalls. The feelings are still there, the game is still more beautiful, and the way the career mode has been redesigned suggests that it is not about to get bored playing Forza Motorsport 6. 26 destinations, 450 vehicles and tons of races to win, that should engross players a while. It is hoped that once in our hands, and final, it will deliver all its promises, but with what we have seen during this preview, you may be disappointed. A slight downside perhaps on the AI, which nevertheless deserves to be tested more deeply.

8. Below

Xbox game, belowAnnounced at E3 2013 and we can no longer remain quiet since, Below is the new project directed by Capybara for Xbox One and PC. We were finally able to get their hands on a version to find that it is indeed a Capybara game in the sense that once again, the title has nothing to do with previous productions.

Whether through Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Super Time Force or course Sword & Sworcery EP, Capybara has a talent for reinventing itself with each new game while keeping a certain indescribable, something very personal. With Below, the studio explores the roguelike style program with a randomly generated world to each party and a touch of crafting.

Alone On the Beach, Staring Into the Water

No history, no context, at least nothing that the studio wants currently share the adventure begins on a beach. The hero, called simply the wanderer, starts climbing a huge mountain. The game takes its time, the sequence lasts almost one minute where the hero does nothing but climbing. At the top, the entrance to a cave and in the cave, the rest of the game. Capybara voluntarily leaves many mysteries hovering in the game in order to encourage players to look and learn for themselves. Inevitably, the beginnings were laborious.

People die. Even many people die during the first parties. But we learn, and even quickly we learn that an injury can be fatal if we do not heal quickly. We also learn to avoid walking on the plates with a peak or is it wise not to be in the path of a jet of poison. In itself, there is a lesson to learn from each death, which administers a die & retry side to Below. But since the world also changes each new life, it is a real learning, not a lesson learned by heart stupidly.

The Entrance to the Cave

Below game screenshotThe exploration to discover new weapons. A spear or bow can come and lend a hand to our sword. Our shield is there to also protect us from dangers. Sometimes our steps lead us to special places that are then used to build the stage. A shipwreck, a tomb … the atmosphere is there in a way that does not yet distributed the keys to understanding. Although we could not see, the crafting should have an important place in the gameplay.

But again, it will be the player to find the combinations of beneficial elements. If we follow the logic of Capybara (learning by error) we can say that certain crafts could be dangerous, even fatal. But as said above, death is not a punishment in Below. Not really, anyway. Not only the death teaches us anything, but it could also be that the actions taken before dying can influence the next section. For example, it is possible that we find the still warm corpse of his previous me … Just like everything else, Below the release date also remains still mysterious. While waiting to learn more, we delight in the trailer that gives an overview of the music power Below. This is again Jim Guthrie who signs the compositions and you can hear.

My Impressions

Below is a game that certainly will divide the players. Going against the current of current methods that tend to chew on the job for no particular rush anyone, this is a title that does not hesitate to use chess to learn what to do or not to do. The game, however, still seems to be very accurate. Below in what seems dangerous is certainly and if the hero leaves traces of blood behind him, is that you probably treat him. Would that for his philosophy and atmosphere (this music …) Below is clearly one of the games to watch closely. The problem is that Capybara is very protective vis-à-vis his game and does not come often …

7. Just Cause 3

Xbox game, Just Cause 3Like almost all the developers Avalanche Studios has had its ups and downs since its started in 2003. Its founders and evoke emotion with these dramatic moments when some of the employees were forced to leave a ship with large difficulty. However, the Swedish company has since rebounded. It is now back to its best. In addition to the secrets kept, projects it works on, The Hunter, Mad Max (on behalf of Warner) and above all, Just Cause 3, the last episode of its favorite series. It is the latter that we have recently discovered in the company of its designers.

Avalanche is experiencing a prosperous period. The developers are working on several projects simultaneously, some of which are particularly expected, like Just Cause 3. In order to meet the new needs of the company and expand its influence throughout the world, another studio was established in New York. It is the latter that is at the origin of this new episode, in close cooperation with one still in Stockholm.

Fun as Lead

Unlike many series offering an open world, Just Cause has never taken the lead too much. No scenario nor a grandiloquent ultra-coherent universe shaped with precise references. In short, no frills. In this third episode as in the above, everything is a matter of plain fun. The developers have thought about the ingredients and added them to spice up the recipe of Just Cause. The very one that had pleased the players in the past. The parachute was too unstable? Avalanche decided to make it much more manageable and offer parallel the famous wingsuit, this combination to fly as the most majestic bird that is if we manage to master the steep paths it imposes in the air.

Just Cause 3 open world gameThis is far from won. In the same vein, the Swedish studio wanted to extend the possibilities offered by the grapple. In addition to connecting two elements in this gigantic sandbox, you can now press a trigger to ensure that they attract roughly. What interest you tell me if you’ve never played Just Cause?

The answer is simple: experience. The goal here is to have fun with destructible scenery of the game. Try various manipulations sometimes leading to totally grotesque situations. This is also where the strength but also the main weakness of the series is struggling to bring the player to its once desire to test the limits of the proven system.

The Beginning of the Course

Achieving play without frustration in this sandbox will require for some of you – the beginners – a learning time. Avalanche Studios, who planned the coup of course, offers many missions together forming what might be called the scripted part of the game. Warning, the story is secondary here. You will marry the cause of eternal Rico Rodriguez will fight a war against an unbearable dictatorship that imposes its law for twenty years on the archipelago ‘Medici“. To do this, you will have to destroy such symbols of the political system for the less authoritarian but also release key locations for you to use later.

everithing is possible, Just Cause 3Gradually, the place, a sort of Mediterranean paradise resumes colors. All these tasks demanding accomplishing various objectives thus allowing you to understand the tools provided by the developers. In parallel, the challenges are also available. We were able to try two courses to encourage the mastery of the Wingsuit. We had to pass inside of a succession of circles positioned so as to take maximum risks.

On the Long Term

As mentioned above, the purpose of flood is to make available to the player the tools with which it will be able to have fun testing the limits of the game and in particular of its engine. You go and spend your time jumping, gliding parachute while sniping enemies before moving with the wingsuit to accelerate the move. The developers promise a world filled with larger items to be destroyed and various and unforgettable places. They also announce that the work for the gameplay is as vertical as possible.

What authorize any folly, as this oil platform we took pleasure in ransacking using the grapple. It must be said that the explosions of pace. The engine of the series, reworked at the passage on the new generation of consoles, Rather pulls well at this level.

However, the technical leap is not crazy and even there is for now the troublesome presence of clipping. Not abnormal either because it was only a pre-alpha version that is not supposed to look like the one you will receive in a few months. The game also includes a cycle day – night and a dynamic weather system. Just Cause 3 should also realistically manage water with all that this may imply in terms of destruction behind. This is certainly one of the tempting promises made by the studio.

My Impressions

Except for some technical blunders attributable to the non-final turning before our eyes, there is currently not much wrong with Just Cause 3. Not much more than their elders at least. For if we appreciate the multiplication and development of the tools at our disposal, it is difficult to see how this episode managed to keep us in the long term. All still clearly holds the road. If previous episodes are always installed on your machines, you know already that the newcomer in the family will have arguments to seduce you.

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