Why do people watch comedies? We believe that this question answers itself. Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time and that`s when comedies come in handy. At the end of a long, tiring day, you don`t need happy endings and you definitely don`t need a movie that will make you think about the meaning a life, you just need to relax and enjoy the show.

Why black actors?

A more important question is why should you watch comedies featuring black people to anything else and when you think at it, it`s actually pretty simple: they are by far the funniest. Normal comedies are so focused on the romantic plot, they forget to be funny.

Sure the couples go through some amusing adventures, but at some point it all becomes about some secrets that come out and ruin everything and then you see them break up, then immediately realize they`ve been in love with each other all this time and of course, the happy ending where all is right on Earth again. Just how many times can you watch that before it gets old?

Now African-American related comedies mainly focus on entertaining you. There no fight for most couples they can hook up in one movie, but rather they take a situation and then try to make everything as fun as possible.

And it`s not an easy task either since everyone nowadays gets fed up when seeing jokes that are racist or stereotypical. The point is, we should worry less about whether it`s correct to laugh at a joke or not, and focus more on the actual fun. Comedies are the easiest way to calm down, relax and lose yourself in the moment and for that, this is where the following top 10 will help you.

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