6. Rock Band 4

xbox game, Rock band 4After 5 years of radio silence in the musical gaming, the two giants of the genre, Guitar Hero and Rock Band Live 4 are back with the same output window attached to this fall. Where the first seeks to renew the approach to rhythm gaming, the second keeps its core while seeking to modernize. We were able to attend the first presentation of the game, a sort of warm-up lap before the revelations which we are promised at E3 2015 to build us a review about Rock Band 4.

The presentation session I attended was held as follows: a complete presentation of Rock Band 4 news carried by the developers of the game followed by a short play session on an alpha version of the title, played with Rock Band peripherals 3. The new instruments to the Xbox One, however, were present, as were we able to judge the quality of these, unfortunately without being able to try them in. Harmonix knows it, fight against the giant Activision is not easy and intends to reserve most of its cartridges for E3 2015 to be held within ten days in Los Angeles to create the event.

Instruments Substantially Altered

While Guitar Hero Live seeks to provide an experience much more focused on solo, including the abandonment of the presence of drums and microphone, Rock Band 4 chose to keep it which greatly contributed to its success, where the opportunity to have fun with friends comes in. Thus do we find all the instruments that can be expected from a group: guitar, drums, microphone and ability to play the bass lines are still in the program. If, as we said earlier, it was not possible for us to test their skills directly involved, I noted improvements on new devices.

The guitar buttons have a faster run, the central wheel is significantly quieter than before. In addition, an effort was made on the kick pedal, metal, much more flexible and less noisy than the last. If the sound of the toms is still alive, it seemed attenuated us. Finally, we were told that the battery would not be penalized by the few milliseconds of time that separated the effective hitting its transcription into play, making the practice more enjoyable instrument.

Money: The Nerve of War?

drum+guitar set, Rock band 4If this ad is not a novelty, Harmonix developers have heavily emphasized the compatibility of previous episodes devices with the new Rock Band. So if you want to stay well-stocked wallet, you will not have the obligation to buy the bundle combining game + guitar + drums + mic if you already own them. In addition, some 1,500 titles that the license included in its catalog have been transposed this iteration PS4 and Xbox One.

So if you have spent your Christmas bonus in different packs of songs in recent years, you will get them in Rock Band 4. An initiative that could make the difference. It should be noted, moreover, that you can buy the pack of the game including all instruments, just a bundle with the game and guitar and finally the game without instruments.

Improved Fundamentals

Besides the presence of an audience they feel very present on the register of musical games, developers have justified the legitimacy of the return of the franchise by their willingness to propose a Rock Band on the new generation of consoles. Aesthetically, immediately, the alpha version of the title did not really allowed us to gauge the graphic quality of the game. If we were promised next-generation graphics, with all that this involves lighting effects, etc. ., the animations of the background appeared to us very stiff and jerky, actually quite rude, something which we are promised, will be fully upgraded to the release of the title that was announced we 1080p / 60 fps .

game screenshot, Rock Band 4Gameplay side, we sail on familiar ground. Understand that the practice of guitar, bass and drums still modeled on the same model as before. This is not a problem in itself, the contact of several Rock Band is always fun immediately. However, some drum fills will be random to give more spice to your games, allowing you to express your game more freely, as long as you stay in rhythm, altogether logical enough for a drummer.

We have also seen greater freedom to the song, allowing you to harangue the beginning of the song in crowds and also allow more freedom in the notes you sing. You will be rewarded by your initiative, provided of course that you stay right. At the end of the song, the traditional counter right notes appear and each group member has 10 seconds to select the next song. If this free session has clearly not made to feel that it was Rock Band 4, we must recognize that we have not yet seen everything the game has in his wallet.

Indeed, it seems Harmonix has chosen to offer greater freedom to the player in campaign mode. You will have the possibility to choose the locations of the world you will want to visit, with the audience that will change accordingly. You will for example have the choice of playing concerts on order, which certainly provide an interesting financial aspect but which could damage the reputation of the fans.

The cited example is that of a heavy metal band that can absolutely choose to play against a country concert of hard cash, but at the same time takes the risk of losing a solid fan base. If the RPG aspect of Rock Band still seems mysterious and we look forward to seeing its implementation, we should learn within a few days.

My Impressions

If we stick to our presentation that unveiled an alpha version of Rock Band 4 and does not allow us to gauge the graphic quality of the title or its campaign mode, we would say that we struggle to see the differences between Rock Band 3 and this new installment in the series. However, the future looks promising, allowing players a fun experience just as much and more permissive in practice singing and drums. The new instruments seem better and quieter than previously thought and the mysterious RPG aspect of Rock Band 4 could be an additional argument to that of previous devices for compatibility with the new title and the actual import of the acquired DLC episodes previous franchise. Go to E3 to forge a more accurate view of what could be a good alternative to Guitar Hero Live.

5. Rise of the Tomb Raider

xbox game, Rise of the Tomb RaiderAfter defining the rules of the series while keeping the very substance, the reboot of Tomb Raider will have marked minds through a clever combination of action and puzzle survival. It was therefore quite logical that its resume following the formula will set up while expanding the base material.

The presentation of the game at E3 2015 took place in two steps from a trip to Siberia and Syria. So we found a Lara Croft numb with cold that had to initially find shelter in order not to succumb to the inclement temperatures of the Urals. It is after recovering some branches in her path that she could rest near a warm fire and a makeshift hut made by her.

Lara Craft

Perfect time to talk about the crafting system that this time will be more comprehensive than in the previous pane. More material to recover, this will be used to create ammo, to heal (by collecting herbs), create poison arrows (via poisonous mushrooms), etc. Of course, it will also issue to improve its weapons via the system already implemented in the previous pane. Then one will find several variations of each weapon that will each have their characteristics. Useful to enjoy a high rate of fire and sustained firepower.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, screenshot, bearHowever, if Lara can therefore enjoy a good range of toys ranging from traditional uzis, the famous bow, shotguns and other guns, this time she will have the ability to balance on the branches to reach inaccessible places or eliminate guards on patrol silently. However, these opportunities will at times be sufficient, particularly in dealing with bears, powerful and tough opponents I met twice during the demo. The first time was synonymous with a chase during which it agreed not to run in the powder, this reduces the mobility of the beautiful and leaving it especially vulnerable to the blows of the plantigrade paws.

The second meeting was neither more nor less than a fight with the animal blocking access to a cave concealing a magnificent galleon trapped in the ice. Suffice to say in this case that dodges control was indispensable as the attacks of the bear showed violent. It is also here that the poisoned arrows prove beneficial as possible to stun the enemy to swing it a shot well placed ax leading to a finish-move synonymous with QTE.

In parallel, there was also talk of infiltration sequences with mercenaries in the line of those of the reboot, where the analysis of its environment also proved important that the discretion to hope to get out alive and reach the central hub of the game, three times larger than the previous component and comprising a large number of missions and other treasures to find.

Tomb Raider Meeting

second level, Rise of the Tomb RaiderThe second level presented, was located in Syria, it was proposed a radically different vision of the adventure that she forgot the action and the winter cold in favor of pure aventuresque spirit and hard under a blazing sun. Crystal Dynamics developers have also explained that we were here to return to what was the strength of the first Tomb Raider in terms of exploration.

Laudable intention leading to a temple buried under a mountain reached via a maze of relics of the past from rocky ledges bridges crumbling in our path. Beyond the fantastic graphic work (quality of decorations, lights …), it is above the atmosphere that emanated from this passage that made us say that the developers had not lied to us on their desire to return to the foundations of the saga.

Indeed, besides the opportunity to examine several archaeological features then allow us to decipher an ancient language to learn a little more about secondary history, references to original games are also found themselves in the progress through the physics-based puzzles elements (like the previous section) or even observation. The water level to raise to enjoy an underwater sequence, passing “flat-formesque” puzzles requiring more interaction, pitfalls to avoid, huge room all in verticality requiring reach the heights for drilling the secrets, all oozing the legacy of the saga whose climax will be neither more nor less than the discovery of immortality. Extensive program for a lady of high English “bourgeoisie”.

My Impressions

More than ever complementary to the Uncharted series, the reboot of Tomb Raider looks set to be one of the most valuable franchises in the market for those who like to immerse themselves in a world that would not have denied Dr. Jones. The demo of this E3 2015 will be reassured about the high ambitions that Crystal Dynamics intends to convert the try from the previous episode by proposing a game built on the foundations of the original game while solidifying them via a more balanced adventure, deep, always visually bluffing.

4. Star Wars Battlefront 3

xbox game, Star Wars Battlefront 3As part of American popular culture, Star Wars: Battlefront could not miss E3. The game was prominent on the Electronic Arts booth where I was able to try under through two modes of play taking place each on a different planet in a galaxy far, far away.

Third episode of a series that began in 2004, Star Wars: Battlefront has managed in the space of two episodes to offer a rich world, mainly oriented multiplayer, and plunging us directly in the George Lucas universe through great battles scale. The Dice episode logically follows the same path although they may be disappointed not to find real player campaign. And for the rest? Well, here is already a little debriefing after reviewing two modes of play.

Tatooine in Coop Mode …

The first method was tested so the Coop mode, which, aided by the friend Kaaraj, I had to push six waves of enemies more numerous and heavily armed. If the first waves had nothing very difficult, very quickly we found ourselves faced with tougher AT & T and especially causing more damage. However, in less than nine minutes, everything was settled with a few well placed rockets. This first approach allowed us to note several things. Already, it is quite surprising that the title offers few adjustments, especially in terms of secondary weapons pre-sets as only two (composed of three weapons and / or shields) were available.

Co-op Gameplay Trailer

game screenshot, Star Wars Battlefront 3It is assumed that they will be more numerous in the final version but it is true that this lack has made a little sense. On the question of weapons of feeling, we must also admit that all lacked a little punch, the gunfights sometimes being a little too long. However, the configuration of the map, composed of canyons and an interesting verticality to protect themselves, around the opponent to hand him ambushes, was rather interesting to understand. So it took us no more than 9 minutes to overcome the six Stormtroopers waves that ultimately opposed little resistance .

How to 20 Against 20

The second mode proves more interesting as being synonymous with 20 rebel against 20 imperials on Hoth. The atmosphere “trench warfare” here was much more representative of that of movies with, certainly, soldiers jumping in all directions through jetpacks one of the presets listed just above or using shields and energy temporary bonus to pilot X-Wing and other AT-AT. A merry mess lying inside and outside of the base of the rebels who were defending their course steak while the Empire put pressure through sustained aerial attacks and shelling.

Dart Vader, Star Wars Battlefront 3If the few criticisms further prove equally true in this game mode, the atmosphere alone was enough to snap up the attention. However, difficult to deny that Star Wars: Battlefront was not much of a Battlefield in terms of sensation because although the game is rather pretty, the dazzling battles seemed less steady despite the fabulous atmosphere.

Finally, and logically, we feel that the game has been designed by and for fans who will probably forgive all its little faults. It remains to see what will give the other maps and the gaming experience across all modes since the state, the grip will be shown a convincing perspective of a fan in all of us more than that of the soldier broken at the virtual war for many years.

My Impressions

It is currently difficult to make a definite opinion. If on one hand, the level design maps seems well done and can offer extremely fun parties, it must also be recognized that the weapons feeling is a little fishing, not to mention the lack of configuration at the last stands for few blasters, sniper and other energy bazookas. More than ever, Star Wars Battlefront is for fans of the saga and in some ways we can blame EA for this fact bringing a game more interested in its atmosphere than its gameplay. Let us remember, however, that this opinion is based simply on our gaming sessions, and it will, it is hoped, have to evolve until it comes out on November 19.

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