6th: The Langham, Chicago

The Langham hotels are a hospitality group of luxurious hotels that have locations in many of the most travelled cities in the world like Shanghai, Bangkok, Beijing, Bahamas, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Boston and many others. The first hotel was located in London in 1865, serving as the first “Grand Hotel” from Europe. But it’s the Chicago branch that stood up to us.

It was opened in 2013 and soon became a favorite for many. With gorgeous views of the Chicago River, also the Lake Michigan and the beautiful skyline of the city, the Langham has a strong advantage with their floor-to-ceiling windows that allows the guests to enjoy the heart of Chicago at its finest.

The luxury skyscraper

Grand room, The LanghamThe skyscraper designed hotel was the idea of the famous architects Mies and der Rohe that understood completely the cosmopolitan city and exploited in that idea. The warm and neutral tones give the hotel the elegance that it needs, followed by the rich textiles and dim woods that complete the feeling of an inviting and open space.

The rooms are in a total number of 268 guestrooms and 48 suites. An advantage to the locations of the Langham of Chicago is that all the important facilities from the city are at a walking distance. Starting with business areas, retail centers and ending up with the main attractions of the city, the Langham Chicago is the perfect spot to enjoy the city that you are visiting.

Spa and dining experience

The dining experience rises above the expectations with culinary delights that not only are visually masterpieces but also amaze with their tastes. The cuisine stands between classic and modern dishes all prepared in a Seasonal American cookery. It’s an ideal place to enjoy cultural experiences and also delight in cuisine and bars.

The Chuan Spa is the perfect place to unwind while travelling. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, the prestigious spa offers a series of treatment that will definitely spoil all your senses. The Chuan Spa is an award-winner wellness salon but if spa isn’t your type of maintenance of health, maybe a fitness workout in the hotel’s studio or a day spent in the indoor pool will tempt you.

Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood, The LanghamThe Langham services include also organization teams and specialized equipment for meetings and a range of events. With a total space of 15000 square feet, the Langham team is ready to ensure your every request and provide services in order to make a success out of your event.

Recalling the classical heritage of the original Langham from London, the guests are invited by the Pavilion to enjoy the afternoon tea, as a tradition. The Langham Afternoon Tea along with the Wedgwood serve the traditional tea, first inaugurated in London in 1865, with an assortment of sweet and appetizing delights.

The Langham Club fits perfect into every guest’s schedule whether they travel in interest of leisure or business. You can either delight yourself with amazing cookery from the “Travelle” restaurant, relax in the prestigious spa inspired by Chinese medicine or enjoy the services from the Langham Club for an additional feeling of comfort. Spacious, elegant and classic, the Langham Hotel intuits your every need and caprice so that you will remember your stay until you decide to come again.

5th: Palms, Las Vegas

There wouldn’t be a list of famous and luxurious hotels without mentioning “The Palms” of Las Vegas. It first opened its doors in 2001 and among the people that formed crowds to attend the prestigious hotel, were celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman and Samuel L. Jackson. Worth stating is the extravagant rooftop suites, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa.

Playboy living

This is a perfect example of the roller living in the sin city and it is one of the most expensive suites in the world, along with the “Fantasy Suites”, raising their prices up to $35, 487 a night. CNN listed the “Sky Villa” suite at No. 4 in “World’s 15 Most Expensive Hotel Suites” in 2012. The Sky Villa holds up to 250 people and the cherry on top of it consists in the rooftop Jacuzzi standing over “The Strip”. The notorious playboy living with rotating beds, media room, full bar and gym, not to mention the personal glass elevator that leads you to this glamorous fantasy room is what the Palms and Hugh Hefner has to offer to comfort your stay to the maximum.

Sky Villa, The PalmsThe actual hotel is located off “The Strip” but that is not a down point because “The Palms’ is already a widespread trend to go to. Among the common guests, which are usually younger people, we find often celebrities that check in the neo-retro off-strip resort. The Fantasy Tower is known for holding places like “Moon Nightclub” and “Rain Nightclub”, perfect for the nightlife lovers.

Celebrity attractions

The Palms attracted many celebrities later the years, like Eminem who filmed a scene for his song “We Made You” in 2009, or Katy Perry who shot the video for her hit song “Waking Up in Vegas” in the Palms Fantasy Tower. Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Lupe Fiasco and Wiz Khalifa gave performances in the MTV Spring Break of 2011, filmed at the Palms.

The Los Angeles “Palms” was the one where singer Britney Spears shot her video for the single “Everytime” and in 2007, the MTV Video Music Awards was hosted at the Palms. Because of the many artists that showed interest in it, the hotel features a recording studio that celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jay Z, The Killers, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent and Maroon 5 have been through it and recorded so.


Being so famous, The Palms hotel has naturally competition. The most prominent one is with “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” that races with our hotel for market shares, both being designed in the same modern way. Sure, you can compete but you can’t win.

What other hotel has their own basketball court in a room, that being the “Hardwood Suite” from the Fantasy Suite. With over 1200 rooms, including the fantasy suites, The Palms is not only a popular brand but it is continuingly growing, making a multi-million transformation.

The plan is to create a new tower, the “Ivory Tower” that will feature a new design, a different culinary service, spaces designed for gaming and other nightlife additions. The renovations will also come a high-energy American restaurant, including a lounge, entitled “Heraea” and the “XISHI”, a restaurant and lounge that will be pan-Asian.

4th: Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise is built in the memory of the iconic lost city, containing a waterscape width to 141 acres and is the most glamorous and expensive hotel in Bahamas. On the 23rd floor you will gasp upon its main attraction: The Royal Towers Bridge Suite. Ten rooms are topped by a 12 feet ceiling and long windows with the grand piano completing the surreal view. The rest of the resort brings the expectation right up to the Royal Suite with two entertainment centers and a sumptuous dining room with gold chandelier, accompanied by 24/7 working staff that is at the guest’s services.

The Atlantis Bridge Suite is known for being one of the most expensive hotel suite in the whole world, rising its price up to $25 000 per night, the opulent suite demands this kind of money because of its location, entertainment attractions and great services. If you reserve The Bridge Suite you will stay on top of a bridge which connects the Royal Towers, giving you a view of the whole resort and marina that surrounds the suite.

Water Slides

Aside from the lavishing look, the Atlantis Paradise is good for kids too because of their numerous activities and entertainment attractions. One of them is the Mayan Temple slides that has a total of 4 big slides that sound like a lot of fun. “The Leap of Faith”, “The Challenger Slides”, “The Serpent Slide” and the “Jungle Slide”. The “Leap of Faith” is the slide from where you do a steep drop right before you slide at really fast speed through a tunnel that has around a giant shark tank, to finally arrive in a shallow pool.

leap of faith slide, bahamas“The Challenger Slides” permits you to race slide with another person and see the winner at the end of the ride. Another fun thing to do when you’re in Atlantis Paradise is to try the “Splashers”. The “Splashers” are a Mayan-themed pool and water playground for children that has three tubed-slides, rope bridges, cargo nets and slide in which you can go side-by-side with a friend.

Marine Habitat

The Atlantis Paradise has a lot to offer like “The Dig” which represents a couple of aquariums situated under the Royal Towers lobby, making out of them the largest open air marine habitat in the world. You will find there numerous aquatic species like angelfish, sharks, the manta rays which is width than 10 feet and countless categories of jellyfish and all can be admired in the Dig’s series of tanks. The beauty of the Dig consists in the preservation of the lost city that the guests can admire in the bottom of the floors of the aquariums. The wrecked and debris that are scattered represents exactly the soul of the legend itself.

Other main attraction is the “Predator Lagoon” which is a location that holds aquatic species like sawfishes, barracudas, stingrays and also sharks. By the 30 meters long tunnel located underwater, viewers can enjoy the entire marine environment.

More fun

For the golf lovers, it exists the “Ocean Club Golf“, a private 18-hole with 72 championship golf course, up to 7100 yards long. It also contains a bar along with a restaurant that belongs to the clubhouse. The “Ocean Club Golf” is famous for holding many professional golf events like the LPGA Pure Silk Bahamas Classic.

Atlantis Paradise Island

If you want more fun you can always try the “Power Towels” that are the connection between “The Abyss” slide and three water coasters: “The Surge”, “The Drop” and “The Falls”. “The Falls” is also connected to “The Current” through a separated waterway that permits people to stay in their inner tubes.

So let’s review a bit the facts. It’s pricey, probably crowded in the water parks but totally worth it. The fact that the resort owns one of the best water parks in the world makes the stay amazing. Other than this there are a lot of facilities that guests at many other hotels don’t benefit for. The most luxurious casino from the entire Caribbean, celebrity chefs that cook for you in all of the 21 restaurants of the hotel, all included gym facilities from trainers to classes and 12 of the best swimming pools you have ever seen. To sum up, no other hotels can compete with The Atlantis Paradise when it comes to attractions and services. It is the top notch place to have fun on a vacation with the family.

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