3rd: The Plaza, New York City

How many times have you stumbled across the fact that New York City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Sure, it’s one of the busiest, no doubt but for that it exists places like The Plaza Hotel. Located in Manhattan, the impressive building has a height of 250 feet, occupying the west side of Grand Army Plaza, the place where the owner of Plaza Hotel was inspired to name the hotel.


New York has many glamorous and famous hotel and The Plaza is one of the top choices. The first argument on why it is such a great pick is that the VIP room, the Royal Plaza Suite is simply breathtaking by the view that is offering over all Manhattan. The Royal Suite has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, an opulent dining room, a library, a gymnasium and a full kitchen for the use of the personal chefs. The suite also includes a grand piano, a butler’s pantry and of course, a private elevator would be necessary in this sumptuous stay.

The plaza hotel roomThe hotel is surrounded by Central Park South and the Fifth Avenue, being known as a Historic Hotel of America, owned today by Indian company Sahara India Pairwar. On every floor you will find a butler at the service of the guests, also caretakers that provides baby-sitting services, a Champagne bar and a shopping mall. The rooms aren’t just ordinary rooms and conference/meeting places, as you can imagine. There are thematic rooms like the Edwardian Room, Terrace Room, the Rose Club, the Grand Ballroom and the Plaza Food Hall. Today, the Oak Rooms is closed.

Beside famous guests like celebrities, the hotel is often a meeting place for political conferences. Liza Minnelli, Andy Williams, Kay Thompson and Peggy Lee were guests in the Persian Room. The Beatles were also guest during their visit in the United States in 1964 and in 1966, writer Truman Capote hosted in the Grand Ballroom the infamous “Black and White Ball”.


The guests can choose between the 282 guestrooms, 102 lavishing suites and be amazed by the impeccable white glove service that is due to the comfort of their stay. The suite guest can benefit of butler service at any hour at the day. For health and wellness, The Plaza offers the Caudalie Vinotherapy spa or the Warren-Tricomi Salon and the Palestra gym. Let’s sum up what are your facilities in a suite at The Plaza: iPads in every guestroom, free wireless internet access, free room upgrade and free shoe shine service.

Combining new and old, The Plaza is limitless when it comes to the luxurious life of their guests, with promising services that only an iconic resort could provide. There are still a few traditions that haven’t been forgotten like the infamous “Afternoon Tea” in the Palm Court but also new ones like the sophisticated Champagne Bar, the Todd English Food Hall, the Plaza Food Hall and not to mention the elegant Rose Club.

5-star service

The Plaza is no newbie when it comes to sumptuousness and splendor, being the things it is best known for. With a 5-star service reputation, the hotel is recognized all over the world for its perfect serving since 1907 when it all started. Not only a historical place registered in the lists of New York, its’ prominence is measurable to the one Empire State Building has, making their name known over the years by the royalty, presidential and celebrity guests that have passed through the elegance of a truly committed hotel services that stands for a lot more than just good services.

2nd: Mardan Palace, Turkey

Here we have another famous hotel, known for its lavishing designs and immaculate services that makes the resort one of the most expensive hotel in Europe and Mediterranean. The whole idea belonged to the Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov when he decided to invest $1.65 billion into the Mardan Palace hotel in Antalya, Turkey in 2009. One of the most interesting facts about Mardan Palace is that it holds the biggest swimming pool that can fit almost 1000 guests, being the largest from the Mediterranean.

Breathless built

Its design is one of a kind, having suites that will leave you breathless built with Italian marble or crystal and designs of golden leaves on the interior. You can enjoy your dinner in ten different spots on the Mardan Palace, get a drink at one of the 17 bars that are at your disposition or relax at the extravagant spa and why not enjoy the exotic fish aquarium.

biggest pool, Mardan Palace, Turkey

If you step outside you will be blown away by the beautiful white sand on the beach that was imported from Egypt in 9000 tons just for the beach. Also we find again the service of a personal butler that Mardan Palace included to their profile as well as the Burj al Arab had.

The design and construction of the hotel is truly unique, the swimming pool is sunk in the beautiful aquarium of approximately 2400 fish. There are 560 rooms in total and a 12000 square feet spa center. With 10 000 square meters of golden leaves, 500 000 crystals and 23 000 square meters of marble, the style of the rooms are truly unique and gives the entire stay a feeling of royalty prestige. For its gorgeous design, creator Brash Brands won the International Design Award. A glass of champagne is worth £36 and the toilets are controlled by a remote.

It is a well-taught thing that the English pound is still a buying power in Antalya, helping the tourist regions around. When you look upon the Mardan Palace’s website you will stumble across a resemblance of the Las Vegas hotels design. The entire staff have been cautiously hired being always at the disposition of the guests, from the beginning of their stay.

Famous guests

luxury room, Mardan Palace

In 2009, when the marvelous hotel opened, celebrities like Sharon Stone, Mariah Carey, Richard Gere, Monica Belluci, Tom Jones, Seal and the president of Kazakhstani, Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the prestigious hotel. Also guests of honor like the football clubs “Steaua Bucharest” and “Shakhtar Donetsk” were invited in 2011 by the businessman Telman Ismailov to hold their training camps in Turkey and the costs were all supported by Telman.
But don’t think that the hotel is nothing more than beautiful designs. There are musicians that never let the guests unentertained and if you are more of an activity person, you can try the gondola rides of 30 minutes to get you across the pool. The Mardan Palace is all about services that will swipe you off your feet, sand that makes the beach one of the silkiest you’ve seen, staff that impress with their formality and views that makes you think twice about ever coming back home.

1st: Burj al Arab, Abu Dhabi

The most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj al Arab, is the only seven-star hotel that exists. The stunning hotel was built on an artificial island and cost about $3 billion. With 394 rooms, including suits, 40 conference rooms, gorgeous white sand beach with numerous pools and beautiful fountains, the whole structure is designed to look like a rising sailboat.

The Emirates Palace has also lavishing spas built with imported marble from over 10 diverse countries and more than 1000 chandeliers covered in crystals. You can’t come here and not feel like you are in a pleasure world, only by admiring the staff’s formality and prestige. At the Burj al Arab you usually find royalties or celebrities that wish to take their vacation on another level that could please even the most prominent of Sultans, in the same time satisfying every need of a today’s business person.

Highest luxury hotel

underwater, Al Mahara restaurantThe imposing building is one of the tallest hotels in the world, measuring up to 321 meters (approximately 1,053 feet high), being taller than the Eiffel Tower and 60 meters (400 feet) shorter than the Empire State Building. The way the suits are designed is truly remarkable. There are 202 rooms with a bedroom suite of 1,829 square feet, figuring as duplex suites and the rent is none other than $1,200 per night, as opposing to the Royal Suite of 8,500 square feet where the price goes a bit higher to almost $30,000.

No suite goes without multiple bathrooms that includes spa bath festooned with ancient dhows murals in the traditional mosaic Arabic style. It is impossible not to fall in love with at least one bathroom. Not to mention that in every room you will find a laptop and if that doesn’t get to you, then maybe the butler that you get as soon as you start your stay will impress you. The last option would be the car that you are invited to be driven around, that being a Rolls Royce.

But there are a lot of things about Burj al Arab that will impress you no matter what you’ve seen before. The luxurious spa center located at the last floor will surely help the view and the privacy of separated treatment and health rooms are according to the Arabian tradition. Men and women benefit of a completely separated location in the spa club. There are seven restaurants in the hotel, a definitely marvelous one worth mentioning would be the Al Mahara restaurant that is actually designed as a simulated submarine trip where the main food is based on seafood and another would be Al Muntaha that hangs above the sea at about 656 feet.

The Royal Suite

most expensive suite, royal suiteThe Royal Suite from Burj al Arab is one worth talking about. Besides charging $22,900 a night, the amazing suite is pampered with 17 pillows of different types, rotated four-posted beds, Jacuzzis in the large size, a gold plated iPad at every guests’ use and the personal butler. The bathrooms are not to be underestimated, offering Hermes products and rain showers to complete the miraculous experience.

The Burj al Arab hotel is one of the most photographed in the world, having incredible views with straddling suites at two floors. At the top of the hotel there is a tennis court in the air, that might seem really dangerous at the first sight but is well controlled and an attached heliport.

Dubai’s most sumptuous and outlandish hotel has a pallet of luxurious offering, treating their guests like royalties, lavishing in sheer comfort, with Rolls Royce limousines at their disposition, personal butlers, extravagant dinner courses, amazing spa experiences and stunning designed suites with numerous facilities that will surely amaze every guest that checks in.

The tempting hotel is the favorite of many famous celebrities like Claudia Schiffer, Lewis Hamilton and Wayne Rooney. It is a true heaven to stay at this prestigious symbol of high life hotel and obviously the prices are according to their level of services but if you even think of getting a one of a kind holiday and have the money for it, don’t hesitate because the structure and positioning of the Arabian wonder will make you feel like you have entered another world.

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