It is true that if you are not willing to spend $80,000 on a night at a sumptuous hotel, you will choose the lovely boutique hotels but you can’t deny that you never dreamed about spending a day at an award-winning spa, whose treatments are following precisely to unwind you and every sense in your body. Or what about laying and soaking up in the sun of Miami while expensive beverages or cocktails come on the house?

And if you get bored at the hotel’s finest services you can be chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce like guests from Burj al Arad have the opportunity. And when I say opportunity I mean money. Lots and lots of money that can be spent on a Royal Suite priced at $30,000 per night that will assure your stay with a personal butler. Not to judge, though, everybody has their own haven. But it’s really nice to dream and get inspired by some amazing designers who made out of a simple guest room an oasis.

Wealthiest travelers

The wealthiest travelers get to enjoy great luxury accommodations that makes you wonder how they are leaving their suites or the spa centers. 20 years ago there weren’t as many five stars hotels as there is now but new millionaires have appeared, therefor the number of request for luxurious stays have grown. Some iconic hotels like The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton or The Plaza have evolved and matched their amenities and services to the expectations of the guests and really surprised through the years.

Picture waking up in your suite in Florida and enjoy the view of the skyline and gorgeous gardens or the view of the Atlantic Ocean seen over your private balcony. Some lavishing hotel suites have private heated pools and Jacuzzis that still makes me wonder how you can leave your hotel room. And don’t get started on the high profile menus of the restaurants. Experienced chefs that cook your wildest dinner fantasies and committed and formal staff like the one from the Four Seasons that will do everything to ensure you a perfect stay.

Unique elements

Think you need royal blood to stay at these high-profile hotels? Not quite, just around $30, 000 in your pocket and you’re covered up. Did we mentioned anything about great room facilities like iPads, laptops or swimming pools?

The unique element of these hotels are not only billions invested in marble bathrooms or hanging tennis courts but the impressive way of combining historical architecture with modern restorations and celebrity guests that can set the example later on. Some of these hotels are simply breathtaking and the surroundings seem magical, therefor check out our top ten luxurious hotels from all over the world and next time you visit these cities make sure at least to get a drink at their renowned bars and restaurants.

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