10. The Wolfman (2010)

The Wolfman (2010)Directed by Joe Johnston as the remake of the eponymous 1941 horror, The Wolfman follows the fate of Lawrence Talbot (Beniciodel Toro) as he is obliged by the death of his brother Ben Talbot (Simon Merrells) to return to Blackmoor, their hometown. But the creature that killed his brother is not done yet and bites Lawrence, transforming him into a creature whose existence is beyond anyone’s imagination. As you can assume, he becomes a wolfman.

Like a Younger Sibling

Just like a child who goes to the same school his elder sibling went to and ends up getting compared over and over again, this movie was constantly compared to its predecessor. Perceived as bad boring modern adaptation, shortly after its release, The Wolfman was already being declared the worst movie of 2010. Harsh. Not to mention the budget of $150,000,000 and the sum of $80,105,118 lost at sea.

Not That Bad?

The failure may be blamed on the remake concept and on the die hard fans who could just not let it go, despite the movie having huge names and very talented actors in it, such as Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins. Also, for a flop, The Wolfman did win a Saturn award and an Academy Award for best make up. Also, some viewers did enjoy the gore and darkness, while some critics were pleased about the return to an old classic monster in a reinvented movie.

9. The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)

The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)Under the magic wing of Andrei Konchalovsky, this British-Hungarian fantasy film follows young Mary (Elle Fanning) as she escapes her boring Christmas holiday to a magical kingdom ruled by the Rat King (John Turturro). Along the Nutcracker (Charlie Rowe) her uncle gave her, Mary tries to take down the usurper and give the throne back to its righteous heir – the Nutcracker himself.

Worst Limited Release of 2010

For a movie meant to please the younger members of the cinematic squad, The Nutcracker did nothing but make the critics cringe. Declared the worst limited release movie of 2010, various reviewers had the same opinion – The Nutcracker was not funny nor entertaining, a nightmare disguised as a movie for children. With a budget of $90,000,000 and only a worldwide gross of $16,178,959, this movie had lost almost all the money invested.

Not Promoted

Its status as a box office bomb might be blamed on the lack of promotion. Also, the lack of ballet in a ballet based story, was another heavily discussed issue, as the soundtrack did feature Tchaikovsky’s famous compositions, as well as other pieces such as Symphony No. 5. But at least one critic, Lisa Schwarzbaum from Entertainment Weekly, gave a positive review, stating that “Attention, university film clubs: Here’s your cult-ready midnight-movie programming.” Well… it’s something.

8. Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Ascending (2015)Starring big names such as Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, but also the very talented Douglas Booth, Tuppence Middleton, James D’Arcy and Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jupiter Ascending is a space opera telling the story of Jupiter Jones, an apparently ordinary woman, as she gets tangled in all sort of extraterrestrial adventures and is made by Caine Wise aware of her origins and importance to the cosmos.

Financial Incoherence

With a budget of $176 million well spent on every detail, it was just a game of head and tail whether the movie would financially fail or not. Unfortunately, the negative reviews hit Jupiter Ascending like a wrecking ball. Its story was perceived as incoherent and a total mess, the critics seeing it as a mix between Maid in Manhattan and John Carter, which did no good to the film’s entire publicity and popularity.

Target Audience

With a plot involving a young woman discovering how special she is, despite her not so impressive life up to the story point, it is no wonder that some people did enjoy Jupiter Ascending very much.

While it is not enjoying the same popularity as The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga and The Divergent series do, it surely did appeal to the younger female audience, especially to those girls who were not accepted in the Star Trek or Star Wars fandoms or who were not impressed by them. Until they get into Doctor Who, let’s say that Jupiter Ascending is an ok start.

7. Green Lantern (2011)

 Green Lantern (2011)Featuring the famous DC Comics character, Green Lantern tells us how Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, a test pilot, is chosen to take part of intergalactic police, Green Lantern Corps. Other members of the cast are Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Hal’s love interest and the vice president of the Aircraft Company where Hal is working, Peter Sarsgaard as the scientist Hector Hammond, Mark Strong as Hal’s mentor, Sinestro and Angela Bassett as Dr. Amanda Waller.

“Please Don’t Make the Super Suit Green!”

If you have seen the most recent Deadpool trailer and you have not seen Green Lantern, it is up to us to tell you that this movie made the green super suit infamous. The problem with Green Lantern was not the cast, which was wonderful, but the story. The writing was so bad, that the entire movie is considered bland, irrelevant and just an attempt to make a memorable comic movie. Well… Green Lantern ended up being memorable, but not in a good way, especially with a budget of $200,000,000 and a loss of $90,074,414.

Not That Bad

The movie might get a reboot, but for some, this version is good enough. With so much criticism and so much money wasted on advertisement, it is nice that some people do not forget that, in the end, this is just a comic book superhero movie, not a psychological thriller nominated for an Academy Award. It is entertaining and good for a Friday night spent at home.

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