So, after a long pause I’m finally back with another top 10, this time focused on the games that I consider as having a great combination between gameplay and story which frankly, gets rarer as time passes. The list below will be invaded mostly by shooter games, since, well, you cannot quite put a story inside a racing game and no good ones in RTS’s (I personally see them as objective-giving reasons).

The only other spot to pick it from would be from RPG’s but most of those that are worth it have lots of shooting mechanics as well (and some of them are right here, in this article). I would like to apologize in advance for not trying some newer titles like Dying Light and Bioshock Infinite, the reason are either because I can’t afford them or my PC isn’t strong enough for them, but I will try to solve that soon enough.

Without further pointless chitchat, here’s what I consider, the Top 10 Best Story Driven Games.

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