6. Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)Coming from the fairytale you have always hated as a child and you struggled finding its logic even when you were five years old, Jack the Giant Slayer is here to present us the touched by modernism story of Jack (Nicholas Hoult), a farm boy, who gets in the possession of some magic beans, and gets involved in a war against giants. Jack’s love interest, princess Isabelle, is played by Eleanor Tomlinson, while Elmont, the captain of the king’s guard is portrayed by Ewan McGregor.

Clash and Crush

With costs over $185 million and losses of almost $101,156,199, there is a series of various reasons why the movie failed. One reason is the clash of views – the movie’s dark mature tone did not match the taste of the main targeted audience, families and mainly, children. Also, the large amount of digital effects were also not for the viewers, while some saw the story as bland, one-dimensional and just a poor attempt at recycling a classical fairy tale.

Reasonably Fun

But of course, there were those who were entertained by Jack’s adventures and the wonderful actors, finding this version not only original, but also – believe it or not – better than the Hobbit. Jack the Giant Slayer also got a few nominations and an award at BMI Film & TV Awards for John Ottman’s music. Not bad for a flop.

5. R.I.P.D. (2013)

R.I.P.D. (2013)A cinematographic potpourri, R.I.P.D. is a science fiction action and comedy movie, with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as the main stars – Detective Sergeant Nick Walker and Roycephus Pulsipher, as Nick get murdered by Detective Lieutenant Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) after betraying him and becomes part of the Rest In Peace Department. With the help of former U.S. Marshal, Roy, Nick tries to make amends for his mistakes, but also protect his wife, Julia (Stephanie Szostak).

Just Rest In Peace

When a movie has a budget of $130 million and it only manages to earn less than 10% in the first week, it raises some questions. But with a plot like the one written above, it is no wonder. Kyle Smith of the New York Post summed it better: For a movie that so strenuously rips off Ghostbusters and Men in Black, R.I.P.D. manages to come up with fresh new ways of being absolutely terrible.

The plot manages to be fully predictable and freakishly bonkers at the same time, seemingly born of the same kind of brainstorming-on-L.S.D. session that must have given us Howard the Duck.

At Least the Cast is Good?

With Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon, a movie would not be supposed to fail. And despite being a box office bomb, some viewers did enjoy the originality and the fact that it brought back the old classic theme of the cop buddies solving crimes. Maybe it would have done better as a TV series – something similar to Supernatural, just involving real police officers and detectives.

4. The Lone Ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger (2013)Produced by Walt Disney Productions, this western movie follows the Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) – and his dead crow – as he recounts the secret story of John Reid’s (Armie Hammer) transition from a lawyer to a masked vigilante named The Lone Ranger. In the movie also star William Fichtner as Butch Cavendish, a mad outlaw, Tom Wilkinson as the railroad tycoon Latham Cole and the omni present Helena Bonham Carter as a brothel madam, Red Harrington.

Even Disney Fails From Time to Time

And this was one of those times. With a budget of $225 million and a box office of $260.5 million, the lack of originality and the 149 minute long run really harmed the piggy bank. Compared to the even worse John Carter, the critics were just not impressed by the bland script, slow development and its lack of entertainment; and of course, the social justice warriors of the internet were not happy that Johnny Depp portrayed a Native American.

Fantastic Duo

Once more, the cast manages to earn some praise, despite the general hate towards the film and its story line. Both Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer were acclaimed by the critics for their performances.

Along the encouraging words, the movie was also nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Visual Effects, at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Saturn Awards, Teen Choice Awards and finally at the Visual Effects Society Awards, where it won the award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture. And we are going to hide the Golden Raspberry Awards nominations and the winning category in the closet.

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