Hi guys, I’m gonna bother you with another League of Legends article. This one is much more based on personal opinion and less based on historical and stats numbers and doesn’t really resemble my usual style of top 10 content.

There’s lotsa cool skins out there and it’s clearly that RIOT it’s putting a lot of effort into making these skins, a very high quality. As we count down the skins of the best skins in League of Legends I’ll only be looking at skins only available for purchase in the store and I’ll be judging skins based on how awesome they are and how good the value on that skin actually is.

A 975 RP should not be judged as a 1820 RP skins, so I’ve taken that into account in my list and I also tried to make a list of skins that have something that would appeal to everyone.

I terms of general interest, general splash and flashiness or simply accounted as a sexy skin that would mesmerize or appeases or simply arouse the League of Legends general player, why not arouse?

Some people don’t have real lives and simply are better off as a gamer or a flamer or a stripper, why not. So let’s get started.

10. Pool Party Lulu

best skins in LOLAlthough RIOT doesn’t too many skins that are goofy and cute, leaving that aside to creepy and monsters till the end, Pool Party Lulu definitely stakes playing as being one of the best in that category.

I’m a huge fan of all of the Lulu skins but Pool Party Lulu is so silly and cute with the goggle-eyed squid hat and the bubble particles work very well with Lulu’s bubbly personality.

A good skins is one that should encapsulate and an add to the style and flavor of what a champion brings and P P L does a great job of that turning their opponents into mini-fizz’s and it’s super-cute as is the bubble fish that it gets in the skin. For 975 RP you get new ability animations, new auto-attacks and the cutest recall animation I’ve ever seen and for 975 that’s really good value.

9. RIOT girl Tristana

best LOL skins everComing up in no. 9 we have Riot Girl Tristana. Now this may seem like an off-pick because this skin has been around forever but this is perhaps the best value to product-ratio skin in the entire game.

RIOT girl Tristana is one of the three free skins you can get and since Tristana’s rework and visual upgrade it is one of the best looking skins, it’s not a poor recaller anymore and successfully gets Tristana that happy girl feet that RITO was trying to get and originally going for.

It’s got an entirely new model and was designed with her new animations which generally mean that’s no awkward  new model extent that cut into her due the added parts. It’s received the love and care that Unchained Alistar never got and feels much more new and alive than that Garen.

8. Guardian of the Sands Kha’Zix

best the lol skinsKha’Zix is already a champion that has a lot to the model and kit, including evolutions that change animations and effects for his new abilities and it has added to his model through further.

For each of Kha’Zix possible evolutions this skin evolves with him. All of Kha’Zix abilities have a new particle effect and those particle have to apply to his evolutions that essentially means that 8 of his moves could possibly be changed as he evolves.

On top of that he has a new unique passive indicator and a new recall which Mecha’Kha’Zix doesn’t have. Despite Mecha being 1315 skin that Guardian of the Sands 975. Once you consider how much this skin actually adds to the price it becomes a very good of that this actually is to it.

And to be honest I’ve put this skin on this list cause I own it and really adore that RIOT, and not RITO in this case cause I love that they gifted the people of this game, gave me this unique skin, of course all skins are unique in their own way but still. Ty RITO.

7. Eternum Nocturne

best lol skinsThis is a skin that does a series of new amazing jobs that are adding to the personality of this champion and theme that the character is trying to pull off. It makes Nocturne scarier, louder, more obnoxious and significantly improves the style of Nocturne.

Of course you may say that this champ is very weak in every stage of the game, but in the future it may be used once more, and once again, to revive this champion. Trying to haunt your opponents and scare your enemies.

It’s a lot more than just a glorified visual update skin that something like Spirit Guard Udyr is, who did not make it on this list for that matter, or as Spirit Guard Udyr feels like a visual update and isn’t all that impressive. Eternum Nocturne adds to everything you may want for that champion and more and makes him so much scarier and so much of what Nocturne could be.

Could this skin be just a visual update? Ehm, maybe, but I think is so much better in every way while still being different enough, by changing his color skin has this blood red hue that is just not on this same level like Spirit Guard Udyr.

Being an 1820 RP skin you get everything you would want from a legendary skin and more and I’ve become really fond of the color scheme and sounds that this skin has as it just makes this character that much more terrifying to play against.

6. Firecracker Jinx

best league of legends skinsSimilar to Eternum Nocturne, Firecracker Jinx does an amazing job of really adding into the characteristics, to the personality of Jinx as a champion.

Jinx is a character that does more that trying to pull off his explosive, crazy personality and Firecracker Jinx really adds to that with her new animations, explosions effects and her particles really help make the gameplay be more exciting.

This skin is a reasonable less value like some of the others on this list since it is priced as 1315 RP but it gives you what you might want for that for a very solid value of 975 RP, but I think the awesome thing, the explosive factor really makes up for that price and the explosive auto-attacks on Jinx’s Q just so fun.

This is actually my personal favorite skin on my entire list so maybe I’m a bit of an hypocrite but making all of her animations more explosive is exactly what I would’ve liked from my Jinx skin and I feel that it makes her a lot cooler and ever a bit more fun to play to some extent as you get to experience a lot more of the crazy personality of what Jinx has as a character.

5. Arcade Riven

best lol skins listAt no. 5 I have Arcade Riven, of all the arcade skins, Arcade Riven really stole the spotlight, just because it has more in it.

This skin includes possibly the most out of the most interesting recall and death animations throughout all the skins in the entire Arcade skin genre. Her q has a new pixel animation for each activation and the animation when you actually hit a target along with matching new sound effects.

In fact every one of her abilities are with completely new effects and some unique new sound effects, even her auto and of course this skin comes with a colorful and appropriate being warrior model although many other Arcade skins have similar effects due to the overloaded nature of Riven’s kit this skin has naturally has more band for the 1315 RP you spend.

4. Guardian Lux

best skins in league of legendsAt no. 4 is this little cutie, none other than one of the best carriers on mid. This skins is a lot more than a crowd favorite.

Star Guardian Lux comes with a completely new adorable model alongside new particle and effects that affect all of her abilities. What really struck me on this skin was the detail and the particle effects. They are extremely intricate and well designed.

Alongside the new particles she also has a complete new set of animations including a dance animation and a new cute idle animation and has also a new range indicator of her E, to more accurately reflect the true size of the ability.

Talk about skins that buff your champion. Star Guard Lux could easily be considered the skin that paid the most attention to detail in the game, specifically in those great looking particles, which is why it’s my no. 4.

3. Project Zed

best lol skinsWhile we although felt a decent amount of the product skins were fairly underwhelming, Zed shine through and the project theme makes actually a great job fitting Zed style of being this super crazy fast assassin.

The style of the Rroject theme has really catered of the effect, fast paced kinda theme and Zed kinda fits that perfectly. There is no arguing that this skin it has the awesome factor being damn cool and really bringing out a lot in Zed as a character.

At 1315 RP the value of this skin isn’t too bad, especially compared to the other Project skins and with it you get a new recall animation, a sexy auto-attack, new ability animations and a different voice-over and emotes and you really just get everything you could ask for in this skin, and I mean who could doubt of how awesome those shuriken Zed’s are.

2. Dj Sona

league of legends characters skins listNot surprisingly Dj Sona tops this list at no. 2, this skin being extremely well gen-packed, including a new overhauling look that consists of new model, new effects, new particle and new voice-overs, a new backing animation and a unique soundtrack and it does all of those things three times over.

Every one of Sona’s abilities in this skin can feature their own particles even throughout the three different versions of her skin. For example, Concussive Sona’s Q won’t be exactly the same as the kinetics. This essentially means that Sona has 6 different particle effects spread out across over all her abilities on all her different forms.

This skin also includes completely different new animations for her literally everything from walking, auto-ing, casting which includes all of her abilities, recalling, taunting, reviving, critting and changing forms including even standing still.

This skin also features a music sharing of her ability in League, which is a completely new feature that RIOT offers us, a completely new concept that allows your teammates to listen to the music you are playing, depending on what form you choose. There’s so much in this skin that is no wonder that it’s legendary. That is most certainly worth every single penny.

1. Super Galaxy Rumble

the best league of legends skinThis is my no. 1. If there’s any skin in the game that changes the champion to be more charismatic, more exciting and just more awesome, it’s gotta be this one.

The new voice in this skin is amazing as of all of his animations and with it you get a new backing animation, new emotes and new auto-attack, new particles, new everything, really. And his spawn animation in this skins is actually super-cool, even though it probably goes un-noticed for a lot of people.

And this skin has all value as well even though is 1820 RP you get much as you would want from skins as some of the ultimate skins and definitely the best legendary skin in terms of what you get outta it.

The charisma Rumble gets in this skin truly makes his character just so much more awesome and that’s really what you want a good skin to do, you want it not only to make the animations cooler but to make the character itself better in every way and this skin pulls that off so amazingly and it puts him over the top to make Super Galaxy Rumble the best skin in League of Legends.

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