This is not quite the cartoon that you’d wanna show your kid to entertain his ass. It would be gruesome to stuff all that kinda crap in his head, lending him the knowing that it’s ok to be stupid and want terrible stuff for the others as well as the constant head ripening and fucked up ideas in the Scratchy & Itchy show.

I think there is the main source of the inspiration when it comes to these fucked up story episodes cause nonetheless, in rest, the episodes are quite ok to be sincere.

This show is definitely above 12 rating, and if not, it should be. This is not a normal cartoon. The idea came from the Halloween special that everybody else is celebrating, learning the kids an important lesson in life besides hunger, fear. You are not Superman and you shouldn’t act like one when you try to jump over that wardrobe onto your head.

Or do it, and you will become a cartoon star like Homer, I sincerely don’t mind cause I won’t be having children of my own, but for the rest, if you wanna curse yourself, start with this cartoon. It will surely make a superhero with 0 brain like Hulk outta your child.

This show aired his first show of Tree House in Fox Network in 1990, October 25 in the United States. Besides Scratchy & Itchy it also has its point for inspiration from the 50’s comic books and relieves the tension outta the news in this show bringing something old back to life.

All of the episodes skip the realism tackle that brings into the scene and approach a more surrealism in which the theme is distorted like in a nightmare. Seeing that the first three, even though they were reticent for the kids, had success, they gone on and on with the episodes and usually are one of the best Simpsons episodes, being in the top. So to grab out the foam I will lend you the best of the best. Hang on. I must warn you, the older they are the better they are. I dunno why, but see what’s all about.

6. Season 3 Episode 7

best Treehouse of Horror episodes listIt starts off with a little warning from Marge against lending the permission to our children… pardon me, your fucking children, to watch the fucked up story they farted and letting us get a taste of it.

And it sounds like this “ Don’t let you children like the last time to watch this cause it’s more scarier than the first and has some bad language as well, but if you didn’t listen to me last time, I think you are not going to listen to me this one… so …mmm. Enjoy the show.

It all started when the members of the Simpsons family didn’t listen to Marge when she said that eating too much candy from Halloween’s gathering would induce them bad dreams a.k.a. Nightmares. Lending those 3 individual dreams.

1st one starts in Morocco and it’s Lisa’s dream. Long short story, Homer finds a monkey paw back in Morocco which grants wishes. Arguing over that shit, the baby, Maggie, gets her hands onto it and wishes for a new pacifier, a luxurious one, Bart for money and fame, Lisa for world peace, making the aliens come to their planet and trying to wreck everything on there, but in the last comes Homer wishing a turkey sandwich that is a little dry… Shame for him.

Tired of that shit, he throws that to the dumpster and is seen by Ned Flanders, asking for it and automatically resetting the paw wisher and wishing for the aliens to disappear, waking Lisa and going to Bart’s bed in exchange of a candy necklace.

The second one is having Bart in the 1st view, being a monster that can change everything in his proximity and also read thoughts, wanting everybody to think happy thoughts about him and everything else. Not even the police can’t get their hands on him.

Everything evolves around Bart and his humongous power, lending him the ability of the monkey paw somehow making all fear him. It all ends one day when his father didn’t let him watch Crusty the Clown, making Bart to transform him into a Jack-in-the-box and finally returning him to the original shape after consulting a psychiatrist. That guy said to offer him more love, which Homer did, scaring the crap outta Bard when he said” he loves him so much”.

The third one is Homer’s in which he is fired from his job and hired as a grave digger, after a short period he is found sleeping in the post by Smitthers and his boss into a grave, being kidnapped and used as an experiment rat, taking off his brain.

In the end he is proven to be useless and returned back to Homer. While Mr. Burns complained about his life, he kick the retarded robot and the robot falls onto him, crushing up his organs. In the end, his head is tied to Homer’s body in order to survive and the dream … wasn’t actually a dream. The End.

5. Season 4 Episode 5

best treehouse episodesThis one is to be said, acknowledging the same fact as the previous of the fact that is scary as well and advises us to turn off the TV if we are not chickens or with children around upsetting, to be said to the legist types.

The episode starts with the Simpsons family having a Halloween party and seeking for good scary stories everybody from the Simpsons tend to tell each on turns their story, the first one was Homer’s in which he is targeted for killing by the doll he bought for Bart on his birthday, the second is the grandpa’s in which he transform an pretty good story of King Kong into King Homer, which, like the original, was captured with the help of Marge aka a young lady and a set of tricks.

Back home he is the same viewed like a distraction form making Homer the main attraction. But unlike the original in which the ape is killed, this one has Marge marrying King Homer with a Disney happy ending.

The third part makes Barth the hero of the action in which he is telling that he found a book in which are found spells amongst which he finds to raise the dead, to rescue her sister’s cat. Non mistakably he messes that up raising a bunch of zombies all around the town in which he tries to repair his bad doings, which he does.

4. Season 5 Episode 5

best treehouse episodesThe one presenting the vicious contains is now Bart, seeming to forget why he is put there and exposing the content in a very gruesome way saying that the paintings are the portal to a much fearsome place.

Like we were used in the precedents episodes the show is segmented in three pictures, in which we find first Homer trading his soul to the Devil for a freggin’ donut. After a while he realizes that is bad and he has a trial for getting his soul back. Eventually, with the help of Marge, he gets his soul back.

In the second we find Bart and the School Bus as the frightening story in which the bus is attacked by an imaginary creature, the gremlin which drives Bard mad, mad I tell you! And ends up in a mental hospital, not being believed by anyone.

Aaand the third one is full of vampires in which Mr. Burst calls the Simpsons in his house for dinner and transforms Bart into a vampire and to succeed in saving him they must kill the head vampire. They go back to Mr. Burns and kill him and in the end we are caught with a little surprise in which we find out that Marge is the head vampire and mess us all.

3. Season 6 Episode 6

best treehouse episodes listI think I don’t have to say that the intro is in the same manner put, saying that it’s so scary the congress won’t let us watch it and instead we must see “200 miles to Oregon”. Dumb shit. Let’s see what’s this all about.

The first part engulfs the Simpsons family with a gore coverture in which Homer, left outta brews and television, stranded in a big house far away from home, have to protect that house, not succeeding to protect themselves against the urge to kill, especially Homer. However, till the end they succeed and find a small TV set and end all that torment.

In the 2nd part, Homer’s hand it gets jammed in the toaster and freak him and all the family out, more than one time. Repairing it and transforming it into a time machine, Homer travels back in time in the dinosaur age.

Transporting him over and over, changing all the sequels until everything is ruined to pieces, first transforming Ned Flanders into the undisputable master of the world, and second, his entire family into one big giant family.

In the third his entire family is some sort of royalty in which there are no donuts, making Homer’s worst nightmare come true. In the end he is satisfied with the fact that his family is semi-reptilian.

Nightmare cafeteria. That’s the name of the third part in which everybody in school is eaten in the lunch until the only to remain are the two Simpson brothers. Anyhow, it turns out that it was all a dream and nothing was real.

2. Season 7 Episode 6

best treehouse episodesIn this one all the mascots, especially the big one on the run are brought onto life by the thunders and lightning. Nothing interesting to see there, only the fact that they are stopped via a… jingle? Fuck this logic.

In the 2nd part the groundskeeper is called to be disappeared but not from the people’s nightmares, finding him in every bad thought of every person out there. The explanation behind that is that the groundskeeper swore that he will kill the kids of who’s person didn’t care about his fate and let him die.

They wrestle him out in the dream until they get caught and they are on the verge of dying. Thank God for Maggie saving the day intervening in their dreams and saving the day. Hurray Maggie.

Aand the third one is kinda dumb in which we find Homer Simpson caught  in the third dimension not knowing what to do to escape, having all sorts of people coming to help but seemingly they don’t find the power in them to do so, and till the end, like in the Spielbergian film, the hero is caught in another dimension, more exact the same reality of ours. The end.

1. Season 8 Episode 1

best treehouse episodes listThe 7th episode seems to get better and better. Not, it’s actually the other way around, the older they are the better. Like fine wine.

Dunno what happened with the creators of this show but they seem to have it off-key when it comes to the subjects, getting more and more booring. Anyhow, the story is a little of like the rest and has Homer starting the show, more likely the fire, lighting himself up. Typically.

The thing and I is called the first part, having the same old fucking format in which we find our heroes being afraid of the scary little thing in the attic. Bart’s Siamese brother, which apparently is the good brother of the two, switching place with the captured brother in the attic.

The Genesis Tub.

This one has Lisa in the first shot, which has created, with the help of Bart a little micro-universe in which she is God and he is the Senat…pardon me, Satan… after a while developing Lisa is transformed into one of theirs and shrunk to a miniature size and Bart steals the project and takes it for an A at the science fare at school.

Citizen Kang.

In this one Homer is abducted and forced to tell who is their leader, coming to Dole and Clinton, the aliens duplicate themselves and transform their election into something dubious. In the end all the aliens are coming onto our planet and make us slaves of their own that are building a gun to aim at a distant planet.

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