6. Elle Macpherson

Australian beauty Elle Macpherson was one of the hottest women on the planet during the famous 90’s supermodel frenzy. Her amazing physique led to her world wide known nickname „The Body“. Today, this mother of two is 51 years old, and she still has that gorgeous, tight, lean and muscular rocking body.

Elle Macpherson, beauty

Altough she is not keeping her fitness and beauty tricks a secret, keeping up with her diet, excercise and skincare plan might be just a little bit too much for most of the women, even those half her age. Macphersons approach to fitness is fierce. She works out every day, and her workout includes jogging, hiking, swimming, water skiing, paddle-boarding, road biking, even runnig barefoot on the beach, followed by numerous squats and lounges.

Macpherson never skips excercise, and she makes time for physical activity even during holiday times.

Eating habits

Elle’s eating habits are even more strict: she follows alkaline diet program, which contains only organic food and avoids all red meat, wheat and most of the dairy. Three meals per day are combined with minimum three liters of water.


Daily exfoliation, scrubbing and moisturizing is a vital part of supermodel’s skin care, which she finds extremely important. She never leaves her house without sunscreen, even during winter days.

Considering the fact that Macphearson is always carrying a PH balance urine tester kit to order to check that she is in an alkaline state, and that her favourite foods are beetroot and spinach, Elle’s beauty regimen might be way too much to handle for most of her peers.

But the fact that „The Body“ is able to keep her nickname even in her 50’s is absolutely worth it.


‘I believe that most ailments come from having an acidic body.’

Elle Macpherson, hollywood reporter

5. Diane Lane

Classic, timeless and unpretentious yet mesmerising beauty, all of that is once All American Beauty, Diane Lane. Despite the fact that Lane had started her busy acting career as a child, she didn’t burn out in flames of Hollywood’s merciless pace as most of child actors do. She remained poised, classy, professional, and at the age of 50, so youthfully beautiful.

Diane Lane still sexy

Not only through the charming characters she played, but also through her approachable, friendly, yet beautiful appearance, to the most of the female population, Diane Lane is so relatable.

And the reason for that is exactly in her simple and relaxed approach to life, as well as nutrition, excercise and everything else that keeps this lovely woman so girly and fresh, even in her 50’s.


Diane’s healthy glow doesn’t come from the usual Hollywood obsessing over working out, dieting and cosmetic surgery. Her approach is based on moderation, and that includes her nutrition habits. Lane enjoys all the foods in just the right amount.

She just doesn’t like to go through life being deprived of her favourite foods just for the name of the fame. Still, Lane is disciplined, and knows the meaning of a small or acceptable meal size. Also, she tends to stay on the healthy and organic side when it comes to groceries, but is no stranger to occasional guilty pleasures either.

Diane Lane, gala, place at table

The actress practices discipline when it comes to working out however she is moderate and smart about the choices of her excercise routines. Cardiovascular training combined with yoga is something that keeps her happy and in shape.

Lane has a very simple philosophy when it comes to the power of the make up – the less the better. High quality creams and lotions, and just a pinch of bronzer, mascara and lipgloss are enough. She is definitely not a fan of wasting her precious time on excessive „face paint“, and is a huge supporter of a make up free look.

Simple, healthy, relaxed and disciplined – Diane Lane has a great formula for a long lasting youth.


“More yoga in the world is what we need.”

still looks good, Diane Lane

4. Demi Moore

Superfit cougar Demi Moore is 53, and she is still rocking that pretty face and megahot body, being her sexy self, just how we always remembered her. Discipline and dedication of one of the Hollywood’s highest paid actresses is notorious for. When it comes to physical fitness, Demi is indestructible.

Demi Moore, sexy cougar

While preparing for the role of G.I. Jane, Moore followed a strict military excercise program and lifted weights for two hours a day, followed by a six mile run, and while getting in shape for Striptease, she incorporated weights, yoga, predawn beach runs and months of pole dance rehearsals, shaping her body into pure perfection.

After her second divorce with a 15 years younger superstar Ashton Kutcher, ex Mrs Bruce Willis slipped into a difficult phase of mourning, where she pushed herself too the borders of anorexia, but managed to pick up and shine thorugh all the difficulties, rising again among the hottest female celebrities on Earth.

Workout routines

Moore is still persistent in her vigorous workout routines, that many people find very difficult to follow. Weights, runs, cardiovascular training, yoga, long distance cycling and advanced pilates are just some of the techniques she applies to keep the supreme shape. As if that is not hard enough, Demi is a raw vegan. She eats nothing but organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, green juices, smoothies and soups.

demi moore in bikini

Demi isn’t particularly fond of make-up.. She says that if a woman focuses on a good skin care, she really won’t need a lot of it.

Let’s get real. Most of the people are not able nor willing to follow the overly strict lifestyle of Demi Moore, but at least we can admire her hotness that transcended the traps of being middle aged, making her so sexy, even in her mid fifties.


„For the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30.“

Demi moore in bikini


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