10. Elizabeth Hurley

Curvaceous, gorgeous, buxome figured and fifty – all of that is the famous English actress and model Elizabeth Hurley. We all remember her sexy roles as minxy Vanessa in Austin Powers and the female embodiment of the devil in Bedazzled, intriguing love affairs and swimsuit paparazzi shots, but Hurley still owns it, big time, not giving up her attractive physique and allure.austin power star, Elizabeth Hurley

Besides her acting career, Hurley, born 10 June 1965, started her succesful modeling career at the rather late age of 29, when cosmetics company Estée Lauder recognized her as the cover girl for their products, despite all those much younger professional models on the rich 90’s fashion scene.

Obviously, this British beauty has a way of keeping her youthful and sexy look and the fact that she is 50 is rather hard to comprehend-instagram photo, iphone, Elizabeth Hurley

Controversial diet plan

But, it’s not all peaches and cream when it comes to keeping her amazing shape. Actually, peaches and cream are strictly forbidden for Hurley. British actress follows a rather strict and controversial diet plan, which rises many eyebrows of worried health and nutrition experts.

insta photo

A huge glass of warm water every morning instead of breakfast, lean meats, vegetables,  and loads of watercress soup combined with religious skin care is a part of her beauty routine.

Hurley claims she doesn’t prefer exercise. Just a little bit of pilates now and then, and keeping herself busy makes for the most of her workout.

Elizabeth Hurley at runaway

Obviously, nature was quite generous when it comes to the persisant youthfulness of, according to FHM and Empire magazine, one of the sexiest stars in film history.


„I’d kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe.“

instagram photo, Elizabeth Hurley

9. Kelly Preston

At the age of 53, Kelly Preston kept her classy, glamourous and refined appearance intact. Beloved American actress and wife of a legend, John Travolta, has a great career and is very proud of her caring family,  but all the stress and tragedies in her personal life that culminated with sudden death of her son Jett, made this lady even  more dedicated to stay strong and keep her life and family unit as safe as possible.

john travolta and preston kelly

Organic lifestyle

Preston became a disciplined follower of relaxed, positive, balanced and organic lifestyle after she gave birth to her son Benjamin, at the age of 48. She was rather disappointed with the fact that she left hospital looking even more pregnant than when she checked in, and decided it was enough of donuts, muffins and all those foods that are definitely not middle-age friendly.

But Mrs Travolta had a few things in mind before surrendering to a new lifestyle. First of all, she didn’t want to become a slave to overly strict diets and excercise routines, and, more importantly, she wanted to engage her whole family into a new regimen and make it fun for everyone.

instagram photo, kelly preston

Excercise routine

Instead of strenuous workouts, Kelly engaged in playing basketball and swimming with her daughter Ella, as well as playing tennis with John Travolta. This helped her make her excercise routine a fun family activity, and winning the additional prize of a 25-pound lighter superstar husband. But Kelly also lost a lot of weight, and gained back her high-school figure with combination of high quality food supplements and healthy versions of pretty much every food group and type.

Eggs, bacon, wheat toast, oatmeal, chicken burgers, spinach-kale-carrot and apple smoothies, whole-grain muffins, and all kinds of tasty, but healthy and organic foods in moderation are not only the recipe for Kelly’s great shape, but also very easy to maintain, especially for moms who also need to prepare meals for the whole family.

photo of Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston claims that she owns her youthful glow not only to completely organic skin care products, but also to her relaxed and laid back attitude and a wonderful marriage.

Sounds like a pretty cool and easy-to-follow plan for looking hot in your 50s.


„I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. I’ve done all of that. And now, I live a really clean life.”

Kelly Preston profile picture

8. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer has always been a classic beauty. Whether she played a role of a romantic and devoted wife, strong and serious ghetto school teacher or ever so sexy and minxy legendary Catwoman, this Hollywood’s superstar never stopped radiating her very feminine, almost fragile, soft, gentle and somewhat mysterious allure.

Michelle Pfeiffer gorgeous beauty

Perfect face beauty

In a rather substantial study that analyzed faces of beautiful women, measuring the ratio of facial features in attempt to find the perfect proportions for the perfect face that will represent the ideal of feminine beauty, the celebrity with the most perfect and beautiful features of a female face was Michelle Pfeiffer. So now it’s official, she is the most beautiful one. And at the age of 57 (yup, born 1958), she is still as gorgeous as ever.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Pants

Even though Michelle has suffered a past of vices, and indulged herself in a not-so-small amount of drinking, smoking, and even ocassional drug use in her youth, she managed to get a grip of her health and well-being.

But in 2012, she went even deeper in terms of keeping herself healthy and as a consequence – beautiful, when she saw a TV special about heart disease prevention which suggested a vegan lifestyle which she immidiately accepted.  She said to the media that if someone who loved food as much as Bill Clinton can rock a vegan diet, there’s no reason why she couldn’t do the same, while preventing herself from getting sick from eating all the wrong foods.

Excercise routine

Besides being a strict vegan, Michelle also uses all-organic vegan products for her skin. Her excercise routine is not very rigorous, as this tiny blonde prefers to keep herself busy with some light weights, jogging and hiking, up to five times per week.

healthy girl, Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is not afraid of aging gracefully and doesn’t possess the typical Hollywood drive to hide or destroy every single wrinke on her face. Au contraire, she pointed out that she is actually proud of soft lines showing on her scientifically proven perfect face. Yet, at the age of 57, Michelle is still one the most beautiful celebrities.


“The older you get, the less you can cheat. So now I’m more health conscious than I used to be.”

beauty, Michelle Pfeiffer

7. Ming-Na Wen

Best known for the roles of sexy and mysterious Melinda May in Marvel’s drama series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,  ER’s dr. Jing-Mei Chen and  the voice of Disney Princess Mulan, Chinese-American actresss Ming-Na Wen is not only a very succesful artist, but also, at the age of 52,  named one the 50 World’s most beautiful people by People magazine.

movie star, Ming-Na Wen

Smart girl

Besides her amazingly youthful appearance, Ming-Na is also known to be one very strong and intelligent lady as well as a passionate yet very smart poker player, which was put on display in her victory at the Hollywood Home Game on the World Poker Tour. She’s also a determined activist who uses her professional influence to open up new opportunities for the Asian-American people and promote the Asian-American culture. Also, she is a head organizer of numerous charity events and a producer of the Asian American R&B boy band ‘At Last’.

Given her busy schedule, Ming-Na claims that she is actually not that in love with a heavy workout, nor obsessed with dieting. Her amazing Asian genes make most of the work when it comes to her girly glow, but still, she makes the necessary efforts and adjustments in her daily routine to remain fit and pretty for her roles.

marvel agent shield, Ming-Na Wen

General fitness

When it comes to general fitness, Wen says that she is motivated by fear. Mother of two is not the kind of person who prefers getting up very early and jogging or doing any heavy lifting. But in order to look badass on the big screen wearing her leather catsuit, she enjoys martial arts training, some at-home lunges, squats and pilates.

Ming-Na loves food, so she definitely doesn’t intend giving up on any tasty treats any time soon. Both of her parents are professional chefs and since she practically grew up in a restaurant,  the actress is used to enjoy gourmet meals. However, she emphasizes, portion control is her way of staying lean.

With the recipe of the prolonged youth based on simple and effective basic rules of nutrition and fitness, this vibrant Asian beauty and People’s Choice Award Favorite Actress in a New TV Series is almost frozen in time, and it’s really hard to comprehend that she is pacing through her 50’s.


„I’m like Madonna: I’m Ming-Na. Just my first and middle name. That’s it. Pure and simple“.

movie star, Ming-Na Wen

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