3. Gina Gershon

It’s really hard to believe that Gina Gershon is 53. We all remember her seductive appearance in Cocktail (1998) and Showgirls (1995), and boy, do we remember how amazing she was in video for Lenny Kravitz’s hit „Again“.  But even decades of hard television and stage work and all those acting and singing gigs didn’t leave literally any trace on this dark haired beauty.

small surgery, Gina Gershon

Gershon’s exotic and completely wrinkle free facial features accompanied with a rocking body are somewhat a result of very careful and smart use of plastic surgery. But keeping up such an amazingly youthful look in her 50s demands more than a good surgeon.

Daily routine

Altough this sassy Hollywood’s wild child is not giving up her rockstar lifestyle, continuous diet and excercise plan is an important part of her routine. Gina really likes to boost up her energy, so she indulges is unsweetened energy drinks, but she’s even more careful when it comes to food, and her diet is based on lean meat (mostly chicken), plenty of vegetables and superfoods such as quinoa.

Gina Gershon, sexy look

Actress follows a classic workout program, focusing on basic leg extension, shoulders and arms excercises and squats, and religiously enjoys her daily run.

Gina believes that she owes her skincare success to her beloved cat Cleo. Apparently, Cleo really loves the scent of her evening lotion and when she goes to sleep, he licks all of it from her face with his rasping tongue, and deeply exfoliates her skin.

We will stick to the fact that Cleo’s routine is just a small addition to the amazing work on Gina’s face.

Still, Gina Gershon looks better than ever, proving that being over 50 didn’t even scratch her sexy.


„Feeding is a very important ritual for me. I don’t trust people who don’t like to eat.“

Gina Gershon, model, actress

2. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s success knows no limits. She is an Academy Award winner, a Golden Globe Award recipient, one of the world’s highest-paid actresses, a leading star of many silver screen blockbusters, a devoted mom, a philantropist and Hollywod’s very own powerhouse money machine.

people magazine 2015, Sandra Bullock

However, recognition of her talent and beauty doesn’t seem to stop, as this friendly and charming „America’s sweetheart“ has been named the „Most Beautiful Woman“ by People magazine in 2015, at the age of 51.

beauty, sandra bullock

Bullock has barely aged during the past 20 years of her uprising career, but her youthful looks is something she is maintaing through extremely disciplined and continuous diet and excersise routine.

oscars 2015, Sandra Bullock

Daily workouts

Her daily workouts include yoga, pilates, kickboxing, weightlifting, bike riding and running. On top of that, she works out 6 days a week with her trainer, celebrity workout guru Simone De La Rue.

awards, Sandra Bullock

Bullock  says that she is aware that Hollywood actresses are paid to stay in shape in order to look good on film, and she takes her job very seriously. Sandra has always been fit, and her anti-aging secrets are also hidden in her strict diet, based on a low-carb intake (such as ketogenic and Atkins diet).

All that devotion and hard work aside, it is still hard to believe that Miss Congeniality is 51.


„I gave up coffee. It’s almost worse than giving up a lover.“

red carpet, Sandra Bullock

1. Christie Brinkley

Hold your horses! Christie Brinkley is 61 years old! Not only that – this gorgeous American supermodel, actress, writer, designer and activist for human and animal rights has been running her succesful career as a model and cover girl – for already 40 years – and  after more than 500 apperances on magazine covers all over the world, she is not planning to stop.

Christie Brinkley, over 60

Good genes

Media and beauty experts are still wondering how come this „lady of a certain age“ is still looking so fresh, beautiful and astonishingly young from head to toe, and Christie is always glad to share her beauty secrets with the public.

Well, there is definitely some good genes running through Brinkley’s voluptuos physique, but this platinum blonde model claims there are ways that can help any woman to keep her sexy look even in that delicate over-sixty and, let’s be honest, almost granny age.

The stunning mother-of-three says that one of the most important factors that kept her so youthful is the fact that she was a vegetarian since she was about 12 years old, and benefits of her plant-based diet are making her feel good and healthy all the time.

She is lucky enough to have her own personal chef living in her home, providing her with a lot of beautiful meals, and is completely in love with salads which she combines with beans and all kinds of cooked vegatables, seeds, nuts, Himalayan salt and high quality oils. Kale, orange, avocado and lime juices are a must, and she satisfies her sweet tooth with daily (but moderate) consuption of raw dark chocolate.

white dress, Christie Brinkley

According to Christie, life is too short not to have an oyster and a glass of champaine, but oysters are the only kind of animal protein she consumes very occasionaly.

Brinkley skin is more than amazing, and it’s fascinating that she doesn’t show any sign of age on places where even cosmetic surgery cannot help – such as her neck and cleveage, elbows and knees – she has the body of a 30 year old woman. She swears in daily exfoliation and moisturization .


As for her workout, Christie enjoys in various kinds of excercise programs, but none of those include heavy lifting, and are mostly based on a lot of stretching and lengthening of her body. Besides that, she is a big fan of swimming in the summer and yoga in the winter, and never skips her weekly deep tissue massage.

smiling, Christie Brinkley

This amazing lady claims that the most important ingridient  of her breathtaking looks is in her life moto that age is determined by one’s attitude, and that keeping herself happy and positive made a huge impact on the fact that this 61 (yes, we have to write that again) year old girl is such a miracle of beauty.

There’s absolutely nothing wrinkly about Christie Brinkley.


“We’re the generation that says 60 is the new 30. We don’t let the numbers shape us; we’re reshaping the numbers.”

Christie Brinkley, Sport Illustrated

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