Let’s get it straight – there has never been a better time to turn 50. Just a couple of decades ago, passing the half-century mark was scary for most of people, especially for women, considering the fact that female beauty, sexual attractivness, appeal and hottnes was reserved only for super young, „spring chicken“ girls.

Merciless trend of „youth only“ was also transfered to celebrities such as models and Hollywood actresses, and becoming a certain age made it almost impossible to get those really good roles. We’ve seen some amazing fifty-something artisans being pushed into the roles of grandmothers, aunts and older relatives, just because they couldn’t follow the physical standards and expectations of leading roles, who were mostly given to new, fresh and young faces, regardless of talent and experience.

More beautiful than ever

In a largely youth-obsessed and oriented culture, the one in which youth is commercialized and emphasized as the only desirable and marketable age group in showbusiness, these exquisite women have defied the odds and are arguably now more beautiful than ever.

They are now deservedly celebrated for their diverse beauty and elegance, accompanied of course by their achievements and accolades.

On the following list you will see a bunch of familiar faces. This is a list of top ten hottest celebrities over 50, every single one of them being amazing women who proved that being afraid of getting old(er) is completely out of style.

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