Fans watched How I Met Your Mother for nine seasons speculating on who might be the mother knowing that in the end, they’d be rewarded for their hard work by learning the identity of the titular mother—and presumably seeing a happy ending. But that is not what they got. So Ted married the mother but then she died in the final minutes of the heartbreaking and weirdly shocking ending. The show then wrapped up with Ted appearing outside Robin’s window to live happily ever after with her— not the mother fans waited nine years for him to find.

The fans even called on CBS to commission the creators of the show via a petition to rewrite and reshoot the finale. They gathered over 20,000 signatures for the petition and writer Carter Bays announced on Twitter that an alternate ending would be included on the Season 9 DVD.
By the time season 9 was over, fans complained that they became attached to the character Tracy and that for her to get sick and die in the end would be unfair.

The How I Met Your Mother finale disappoints fansActor Neil Patrick Harris even said in an interview that he personally likes the end of the show because “Some people just hated it, and I think that that’s a compliment to the show in a weird way because it means that they have grown up with these characters and feel like they wanted it to go a certain way, though I think it’s great. “

So there you have it. The show HIMYM had us rolling on the floor laughing, taught us very important lessons about love and friendship and we had grew with the show so much that the finale affected us in a way that not many TV-shows can make the fans change their ending.

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