Jacqueline Bisset gave a memorable and bizarre acceptance speech at the Golden Globes of 2014 for Best Supporting Actress. An event hosted by the lovely actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that said at the end, “This was the beautiful mess we hoped it would be.”

Golden globe awards Jacqueline BissetAs the actress explained herself “I absolutely didn’t expect to win,” and added that ‘the time was switched on me’, as she had been told her category was at the end of the show, not the beginning. But the mess didn’t start with her speech. She took a zigzag stroll to the stage, stopped along the way to kiss Jon Voight, gave an incoherent speech, ignored the music trying to make the most out of her moment and said “shit” on live network TV. If this isn’t Hollywood I don’t know what it is.

The incident was overall funny and entertaining and because of her rambling she didn’t remember much and asked Page Six “I can’t remember what I said. Somebody told me I swore?” and Ellen DeGeneres tweeted after the moment “I helped write Jacqueline Bisset’s speech. Did you like it?” So not only did Jacqueline impressed us all with her role in Dancing on the Edge but amused us with her awkwardness and personality.


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