3rd: Michonne and Her Sword

Any viewer of the show, not only fans, can say that the cast makes the best out of the show. The characters that remained until season five is the majority that almost everyone liked anyway. Usually the least liked people on The Walking Dead ends up getting killed. A strong character both in the book and the show is badass Michonne. Her story and character are two things to admire about Michonne.

Personality change

Before the zombie apocalypse she had a beautiful life with her husband and her baby but instead of freaking out when the infection started she became an empowering woman that took life as it was presented to her. Michonne’s before life was a happy one but unfortunately when the madness started she lost her child and her husband. She ended up alone in a terrifying world. It was that moment when Michonne changed her personality becoming a cold-blooded sword zombie killer. Oh and also got herself two zombie pets to keep her company.

Michonne, sword zombie killerMichonne’s tactical thinking got herself through five seasons. She didn’t even need the whole crew before she met them, surviving on her own with two walkers chained up by her side and with their mouths and arms removed. Michonne isn’t someone who you can negotiate with. While captive in the Governor’s town she wasted no time in attacking him.

Hershel was also taken hostage but the two reacted in two different ways. In the time Hershel tried to talk some reason into the Governor’s decisions, Michonne didn’t say anything but only stared at his neck waiting for the opportunity to stab him and she did. Another thing that makes Michonne such a good warrior is the way she handles her killing and her hunting.

Fearful warrior

While everyone else shoots with loud guns that draws more walkers to the sound, Michonne was one of the first survivor that taught of operating with a sharp sword that also gets the job done as much as a gun does it. Another winning scene for Michonne was when she was kidnapped by Merle who was trying to get on the Governor’s side again, she got out of it by doing almost nothing and just being herself.

She has a great and strong personality that isn’t one to mess with and it’s not hard even for guys like Merle to figure that out. Once he got to know more about Michonne and killed together a few walkers, he came to the conclusion that the Governor isn’t worth to be given this awesome person’s life.

Everybody likes her, she is a fearful warrior and manages to keep her calm even in the worst situations. Focused, fearless and with a good heart, Michonne is a bad-ass character that inspires many people. Seriously now, she was the only one who had zombies as pets. Who does that?

2nd: The Zombie Slaughter

Aside from the dreadful scenery and scary zombies, the show is also about leadership and its different styles that may result from it. It’s also about the people’s will to survive in such a awful world, a world that is possible and, in a way, imminent to become one day. With the possible threat that total annihilation might fill the world with zombies one day makes this show so captivating.

The zombies from TWD are not always just gore and horrifying. They are also comical sometimes and the fact that they are shredded into pieces gives us a satisfaction that a couple of more are gone. Only a few millions left. But you keep your hopes high and you root for Rick and Daryl, along with the rest of the crew, to kill them all and restore mankind.

Zombies to remember

walkers from TWD seriesSome of them are easy to remember because of the moment of their death like the “Bicycle girl” or because some of the characters turned into a zombie and definitely remained in our memory like Shane in season one. We’re not saying that the terrifying hoards of gruesome undead creatures wasn’t memorable enough. Or the occasional zombie that popped out from a counter of an abandoned bar who usually bites someone.

The special makeup effects give the walkers that realistic look of a decomposed face and whenever they appear, you know you get disgusted every time. Credits are given to special make-up artist Greg Nicotero who puts a lot of work into the walkers in order for them to look as scary as it gets.

The thrill that we feel when the gang go on a kill spree is normal, given the fact that they hilled so many good characters. As Daryl once said “Zombies aren’t our worst problem” and we know that because along the season many other fellow humans came and destroyed their home and the group.

No room for emotions

As time went by, the group learned how to see the walkers in order for them to not feel bad of killing them, especially Carl who was so young and needed guidance. They know that even if it’s someone they knew or loved, once they are dead, there is no room for emotions and they have to kill them on sight. At a point we see all of the survivors used to the idea of not ever feeling safe, as they learnt more about the walkers in order to kill them more efficiently and faster.

Like using a silent weapon for the other walkers close by to not attract them by the loud noise. All of the characters have changed a lot since say one of the infection both emotionally and physically. Since then they hope to preserve the last piece of their sanity and of their humanity. Until they find a way to stop this post-apocalyptic world, they will continue to slay zombies and decapitate them until there is no one left

1st: It’s The Best TV Series With Zombies

Trying to remember why I even started in the first place to watch this show, it came to my mind that was curious to see how the world would turn out to be if zombies were everywhere. I have to admit I’m not a zombie lover, as many fans aren’t but since day one, as in the pilot episode, I couldn’t stop watching it.

None of the characters provided any special interest in the first two seasons but since the third I grew fond of them because of the time that passed and all of them had interesting stories by now. And every time the episode ends I tell myself the same thing: I’m so happy I don’t actually live in that world.

Zombie shows

tv series, TWDPrevious films and shows with zombies like “Shaun of the Dead”, gave a certain credibility to the issue of zombies, being made by people who understood the idea and really put their heart into the production. After this a lot of other products came along with bad representation of the concept, like “Zombie Strippers” and “Flight of the Living Dead”. Meanwhile films like “Dance of the Dead” showed an entertaining and interesting side of the zombie world.

“The Walking Dead” had a theme that deserved further attention and that is the exact reason why an idea like the apocalypse of the living dead was worth expanding. The show portrays the abandoned American landscapes along with the backgrounds of each character which resulted in the end a powerful and intimate story.

Fans on their toes

The Walking Dead knows how to keep their fans on their toes. Zombies are often portrayed in a comic manner, giving a different view over the horrific theme. The suspans of not knowing where the next walker is going to pop out and whether it’s going to kill someone or not is a reason fans love it so much and keep coming back for more. Since season one, the show was based on fear and death and the fact that the good guy doesn’t always win makes it more realistic.

Not to mention the fear fans face that one of their favorite character could die this episode or soon. Since 1985, when “Day of the Dead” aired, the show caught our attention with issues that relate to everyone like deadly infections and the fear of death which made eveybody think about what would the world look if it was doomed.


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