This Hollywood couple are probably one of the sweetest couple that exist. Not only because John was very intimidated by Emily by the time they were dated or because the two are a very in love couple but their parenting will make you wish you were their child.

Love at first sight, a rare thing these days

The two love birds first met through their mutual friend actress Anne Hathaway in 2008 and both Emily and John claim that it was love at first sight. Brian had small appearances in the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2000 but the role that made him known in Hollywood was in the British show The Office.

As for Emily she has done wonderful work over the past ten years, she appeared in 20 movies and collaborated with raging actors like Anthony Hopkins, Matt Damon and Meryl Streep. She had roles in movies like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with actor Evan McGregor, The Five-Year Engagement with co-star Jason Segel in 2011, in Looper with actors Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in 2012, in Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise in 2014. But her best known role is from the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada in 2006.

Emily’s former relationship was with Canadian singer Michael Buble, whom she stayed for three years and moved in until 2008 when the couple split.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Engagement, marriage and a lovely young daugher, Hazel

In November 2008 she began dating John Krasinski and as he told the media he was very nervous and very self-conscious of their first date thinking that she could have any other actor in Hollywood and that he would screw up the whole date. Emily felt in love right away with him and by August 2009 they got engaged. The couple got married on 10 July 2010 in Como, Italy.

John talks about how on his first date with Emily he took her to a gun range…:

Their daughter named Hazel was born 16 February 2014 and as Emily told on The Ellen DeGeneres Show John has amazing parenting skills. Apparently, John is a master at getting his little infant to burp, which Emily considers a highly underrated talent.

If you’re thinking when are you going to see the both of them on the big screen, they actually have a future movie Into the Woods in which Emily plays The Baker’s Wife and John is the voice of an animated feature, The Prophet.

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