Ian Somehalder and Nikki Reed have been dating for a few months now but they already are one of Hollywood’s best seen couple. The two are being described by the media as stylish and charitable, being both involved in charity work.

Ian and Nikki’s past and current movie roles

Ian Somerhalder is no stranger to Hollywood having he’s career started in 2000 when he first appeared in in the short-lived WB series Young Americans and then in the movie The Rules of Attraction where he played Paul Denton, a bisexual character but he really made his way in Hollywood with the role of Boone Carlyle in the hit TV-shot Lost. Ian is currently playing in the CW television drama series The Vampire’s Diaries and has received a Teen Choice Award for the role of Damon Salvatore.

As for Nikki Reed, she is been known from the role in the autobiographical film Thirteen for which she got recognition in Hollywood, shortly after being invited in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Another important role for Nikki was in Twilight Saga which she played the role of Rosalie Hale in 2008. In 2010 she joined the cast of the movie Catch 44 alongside Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and Malin Akerman.

Seems like Ian and Nikki can’t catch a break not even in a coffee shop:

Former lovers getting in the way of true happiness

As for their former relationships, this is the part where things get messy being all over the press’s attention because of Ian’s ex-girlfriend and co-star actress Nina Dobrev. Ian used to date Nina for a few years but separated over personal differences. While Nina got into a rebound relationship right after the break-up, Ian remain single until a couple of months ago when he met Nikki and started dating.

The only problem is that Nina doesn’t seem to be over her relationship with Ian and said that she is disgusted by the fact that Ian brings he’s current girlfriend to the set of The Vampire’s Diaries and actually banned her from the set. Nikki used to date singer-songwriter Paul McDonald from American Idol, Season 10 in March 2011 and in February they got married but in 2014 they announced their divorce.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Ian is putting his love for Nikki all over the internet on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, they’ve moved in together and actually said the she might be “the one”. Whether the two will make it throughout the obstacles and remain the strong couple that they are now it’s a matter of time.

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