This amazing couple have surprised Hollywood with their relationship that started June this year. Things are getting serious pretty fast with these two as it already exists rumours that they might get married in South Africa, where Charlize was born and where they are currently making a movie named The Last Face directed by Sean and want to adopt a child after their nuptials.

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Charlize and Sean’s long list of movie roles

What is there more to add to the stunning Charlize’s biography that isn’t already known? Her career acting started in 1995 in the movie Children of the Corn III and soon as she became more of a Hollywood personality, Charlize was casted for the movie The Devil’s Advocate alongside actors Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in 1997 and later in Sweet November with Keanu Reeves in 2001, The Italian Job in 2003 and her performance in the movie Monster earned her respect and also a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Her stunning acting roles got Charlize a series of nominees to the Golden Globe. She also is a philanthropist and social activist.

World renown actor Sean Penn has had both amazing roles over the years and directed movies that are due to this day amazing movies. His best performances were from the movies Bad Boys in 1983, The Falcon and the Snowman in 1985, I am Sam in 2002, All the King’s Men in 2002 and Gangster Squad in 2013.

Charlize talks about her relationship with Sean Penn:

Sean’s former marriages and his daughter opinion about Charlize

Sean had his bad boy image when he married pop icon Madonna in 1985, a marriage which gained a lot of tabloid headlines and actually served 34 days in prison for assaulting the paparazzi in 1987. Sean married actress Robin Wright which he has a daughter with and got divorced in 2010.

For what it’s worth Charlize is a good influence to Sean as his daughter states “…she’s the only woman since my mom who can shut my dad up. The only woman! That is a fu*king challenge so…She’s a powerhouse.” When asked, Sean said about Charlize that “She’s a keeper, that’s for sure…Well I’ll do my best to keep her anyway!” With these words how can you not say that they make a great pair and that it looks like they are going to stay an inspirational and power couple for a long time?

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