The flashy basketball player got the Sin City fever when he married “Baywatch” bombshell Carmen Electra in 1998. The news got a few heads turned, one of them being Dennis’s publicist who questioned thorough this marriage. They married at 7 a.m. in a Las Vegas ceremony and quoting the words of the NBA rebounding champion’s publicist, he might have “deeply intoxicated”.marriage of Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

Although the couple claimed their love was legit, it seems that nine days is all it took to change that and file for an annulment. After the official finalization of the marriage, six months later, Carmen told People magazine that “It’s easy to get caught up in a moment. You think it’s romantic, but then you realize, It’s like getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant.” It’s a good thing they realized, at least after, that this would have been an awful decision.Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman smiling

Dennis was recent on the lips of the Scary Movie actress when she opened up about her failed marriage on Oprah Winfrey’s “Where Are They Now?” series. She motivated that she was attracted to him “because he had a reputation for being a bad boy” and that Dennis “was very passionate. When it was good, it was amazing,” she said. “And when it was bad, it was the worst.” They met shortly after Carmen’s mother had passed away and she felt like they understood each other in a way but eventually the bad overweighed.

They recently saw each other on a Halloween event where Carmen attended but where Dennis came uninvited and got his ex-wife a bit worried of his intentions. Although Dennis came in peace, Carmen called extra security with her because of Dennis’s insistence of getting in the party all night and left the bombshell with an overall bitter taste.



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