I think it was kind of obvious for everybody when Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas would marry that it couldn’t have lasted too long. The rebellious 19-year-old Drew Barrymore decided in 1994 that it was a good idea to marry bar owner Jeremy after only six months of knowing him. Ironically their marriage lasted the same length as the dating process before it.marriage of Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas

Drew’s act of rebellious love, among others that she did those years, lasted only 39 days. The couple saw it as romantic. With no wedding dress, not a romantically dropping in one knee to propose but just a dark alley where Drew organized the proposing. The marriage ceremony took place in Jeremy’s bar. The E.T. actress was known for having a troubled childhood with drug addictions and by the age of 14, rehab stints. But she claimed that she was sober and really aware of her desire to marry Jeremy. Unfortunately the when Drew finally got a grip and intended the divorce papers.

Talking about failed marriages, Drew is not the luckiest when it comes to relationships. She had relationship with actors Luke Wilson, Edward Norton, Justin Long, got engaged to actor Will Kopelman and married comedian Tom Green.Edward Norton and Drew Barrymore, failed marriage

It was always Drew’s rocky childhood that got in the way of her adult life. With roots from other famous actors, her parents lack of presence in her growing up which led her to a dramatic decline. From skipping school and going with her mother in clubs to developing drug addictions and going to rehab, all until she was even 15 years old. So this marriage was just another outburst of her already troubled personality back then. For more information about Drew, check out our article on her life as a child star:





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