As the date of 14th approaches, we feel the need to find that unique present or plan that perfect date that will swipe our significant other off their feet. Or maybe some of us have the problem of writing the perfect declaration with which to confess our love to our crush. While it`s never too late or too early to tell another person how you feel, Valentine`s Day gives it that romantic approach. No other day can call down such powerful imagery of chocolate, flowers, romance and love.

When did it all start?

There are many theories regarding the early days of this tradition but the most popular story dates back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Emperor Claudius II didn`t want men to marry during wartime, as he believed a single man made better soldier. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes, performing secret wedding ceremonies. For this, he was sent to jail.

Valentine tried to stay cheerful. And do you know what? Many young people came to the jail to visit him. They threw flowers and notes up to his window. They wanted him to know that they, too, believed in love.

One of his greatest supporters was the jailor`s daughter, who helped him to keep his spirits up. On the day of his execution, 14th Frebruary, he left her a note that was signed “Love from your Valentine”.

How can you spend Valentine`s Day?

When asked this question, most people imagine a fancy restaurant, candle lights, dinner for two and roses. But how about a more intimate approach? Imagine spending the evening, cuddled up, watching a story that is bound to touch your heart? Most movies have a special message or a romantic scene that you will carry within you for the rest of your life.

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