Here is to the year that was such a great year for television. 2014 had it all: dramas, memorable award galas, break-ups, wedding ceremonies, viral campaign for honorable causes and of course shocking appearances and events.

If the past years only Lady Gaga was the artist that was shocking us from time to time with her outfits, this year many celebrities have brought it up a notch. Just look at all Miley Cyrus’s and Amanda Bynes moments from this year. A year in which Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet and although she didn’t succeeded she had a good chance to do so. Even though the internet didn’t break, Twitter sure did crash with the famous Oscar selfie and let’s just be honest it was the best selfie of the year. Our online lives have been taken over by these viral moments. And as much as we think nothing can shock us in 2015, we have no choice but to wait and be amazed by the creativity Hollywood has in store.

Despite the fact that the list could easily be filled in more such memorable moments, we culled down to a comprehensive list with scenes that tend to stick to your ribs. So here you have a list that will make you sad, laugh and understand why 2014 was so good for us.


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