We all know the Academy Awards could sometimes be a little stuffy and boring. That’s why Ellen DeGeneres, 56, got determined to bring the Awards up to date in 2014 taking the “best selfie ever”. Besides her hosting duties she took a picture with what initially should have been just her and actress Meryl Streep but soon included Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong and Kevin Spacey and was taken by Bradley Cooper.

oscar selfie, hollywood actors

Unfortunately for Liza Minnelli, she didn’t appear in the shot because she was too short despite her attempts. Ellen shared the photo right away on her Twitter page and very quickly broke the record for most retweets, that being 1,076,971 retweets in less than an hour as everybody went insane for the picture leading Twitter to crash temporarily for the frenzy the celebrity created. Ellen tweeted after the crash that “We got an email from Twitter and we crashed and broke Twitter. .

Although the entire moment was a marketing move for the Samsung Galaxy Note S3, the photo has been estimated to be worth over $800 million for having so many actors and actresses in one commercial shot.So whether you’re a fan or not of the “selfie” fever, you have to admit Ellen took the concept to the next level managing to capture a unique and joyful moment.

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