Alex was born and raised in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Having a multi-champion father in swimming for the Soviet Union has drawn a lot of attention of sports towards Alex. Since a young age he won a lot of gymnastics competitions, with high dreams of going to the Olympics.

Due to a huge financial crisis in Ukraine, the government couldn’t support junior sports anymore. His family was also unable to finance him in any way. So, he turned his head to what could bring him money and do something similar to what he loves: street dancing.  Dancing in the street got him recognition from a larger audience and got him invited to perform at parties and events.

Male pole dancer Alex Shchukin

After forming a dance group, he tried his luck on Ukraine’s “So you think you can dance”. Alex got in the finals, where he met his future wife. His wife was the one that turned him towards pole dancing.
His first pole dancing competition was World Pole Dance in Zurich, 2012. Alex won the third place, knowing that he can do better.

One year later, in 2013 he won two Gold medals for Australian Pole Fitness Championship and the Mr Pole Dance in Australia, which where three weeks apart. This is his winning show for the Mr Pole Dance Australia:

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