The art of pole dancing didn’t pass by men either. There are a lot of male pole dancers in the world, some good and some great.¬†

We will present you with some of the best male pole dancers in the world. These men proved that pole dancing isn’t always about sexuality and how to express it best. They proved that dancing on the pole can be an art.

There will be men and perhaps women out there with the misconception that only women should dance at the pole, and that these women should be called strippers and receive tips for bouncing their tits up and down. However, pole dancing shows is an entirely different thing than the shows seen in strip clubs.

Pole dancing requires a heavily trained body as well as an artistic mind. These two combined give birth to shows that can be part of the famous Cirque du Soleil, a feat that Saulo Sarmiento, one of our listed best male pole dancers has already acomplished.

Watch this video of Kristian Lebedev’s compilation of pole tricks, done indoors as well as outdoors on the street:

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