Saulo Sarmiento’s gymnastic life began at the age of 13, under the guidance of Jose Luis Sanz. He was a component of Canary Islands’ gymnastics team, therefore taking part in a large number of competitions and championships.

As time went by, Saulo achieved even more knowledge about his own body and what it can do. He learned to work around the Chinese Pole, Straps, Aerial Fights, Pole Dance and other acts done in a group.

Saulo Sarmiento pole dancer

One of his biggest steps, in 2011, was auditioning and getting the role for Franco Dragone’s House of Dancing Water show in Macao. One year later, Saulo won the Pole Art 2012 with a great performance:

Things started to look better and better for Saulo as he got opportunities to work on TV shows such as Amici 2013. However, his most important year from a professional and artistic point of view is 2014, the year when Saulo Sarmiento became a solo artist for Cirque du Soleil:

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