3. White Chicks

White Chicks, comedy movieThe first thing that becomes certain in this movie, is that you`ll probably become sore from all the laughing. Marlon and Shawn Wayans star as Marcus and Kevin Copeland, FBI agents. After a mission goes terribly wrong, the two brothers are on the verge of losing their jobs, when their boss gives them one last chance: they have to protect the Wilson twins from a kidnapper.

It is then decided that the easiest way to protect them is to impersonate them during a big society bash in the Hamptons. With the help of a team of experts and considerable amounts of latex, the two brothers are transformed into a parody version of the two divas.

The Plot

The plot might seem totally unrealistic when you think that they actually managed to pull that stunt off, but that`s just the element that amuses us. The gag is not made only by the idea of two black men impersonating white women, but also by those two learning to understand women by literally stepping into their shoes.

Far from being a movie about the empowerment and liberation of the women, White Chicks likes to stick to the facts: shopping, make-up and checking out guys.

The action drags the two brothers out of one crisis into another. As they close in on the truth, they also find out that they have more to fear than just the kidnappers, as Marcus is won at an auction by a  pro athlete named Latrell, who sees in “him” the woman of his dreams.

The entire premise of the film is already ridiculous and for people to fall for their disguise seems absurd, but it`s absurdities like this that will make you burst out laughing in tears all throughout the movie. White Chicks is the kind of movie that doesn`t look to make a point or a moral, but sticks clear to its purpose: it`s sole purpose is to entertain you and without a doubt that`s what it will do.

2. Hitch

Will Smith and Eva Mendes, Hitch movieWhen we say Will Smith, we instantly think at summer blockbusters, but Hitch was the perfect opportunity for him to make his big breakthrough into the world of romantic comedies. It presents a whole new vision on relationships between men and women and at the same time feeds the hope of all the not so “cool” guys that they can still aim for a woman that`s classified as out of their league.

The Rules of Dating a Woman

At the beginning of the movie, Hitch starts by telling us the rules of dating women, but as you`d expect from real life, there comes a time in his life when rules no longer apply. When Albert, a shy and tubby accountant, falls in love with his rich and beautiful boss, he decides to consult Smith`s character, Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a professional dating consultant.

No matter the problem, Hitch was your man, from how to get their attention to how to make yourself appear a hero in their eyes, he had an answer to everything. However, all his knowledge won`t be of any help when he meets Sara, a writer for a gossip column. While he desperately tries to smooth Albert out, the dating doctor finds himself in need of a doctor.

Hitch has the same approach on education in life as Sex and the City once had. It`s hilarious and sweet, it is the perfect movie to watch with your significant other, and even with the family. Will Smith’s first attempt at a romantic comedy is complete success. Being a dating consultant is another high hit on his resume.

He`s entertaining, outrageously funny and well worth watching; his performance is almost flawless. It`s difficult to express the feeling the movie leaves you with, but if you want to laugh, to feel really good and get some insight on girls at the same time, then Hitch is the movie to watch.

1. Men in Black

Nothing describes  fun as well as a film from the “Men in Black” series. They continue the tradition of big-budget special-effect films that are well aware of how silly they are. When the first movie was released, the public had never seen anything like it before and it was an instant hit.

Although the main idea of the film follows some direction, the action is entirely cut loose from all conventions of tedious storytelling, and replaced by laughs and absurdities. The success of the first movie was so crushing, that it was no surprise when another one followed. However,

Men in Black 2 didn`t have the impact they expected and it was only 10 years later, that they managed to top themselves. Men in Black 3 had an ingenious plot, more bizarre aliens, hair-pulling cliff-hangers and best of all, the perfect closing scene that added a sort of touching dimension to the characters.

Men in Black 1

Man in Black is not a superheroes movie, but the adventure of 2 hard-working functionaries in charge with keeping track of the alien population in the United States. It all starts when NYPD officer James Edwards encounters a supernaturally agile suspect and sees him blink horizontally.

He is then contacted by Agent K, who recruits him into his secret non-government agency entitled Men in Black. Edwards, now Agent J, pairs up with K to track down an alien who disguised himself into the skin of a farmer. What is so original about this movie is it unpredictability. You get a bit of everything: irreverent humour, intense chase sequences and outrageously catchy special effects.

Men in Black 2

The second film was not the big success the producers were hoping for. In Men in Black 2 guns become even bigger and the aliens are slimier than ever. The Earth is put in danger again when a group of aliens descend onto earth in order to find something that will allow them to destroy the planet and only Agent Kay knows what it is. However, there`s nothing he can do about it until he gets his memory back. 

This sequel didn`t have the same impact as the 1997 original, but it is shamelessly fun regardless. Jones (Agent K) and Smith (Agent J) keep it light and funny, avoiding anything that might be considered controversial and to top that, Lara Boyle (Sarleena)`s lingerie scene has raised the standards on which we judge  villainesses.

Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 was so well received by the critics and the public, it`s even said it surpassed the original. This time, the two agents deal with an escaped alien prisoner, Boris the Animal, who plans to go back in time and take revenge on K for shooting one of his arms off.

Nothing is simple when it comes to time travelling but that didn`t discourage Agent J who must now go back in time as well to stop Boris and save his partner from certain death. Even if we had to wait 10 good years for another sequel, we can say it was worth it.

We are reunited with our favourite characters in a blend of time travel, inside jokes, action and suspense. From the well done script to the impeccable performance of the actors, this movie is a keeper.

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