6. The Wedding Ringer

comedy movie, The Wedding RingerThe Wedding Ringer brings us Josh Gad and Kevin Hart in a surprisingly likeable romantic comedy. There have been many mixed reviews on this movie, most of them caused by the constant twists between the predictable plot and the crass moments that make you want to cringe, but even so, it has moments when it proves to you that it`s better than you expected.

Director Jeremy Garelick knows his way around comedy and he clearly made the right call when he entrusted Gad and Hart with the success of this movie. Kevin Hart is a skilled comedian by himself, but when he and Josh Gad hit their mark, then the movie becomes ridiculously funny.

Groomsmen for Hire

Josh Gad plays Dough Harris, a kindhearted, caring but at the same time socially awkward tax attorney who is about to marry Gretchen, a woman he considers way out of his league. What he failed to confess to his sweetheart before he asked her to marry him is that he has absolutely no real friends, so when it`s time to pick a best man, he calls on  professional help.

Kevin Hart stars Jimmy Callahan, a best man for hire with a very profitable business. He can round up as many groomsmen are needed and deliver one toast that`s to kill for, but the thing he makes clear right from the start is that as soon as the cake is cut, his services end and he`ll be out the door.

The Wedding Ringer is one of those movies that you don`t expect to like, but you end up falling in love with. When you see the title you expect it to be more women oriented, but in fact it`s rather a guy-friendly film that speaks to the modern dilemma of marriage where men abandon their friends and bow to their girlfriend`s desire for a story-like wedding.

As Doug and his hired groomsmen get acquainted, we`re treated to a variety of gags, politically incorrect jokes and best of all, sublime body horror humour that will hardly leave you indifferent.

5. Big Momma’s

The Big Momma`s series is basically Martini Lawrence`s attempt to create his own disguise as a fat person, inspired by Eddie Murphy`s “The Nutty Professor.” Martin is a gifted actor and his fake Big Momma, although it`s doubtful she`ll fool anyone  in real life, is a feisty and sassy drag queen.

The whole point of the film was to allow a 350-pound grandmother to do things normal people in their 60s wouldn`t dream of doing. This cross-dressing comedy-thriller trades heavily in bases of humour and although the plot might seem a bit random, if it`s fun you wanted to see, it`s fun you`ll get.

Big Momma`s House

In Big Momma`s House, Lawrence plays Malcolm Turner, an FBI agent who is mainly working undercover to get to the bad guys. When a serial killer bank robber escapes from jail, Turner and his partner decide to investigate his ex-girlfriend as a prime suspect. However, the woman and her son had fled to Cartersville to visit Sherrry`s long estranged grandmother Hallie Mae Pierce, or as people call her, Big Momma. Unfortunately, Big Momma is called away on business, leaving the house empty.

Scared that Sherry will keep running if she doesn`t find refuge by her grandmother`s, agent Turner takes it upon himself to ensure the success of the mission. Putting on his favourite body suit and latex mask, he creates a new and improved Big Momma that soon becomes the talk of the whole community. As soon as the new Big Momma settles in, you have to prepare yourself for some big  laughs and of course, a portion of sickly romance.

Big Momma`s House 2

In Big Momma`s House 2, agent Malcolm returns as a domesticated husband and expecting father, working low-risk assignments. However, when national security is at stake, it`s time for the boldest, biggest and baddest Momma of them all to make her comeback. This time Big Momma is working undercover as a nanny for the world`s whitest family.

Even if he`s there just to dig out the truth about the master of the house`s possible criminal connections, Big Momma finds herself giving romantic advices and getting close with the suspect`s wife and children. This movie is filled with good humour, unique gags and crazy stunts, making it the perfect choice when you want to watch something with friends or family. It`s simply one of those films that you won`t mind re-watching.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

For the last movie, you get two Big Mommas for the price of one. In Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, agent Malcolm works side by side with his stepson, Trent, who presumably will inherit his knack for cross-dressing. When Trent witnesses a murder,

Malcolm decides to take his son along on his latest undercover mission: the recovery of a flashdrive that could send an organized crime kingpin to jail for a long time. While undercover as a den mother in an arts school, we get to see even more of Big Momma`s stunts, including her posing naked for an arts class.

Whether that was a smart decision or not, that doesn`t change the fact that this is a gem of a movie. Martin Lawrence remains just as funny even the third time around and it`s thanks to his and Jackson (Trent)`s performance that make this movie worth its weight. Even if it`s a bit illogical and cheesy sometimes, it`s only purpose is to entertain and if you watch it with an open mind, this movie is sure to grow on you.

4. Death at a Funeral

funny comedy movie, Death at a FuneralMuch like the original, the 2010 version of this movie has worked so hard to make you laugh, it is impossible to resist it. Death at a Funeral might sound a bit in poor taste, but that`s the whole charm of it. The funniest moments aren`t when we`re trying to be funny, but those when we are desperately trying to be all proper and decent.

The comedy in Death at a Funeral delivers. Everything that can possibly go wrong at a memorial service does go wrong and as improper it might sound to laugh about it, it`s absolutely hilarious.

Movie Plot

Tax accountant Aaron Barnes is about to have one of the longest days of his life, and that`s not just because it`s his father`s funeral. When a dysfunctional family reunites to mourn the passing of the family patriarch, what should`ve been a solemn moment turns into an all out fiasco marked by scandalous revelations and misplaced bodies.

The mourners go through various adventures all throughout the funeral and while you can`t seem to be able to pin-point the plot, there`s without a doubt lots of action going on in the background. Aaron, as the new family patriarch,  has to make sure everything will go smoothly, but things take a turn for the unexpected when a mysterious guest comes forward and threatens  him to expose details about his father`s secret life.

Although it`s a remake, this new Death at a funeral manages to surpass the original in many ways. Asking Peter Dinklage to return for this new version was probably one of the most inspires decisions. Not only was his delivery impeccable, but he also managed to top his previous performance, being even funnier this time.

The American characters are more vivid and their reactions and emotions are so intense to the point of exaggeration, while the British ones are most of the time restrained by their proper aristocratic characters. Both versions have their own supporters, but if you want to see something that`s been filmed specifically to entertain you to tears, then this is the film for you.

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