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If you’re looking at Scarlet Johansson and Amber Heard you might think you’re seeing double. The blonde beauties are constantly compared to one another, and it’s no wonder why they are practically twins. Until Amber recently changed her hair color, they both had beautiful blond locks and also they share the same look of a retro bombshell glamour. They both bring quite the heat to the red carpet with their mesmerizing outfits and gowns, yet neither of them had something to comment about the obvious similarity between them.

The sex-symbol

Amber, age 28, made her debut in the acclaimed sports dramaFriday Night Lights” and had her first leading role in “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”. In 2008 she had her breakthrough with her role in “Never Back Down” and “Pineapple Express” and she was awarded at Young Hollywood Awards with Breakthrough Award.

For her role in the movie “The Rum Diary”, alongside actor Johnny Depp, it was reported that Amber won her role over actresses Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. She began dating Johnny Depp since then and in December 2013 they announced their engagement. Considered a sex-symbol, Amber has numerous appearances in magazines for Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists.Scarlett Johansson, Amber Heard

The sexiest woman alive

Scarlet Johansson, age 30, gained notoriety from the roles of the movies “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in 2003 and from the movie “Lost in Translation” for which she won a BAFTA award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Scarlet has also appeared in published lists of the sexiest women, being the only woman named twice “Sexiest Woman Aliveby Esquire magazine in 2006 and 2013. And in 2007 Playboy magazine named her Sexiest Celebrity.  Scarlett is currently dating Romain Dauric, owner of an independent advertising agency whom she has a daughter with.

Famous A-Listers

The famous A-Listers could easily be sisters, not only for their similar features but also for their alike appearances. With their feline eyes, luscious pouts and modern Marilyn Monroe looks, the Hollywood bombshells will be henceforth associated with one another as they have, with no doubt, huge talent and success.


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