It has not been a few times when “The Black Swan” star and “Modern Family” actress have been mistaken for one another. They both share an effortlessly beautiful glow and even though Mila Kunis is eight years Sarah Hyland’s senior, the physical similarities between these two brunette beauties are almost bizarre.

Younger Sarah

Sarah admitted that she is often mistaken by Mila’s fans and also on the red carpet. When the two actresses finally met at a Nylon party in 2010, Mila came up to Sarah saying that she also gets called “Sarah” all the time and even joked about it saying that she sometimes pretend she’s Sarah because it makes her feel young. “I asked if I could pretend to be her next time somebody asks me if I’m her, and she said OK.mila and sarah, look-alikes

Acting careers

Both Mila and Sarah started their acting careers since they were children but Mila gained more recognition with her role in the TV-show “That 70’s Show”.

Sarah made her name and face known since her role in the comedy TV-show “Modern Familyand because of her uncanny look-alike with Mila. The gorgeous actresses look at the similarity that media pointed out, with humor and both of them never defended themselves or tried to attack each other as many famous doppelgängers have done before.

When you see these beautiful actresses apart you don’t know what to look at first. The expressive green eyes, the chocolate curls or the beautiful smiles? All we know is that if you see them together you might think you’re seeing double.

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