Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber announced the pop culture fans in this Monday that they are not a couple anymore and split, surprisingly, Hollywood likes to do those kinda pranks on us, after a staggering 11 years relation. They stated, and I quote: “ Over the past few months we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple”, declared to E! Magazine. As well they completed with “ It is with great love, respect, and friendship in our hearts that we look forward to raising our children together and exploring this new phase of our relationship”.  Lotsa things run though my mind when I hear that, one of them being the fact that they kinda got bored of the life under the same roof, and trust me “It’s a TRAP”, don’t go in there, and probably wanted to diversify their love life with plots and twists and all the obstacles in life you should emerge in. I think they read late Freud’s opinion and now they are trying to fix things up.

And by fixing I mean spice things up a bit, maybe go separate ways for a while, they are both hot and desirable and probably some diversity in their life would not ruin their life, au contraire, it might save their love life.

For an actor/actress to succeed in his/her career he/she must, and this is a MUST, pour his/her soul into his/her job, participate heart and soul, be one with the movie. Most probably in Gypsy, the new role Naomi Watts indulged in taking requires something of an active participation in the character, meaning more or less personal involvement with another character. Keep that in mind that this is not a single movie in which you could theatrically act after a succeeded sex act and transpose the whole emotional shit to a level that makes us believe whatever the hell is happening there. It actually requires a relation, sincere glances into one another’s soul. This is serious shit. Not once we find out that simple stage actors went down to insanity slope.

To buy a movie you must buy the story, not some fake ass scenes where you feel the acting and realize that that is just a simple movie. A great movie instead makes you immerged into some bitch ass movie where you simply forget that that is a movie and live the movie like you are there.  There were lootsa cases in which the main actors fell in love and got into a relationship, take for example Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams in The Notebook, Vannesa Hudgens and Zac Efron  in High school Musical or Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin in True Blood. The directors make in that kinda way that the couples are a perfect match and find the power to overcome their past feelings in case they had and recur into something beautiful that they will sell into the movie. Dunno if you knew that, but sorry to be the one that spoils that for you. Actors don’t fake their moods, their moods are fooled by fake scenes in which the desired effect is sought and hunted for a better purpose.

<> on September 7, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.
<> on September 7, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

Naomi Watts it is quite an appearance when it comes to movies, brightening up the place like a cute little girl with lots of innocence stored up her sleeve. The Bad… is for the boys, and she is definitely a woman with lots of talents, being discovered since late 80’s when she was only 18 in For Love Alone. Here are the top 6 movies in which she starred in and kicked ass being one of the titans down in Hollywood:

6. While We’re Young (2014, 6,3 on IMDB)

A movie about an old couple that have existential problems of not living their life at their full till then, Naomi being quite credible when it comes to that, looking like an old, inexperienced woman and Ben Stiller…What could I tell wrong about him? He fits the role perfectly as well, trust me. They feel like “Child imitating an adult” as both characters agree that they haven’t lived their lives to the full and decide to embark in a once in a life time journey to find out if the kid they kinda want is the right choice at that moment.

5. Insurgent (2015, 6,3 on IMDB)

There is not much to talk about of her role in Insurgent but pretty decently fits up in there where they distributed her. An innocent woman, faction less that is trying to help the Insurgents in their quest of stopping the destruction of the world as well as the mother of Four, the mysterious lad that helps Tris in her quest of once in a lifetime.

4. The Ring (2001, 7,1 on IMDB)

Quite a movie that left a scar and destroyed all my hopes on the TV. She was specially picked up for the role in which she is forced to interrupt a timer towards her death and her loved ones. The perfect female hero in which she fits right in. I think everybody knows this movie so I won’t tell more… It’s a sick-ass movie. You should watch it.

3. King Kong (2005, 7,2 on IMDB)

A spot on role for Naomi Watts, making it so credible, that a God damn monkey, pardon me, gorilla, would be able to fall in love with this pretty lady. And I’m not talking about love in da bed, I mean love the real kinda way in which the gorilla finds shelter and feels like at home near Ann Darrow, giving him reasons to live and fight. Quite an adorable movie, you really must watch it.

2. The Impossible (2012, 7,6 on IMDB)

Quite a touching movie representing a real story in which after the Indian Tsunami hit, a tourist family is ought to reunite themselves after they survived a god damn tsunami. The motherly role fits Naomi Watts quite incredible, really giving you the goose bumps when it comes to love, trust, hope and all those shits that matter in life, showing us that she is a one of a kind woman. The movie is quite substantial in terms of plots and understanding from it and it is required for a troubled family to watch it. I quite recommend it in case of family misunderstandings. Give your kids something nice to watch. With a score of 7.6 on IMDB it is quite a force in the movie industry. That would be our worst nightmare. That’s why so many tend to be afraid of that area.

1. Mulholland Drive (2001, 8,0 on IMDB)

The role of an innocent trapped in some gangsta shit makes something of a deal. A thriller in the right recipe with the right ingredients makes this spot on powerful real debut of Naomi one of the powers you must reckon in Hollywood.

This movie is a Hollywood special about…Hollywood… and the traumas you would’ve endured throughout the industry.

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