This top 8 also called worldwide G8, the most powerful countries gathered around to discuss their competition market and the faith of the world, the products, imports and so one. To be a powerful country you firstly have to have lotsa resources. 2nd of all you need to literally have strong people with power that can transpose their force of labor into products then into money.

Of course products come from resources, and resources come from terrain in the surface of the country or imported like in many cases where the countries are almost sucked of all that kind, being overpopulated and relying solely on force of labor, patents, and why not, kids, that alongside the education come to provide a big resource for that country.

It’s all a big mechanism, a machine, that is meant to produce us the surroundings lately, more and more technologized, instead of producing actual freedom. This is the era of the artificial freedom, in which we are the products as well as the cogs, in which the old surroundings mean nothing and creation is everything, in which oversaturation can appear just as a step away. But I think there can be found a solution as well.

Put a virus into the devices, dump them at the recycle trash, and voila, here comes the need for more technology again. Soon we’ll be programing at a world scale robots to do chores for us, leaving the old school kids to learn the personal hygiene via technology. Command: vacuum and wash the carpets will be our new language. Nothing like: Please do help me with those carpets and take them on the fence and beat the hell outta it will come outta our mouths. We’ll be dead inside.

Maybe we should reconsider, G8, where we are heading of. But we can run from that into the nature and cut off out technological communication and have a decent time in da wilds, having what’s called a recreation, of our body, soul, and mind. These are the countries that dictate our worlds faith, holding up near of 65% of the world’s production.

8. Russia

most powerful countries listSoon enough, in the 2014’s one of it was suspended due his implication in the Crimean conflict. We are talking here about Russia, who, even if is one of the strongest in resources, pardon me, the strongest one in resources, was suspended cause its “illegal” stealing of Crimea.

And cause I don’t see the illegality in that I will put again Russia on the list, considering that it’s power still remains validated cause…everybody needs the Russian oil, coal, and force of labor. Plus… It’s Russia.

7. Canada

most powerful countries listIt’s the little part of America, situated in the north, occupying almost half of it. Did I say little? Oops, I mean all the important part of America.

Full of resources, being the 2nd country after Russia as spreading, as well as unexploited land that can ensure a big check for anyone that decides to work it.

You really need labor, and they aren’t lazy as the Americans which seem to have it a little off with the mining and shit, degrading fast in terms of resources. This is the upcoming country that will fail in its quest of survival. At least they have Ipads and Iphones to call their relatives in Canada to seek help.

Filthy rich in oil both on the west side as well as the east side, having no need to be provided for energy by anyone, rich in gold as well having Yukon as one of the most famous reserves of gold out there, constantly asking for immigrants from all around the world, having its goal to immigrants near to 250.000 of them every year and cause its low rate of unemployment, people do come to this cold freggin’ country.

Their population consists mostly of Canadian-European citizens with a percentage of 90.45%, most of them being English or French, but as well of important significance of Scottish, Irish and Germans.

The 2nd of ethnic preponderance is the Chinese with 3.69%. Native-Americans, the indigenous population of Canada represent 3.38%. Other minorities consist in: Indians(2.41%), Afro-Americans(2.23%), Jews(1.18%), Russians(1.14%), Filipinas(1.11%) and Hungarian(0.92%). The official language is actually two languages, English and French with a preponderance of 56.3% and respectively 28.7%, but with both of the same equality stand, being one of the few bilingual countries in the world.

6. France

most powerful countries listLe country that doesn’t have any humor. A terrific country as a landscape values, sights and all that you could imagine. Wonderful beaches, women and wine. Everybody wants to travel here for at least once in a lifetime, meaning that all the world wanna see this place, and they will, sometimes, when they’ll sell their kids an wives, creating one of the biggest economies there is till this point.

Having lotsa resources at their disposal, with lotsa mountains to digest in case of hunger, even the biggest one, Mt. Blanc 4.800+ and most of the Alps, well heck, there were even cities that were so wealthy that they declared themselves as an independent country like Monaco. The country of the wealthy people with a density of 18.713 ppl/square km.

A country of many opportunities, being very much similar to the United States of America in terms of business openings, a land full of riches, especially one of the most rich in radioactive elements, being the most precious on any market, especially the black one. Tihee.

With a population of 66.000.000 inhabitants they barely lack the force of labor, being as well, since WWII a big proactive player in the party of immigrants, especially Africans, never lacking in that area. With Car producers, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, they are worldwide known for their prototypes in the racing area.

Having as well opening to the seas, they have a big impact in the worldwide commerce with other countries across the oceans. Never to be taken in joke, they have one of the biggest fleets out there, exporting cars, wine and bitches.

5. Japan

most powerful countries

I simply adore this country and hope that one day I will come across their territory and stay for a while, at least a year. They have it all, technology, women, cars, landscapes-Fuji, buildings, cherry trees, literature, palaces. I can’t think what this country is missing.

I can barely grasp their riches, even though, after years and years of evolution they kinda exhausted their reserves being obligated to import important amounts of coal, especially for the energetic and industrial area, al the way from Russia, like 30 Million tons of it every year.

Their written period is well beyond our European times, being part of one of the oldest civilizations out there with over 5000 years in age.

With one of the most thriving technologies across the world after the WWII cause of the American implication to the regime and the politics so they are focused more on the education and production with a humongous population, and educated as well, they don’t lack anything.

Even the most intelligent person on the surface of the Earth is teaching in this country, Christopher Hirata, with an IQ of 225. They’ll soon be able to launch Japan –the whole – into orbit- joke, but I wouldn’t be that amazed. If there is anyone capable of something amazing, that is Japan.

In the academic studies, the monarchy is the one that conducts the whole business, copying the European Britain model, and as well as the Civic Code that is copied after the French one in 1896. Everything is European in this country, only that it exceeds everything European…

4. Germany

most powerful countries listThe country in which everything is pronounced different that in the rest of the world. I don’t understand the language or the formation of it, but probably that’s the point. To be able to create codes only by speaking, leaving everybody else mouth open.

With the biggest Car industry of the world with the well-known Mercedes ,BMW, Porche, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Opel, and many more, this country thrives in economy, being able to sustain the whole Europe’s economy.

With a population of over 88 Million, they are clearly one of the most important countries of the world, having a huge impact with everything they do. Even though they aren’t as spread as France or other G8 countries, they don’t really need to be, having it all. Roads, monuments, mountains, memorial houses, Anghela Merkel,  Kinder Surprise, and many many more .

The third largest importer in the world, they definitely have something to show off in the market, celery, onion, and the keys to a brand new BMW. With important oil reserves imported from Russia, Germany is not as independent as it was in the past, failing in being totally independent, even though it can overcome almost any country except only 4.

3. Italy

most powerful countriesThe biggest shoe mold of all times. No wonder they are the top notch in the fashion and shoe industry. It has the world fashion capital, Milano, in which is told that everybody in that city is known somewhere among the map.

The country of the horse machine and bull machine, one of the most expensive and prestigious cars across the map, as well as Pagani Zonda – THE most expensive car ever invented, and for good purpose, it has plane parts and a nice wheel, costing no more than $4.5 Million, as much as a pack of biscuits. I’d buy three of them if you may.

Of course this country has thrived in economy being the single country that never seized to exist during all the periods, stealing, plundering and conquering all Europe, they have their reserves of course, being able to feed a portion of Africa with that gold.

With the Vatican at their disposal, with the biggest book collection of all time, costing more than a country, they are only… collecting them, being able to do goods with that sum of money, but nooo, God said to keep them together, so the saints would not be forced to use Google. Hypocrite God.

With a one of a kind museums, cities and landscapes attracting 79.6 Million tourist across the world, being the 2nd attraction, behind France 83.7 Million. Everybody wanna try the cuisine, see the history, fashion, culture and the bitches, of course they came for the bitches…

2. United Kingdom

most powerful countries listThe European version of Japan, with a rich history as well, cultivable land, scotch, of course it’s only for scotch, numerous tourist attractions like the Buckingham’s Palace, Big Ben, That big wheel that spins and many many more.

Rich in oil, independent in the energetic area, numerous lands across the sea that provide annual goods sufficient to provide the country’s necessary, rendering her able to export whatever the hell they desire, Rolls Royce, Jeep, Land Rovers, Sweets covered in gold, ugly bitches, oh wait, they have no selling for that but they import nice ones for the tourists still bringing money.

Oh hell, they have the strongest currency across the world, colonizing all the world just in a matter of a century (fox), having one of the strongest commercial fleets there are, and the most expensive cargos as well. They don’t lack a thing, not to mention labor force, that comes every year from all across the globe just to study at one of their prestigious universities.

It’s the 22nd most populated country in the world with 64.5 Million inhabitants that produce a GDP of $ 2.569 Trillion each year. And there’s a reason for their wellbeing. They were the first to develop the industry like no country in the world… succeeding to put the queen on top of lotsa countries like Jamaica or Canada. They are the top of the Ice Berg, of course they have a place in the big boys table.

1. United States of America

most powerful countries listYes, the top of the top, also born from the England’s will, with a population of over 200 million inhabitants, producers of all kinds of stuff, lotsa them stupid(see the predictions on the US dollar), but still one country that fuels the dreams of many people.

They have Jets, Crysler, Ford and other nice industries, gold as well, but they have a taste for the services as well, being persons paying for potatoes with messages on them. What the actual fuck?

This economy is one of the most diverse there can be in the world, spreading on two oceans, full of oil, Apple phones, and stupid fat fucks.

United States is the 3rd country as number of tourist attracted in here with a number of 74.8 Million, all coming to see the Statue of Liberty, or more exactly to settle there, nobody wants really to see these wonders that were build all after 1800.

A country found in a perfect decline after the 9/11 and the world crisis in 2008 but still one of the biggest powers this world has to offer. A power that is to be recognized.


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