When I firstly saw a girl streamer in my life I said to myself “wow, this isn’t all that bad”, and it really wasn’t, but I wanted to see more of that so I looked upon other girl streamers online and I was mesmerized, oh my god , all that stupidity, tits selling and really bad taste in gaming, who didn’t really loved the game only the attention which some of them looked in finding.

Some of them danced for the audience much of like strippers, most of them had their image zoomed in like more than half of the screen, much more narcissist than you could imagine and comparatively they earned much more money if they showed the “belongings” than the actual web live strips or what they are called. I was like “What the actual fuck?!”.

Who the fuck actually enjoys the gameplay? Only whining about their teammates and the system cause someone pointed at her when she was in the store showing her boobs more than half. What was that? One received a donation of $3200 at some point and made me realize that I gotta find the good ones in this whole shit-dump and here there is the list of the good girls streamers that actually have some content to look upon and not only….shit, this is hard to see.

Par example… I’ve seen a while ago a streamer with huuge boobs, making me freeze the view onto that shit but she was theorizing of the essence of life and how she is denigrated at most points in life where she is not treated like the rest of them. Of course,,, look at those mellons. I wouldn’t treat you normal either, reduce them for fuck sake. I would make jokes about that, asking if you came from Cernobal or something.

She was all bitchy and received a dozen of donation, hopefully for that boob-job, honestly that was retarded and her boobs occupied like ¼ of the screen. Again one of those bitches who let you see more of her than the actual gameplay. So bitches aren’t good only in making sandwiches, some of them even know to play your favorite game and provoke you an erection , both in the same time, figure that out.

8. Zoya

best streamer girls listOk, this pretty one had a crying episode at some point cause everybody started making fun of her– if you don’t like being made fun of, it’s a trolls game of course if you didn’t know-  and stormed out of the frame to cry in peace for “not stripping out her boots” when she clearly has no boots, of course the person making a reference for her boobs and made it in a phun way to be said. –actually she started crying cause they didn’t left her a penta and she was killed by the creeps while typing.

Her background was consisting by a bed, an unmade one, a lamppost, a wardrobe, and she played from her bed, crouched like a bug and hoped to do something playing in that uncomfortable position.

This girl right here is a serious case of retard when in need of attention, unworthy sincerely and pretty grouse to watch something like this on and on. Better go watch some boobs bouncing. Please leave me fap in peace over normal videos and not chicks like this who are hoping to get rich ova’ night.

7. Kneecoleslaw

best stream girlsThis one over here is one of the most ugliest bitches I’ve seen in my life, not to mention in this game, and one of the most stupid of them all. She definitely shows tits, having some to show, dances like a retard over stupid music and sings like a mermaid-NOT.

Damn, if this were to hit on me I would run as fast as I could only not to see that fucking deformed face. It really makes me sick, and the background is so unprofessional it makes me wonder what is she doing for real in this game.

Actually she is not that ugly but still ugly in my opinion and has some showoff boobs for you to watch during the game if you are bored. They bounce by the way, like sick bouncing, but she provokes that kinda action to them you having a reaction like a retarded kid, saying “aaaaahhh, I had a brilliant idea but she wiped it instantly

6. RainbowKidz

streamer girls, RainbowKidz“This tits are the realest” quote, in the opening presentation, and nonetheless really dumb, claiming that genetics, and nothing else that had her presence or force of labor made her obtain that.

She is clearly stupid and stuttering from time to time making her hilarious in her lack of brain, buuut leaving that aside, she has individually donations of over $1000 from 4 persons, that making in a single lot $7000, WHAT THE FUCK?, I’m talking for getting a sex change exclusively for this shit, common man, is he buying her like an Arabian sheik or what?

This one is not actually streaming but after having covered her needs in the monetary section her channel was rented by some dude who is streaming without camera, a Diamond something, but nonetheless. How is it that she was a “true gamer” and stormy left after she bought herself a car and probably was bought by her husband.

Geez this twitch channels are fucked up by whores and skanks and’s really hard to find a decent girl playing so if you want to join, nothing will change at all, they’re going to be here as well. But the following two are actually decent and fun to watch with nothing preposterous at sight and they… actually… play… figure that out.

5. Miramisu

streamer girls list, MiramisuAsides for the fact that she’s wearing pure blue eye contacts and looks hideous not seeing her natural eye color she is fat as fuck, more like a whale, one of those bitches who you would not want to jump in your room fearing the floor will collapse or something.

Careful this one looks for an intelligent sugar daddy in case you were wondering what to buy for Christmas to your son, she will probably come after you instead of your son. Geezus what a specimen is playing and of course ruining this game which I really love.

For those kinda bitches must be some rules, and I would definitely militate for that. Take an IQ test before showing us your boobs, 2nd, don’t even show them cause you are not there for sales, showing all your “skills in rotating over a dick” and 3rd of all. Please take your medication in case you are been mocked in stream.


4. HellenaLive

streamer girls listThiiiis one is really fucked up. I’m gonna quote: “It’s the 5th game today, I’m gonna have no teeth pretty soon. But I don’t need them, right? Because I’m an auris-phew,(who da fack knows what’s that?) all I know to do is bl… Ok I’m not gonna say it”.

She whines a lot of his teammates who are “total bitches”- whatever that means. She is definitely a fashion critique, arguing on every shit that annoys her in life and on others, of course she is the best of the best, the crème de la crème, wouldn’t wanna measure my forces with this one cause it will make myself a pretty big waste of time.

She whines even for the donations she receives for being too little “Leave my stream, please leave my stream, you are the last person I wanna see today”, probably being a stalker who wants to be recognized for his effort in sustaining her financially, of course being one of that ugly guys who would settle for a basic piece of walking meat, I said basic? I meant fucking bitch. Aaand she makes money of that kind of dorks. Geezus, in what kinda world do we live on?

One had donated a sum of money, more exactly $1(cause it’s all they have) and said “it’s good sucking a cock without teeth trolololol, making a reference of what she said earlier in the game.

3. TheFluffiestBunny

best streamer girlsThis chick right here is quite retarded. She knows the advantage over the opposite sex and the predominance of them over twitch and games for that matter and dresses up like a real whore with tight jeans or leather-like pants where you can see the panties pretty clearly and pretends she is not aware of that, and of course she dances like a strip (a very unprofessional stripper) over stupid music to attract male genitalia attention.

And of course the gameplay is somewhere retained in a corner which requires a magnifier to be able to differentiate something. It makes me wanna face-slap myself of the dumbness in this particular streamer, of course you really must check this mountain of stupidity for yourself.

She has a cute smile but that’s the end of the positive remarks over her having nothing interesting to show as gameplay whatsoever. She is definitely a whore who has found out that streaming is more profitable than video-chat with old retarded slimy bastards and pleases the audience with the same skills she knew before, only that she is supposed to play from time to time.

2. Melonie Mac

best streamer girls listsReally love the music on this channel, my kind of gal. Rock-addict with a gaming chair included, and above all she isn’t a total League of Legends addict, playing other games as well, such as Tomb Raider or Amnesia, making herself more various than others and entertaining as well.

With a number of almost 10k followers she isn’t that know for the audience like all the whores out there who can’t manage to click a mouse properly.

She plays mostly Udyr jungle and let’s face it Udyr is kinda hard to manage due his lack of skill shots and seriously… who plays Udyr anymore? And she streams since 2014 having constant viewers pushing her to keep on going making like 6 videos in a week, so she is really a hard worker in this area, of course it’s pleasure as well and with all that attention, and not taking advantage of it, of course she kinda has no tits like Jinx, which she plays a lot as well she really deserves some respect in this branch.

1. KayPea

best streamer girlWith a stream viewers around 11,027,376 and +400.000 followers this chick really has something to show. Actually gameplay, outplays that you rarely can see in decent players, some acting as well, very motion balanced, not making a clown of herself, she is really worth watching.

Buuut if you wanna subscribe to her you must pay a donation of $4.99 that actually sounds dumb. People really donate to see more and more content. Phew, I really need to make a tits transplant, I would definitely gonna pay for them and over of course… Who can I find to do so? I think nobody would find that kinda interest in…

She actually has a gaming chair and not playing from her bedroom from any kind of chairs, that’s a gaming chair and we can’t see the background like in other retarded streamers in which we can see panties and other accessories in which I hold no interest whatsoever. Decent music, even if it comes from the radio, a phantom one I believe, but nonetheless, decent music in which you can’t shake your booty like a Parkinson fucktard.

The downside of this girl is the fact that’s she’s still playing old style without smart-cast but overall her game style doesn’t suck. At all. Doing most often double or triple kills on the unfortunate bastards who I don’t think they know that they are playing against a girl. She’s actually phunneh and made me smile and laugh most of the time so… Big Up. Hope to see more of her play-styles.

And above all… I didn’t see any boob or nipple showing around her and that’s pretty fucking awesome, nothing to be distracted with from the game. Which is actually there…

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