Try but try not to look like totally trying, be yourself most of the time cause you won’t be able to figure out what’s best next and wrong from.

It’s a tricky art and at the bars is kinda sloppy cause nobody nowadays doesn’t meet people at the bar, rarely, most preferring to do that online and don’t have surprises of their likings and disliking, to see an edited face rather than to see the true beauty of one’s self, humor, soul and everything else that is not presented on the front page of your part.

It’s an art form like no art in the world. To be yourself but still don’t cause of the circumstance you are in, to breathe out the bad as well as the good. 

Be inspired but still inspire, to be sloppy but still having all in the control, to feel it but as well to know it. It’s the most complicated art form in the world.


8. Learn how to make eye contact with a girl

eye contactThat’s the first thing you should know and really the first words you are telling to her, meaning the discussion will prevail if the eye-contact is cool and not looking desperately for something.

Try not to make a clown of yourself and try silly moves with people who are not interested in talking to you. You will easily spot them if they avoid your eye sight or simply see you naturally but not giving any kind of interest in you.

7. You need presentation

present yourselfJust as in “How I met your mother” where Barney uses the oldest scheme in the book “haaave you meet Ted?” , in real life you really need the approval of someone known and familiar so that they can trust you more easily and eventually have some chapters to discuss in the meantime they do something else.

Introduction is kinda the key to this matter, having to be based on the help of others, seeming they approve the relation and you can carry on with accommodation. If it doesn’t work, you are retarded and your feet definitely smell, cause I never had problems in this area, but if doesn’t work, ask yourself, why didn’t it. It’s probably the monotony in which you put her in and got 0 attention of her desires.

You can play a role but for a short period of time, that’s because at some point she will realize and dismiss your confidence in a second, play a role of a funny guy if you aren’t, definitely make her laugh, and if you do so, you are halfway through there, you just need her to fall into you arms, and of course presence, be there in some cases.

If you are at some kind of art museum, don’t follow her, take your personal tour and at the end manage to remember what crappy forms of art you’ve seen and tell her, she will tell at her point, and voila you have a topic. This is if you are totally rookie, who goes to art museums this days besides me?

6. If a girl shoots you down, just laugh and move on.

girl with gunNever be demoralized by that, cause there’s plenty of fishes in the sea, and seemingly you tried to get the attention of ones, you probably missed the girl who tried to get your attention and fail in you quest. They never liked the sticky ones, ichi feelings of pity or remorse.

It all should be flat and as easy as grabbing a flower from the soil. Don’t mind it. If you didn’t succeed you will surely gonna after some experience cumulated of what’s wrong and what’s not, and farting in you palm and giving one girl to smell it it’s definitely the way to do it, trust me, I did it and it’s no good, lucky me that I haven’t received a slap on the face for that one stunt.

If you pull out something nice, you will be bragged about and spread your hunting territory to other of her friends and probably get a better, much easier shot at another girl. Just saying.

5. Be the life of the party

be a good dancerNot so long ago I talked with my cousin who is kinda desperate to get a girl. And told him that all he knows it’s crap for getting a chick. I begged him to take some dance lessons, cause let’s face it, if you are a good dancer you have all the chances in the world to be as good in bed as on the stage.

Dance will definitely put the lights on you if you know what are you doing, inspire her, loosen her, and why not, make her dance with you. It’s the perfect kind of communication when words can’t do much think, you bring on the arsenal from childhood and reveal a side of you that is innocent and playful and not grumpy and booring. See that word, it’s you biggest enemy of al , not another guy, but yourself.

I even have a poem of myself which is called  “ the only enemy I should fear is me”, fuck the others, it’s us two against the world, not a group trying to do something, it never works. You can dance aside the other looser who is trying to get her eyes attention, but you are better at dancing and you surely gonna succeed if you know you moves, and a little comedy why not. You definitely need body language.

Dancing is a form of love expressed via motions, even depths can hear your words if they are clear and not needy, fast but yet tender, groovie but yet in trend, immersive but yet self-standing. I love dancing, literally enjoy it, and when I suggested to my cousin to go to a dance course he told me he would better wanna learn 3d programming, you could amaze with that as well but is no real life and you will be disappointed by the results and outcomes. He is definitely a looser.

4. Be approachable

dont be boringGirls sense if you can’t keep yourself together and sometimes tend to avoid or turn off them. Not the best method, trust me. If they see you are easy to talk to, they will reach furthermore to you presence and prefer to spend the time with you than rather else who is cocky or uninterested in you. You could try that as well, but note not to be exaggerated in cause you’ll start to repel.

Study yourself in the mirror from time to time to avoid looking angry or bored if possible, raising your eyebrows to make you feel awake and ready for action. It will give you an “innocent, pleasant look”.

You can play the “hard to get” kinda attitude, but at some point she will smell you and immediately fail in your quest to get her. It’s a little bit trickier, you need that balance of on an go, not too desperate and not too cold, the extremes don’t help you at all.

She can always smell your desire, but only if yours is bigger than hers, the desire, ok, not to mistakenly think something else. Try to be the one that breaks the ice and amaze her with your confidence, but not too obvious, just like you were passing through and thought you should say hi to her and introduce yourself. They like the boys with nerves, and can handle them as well.

They are very weak at this chapter so if you can play cool you will give them impulse to be as well, try not to mess someone up with retarded stories and excuses, better not to talk at all I you are really retarded and can’t find something interesting to get out of you mouth.

3. Although you don’t need to wash your hair every day, you really must take a shower every day

Sweat is like diluted urine and the more it hangs on to you, the more vulnerable become the outside noses that come to encounter your body.

And more it shelters hormones, dead ones, not the cool kind and you become to repel instead of attracting the opposite sex. Washing your hair every day wouldn’t be a mistake as well, but it’s not that necessary.

For me personally during summertime, it’s required to take not one but three showers a day cause of the excessive sweating from my activities, so I take three showers instead of one, coming up in the evening as fresh as I can be, giving to myself a lot of confidence as well.

-Don’t abuse the deodorant and the perfume, trust me, you come to get used to it at some point but everybody will ask where that smell comes from cause they can’t ignore it.

2. Wear what you are comfortable with

comfortable fashionI’d say that this is one of the most important when it comes to attention. Like birds have their feathers, as well, we, attract via looks. And the more comfortable you are with the clothes the less outside stress you come to develop. And it builds you confidence nonetheless.

Wear a shirt that is in concordance with your skin tone, eye color and lips, not simply thrown on ya to be “just dressed”

Avoid tucking in the shirt if it’s not meant to be tucked, most aren’t, but if it’s the exception, avoid tucking it like a nerd and find a proper balance.

Avoid wearing the same shirt in different occasions, girls have a 6th sense when it comes to dressing and they will quickly realize, if they realize you at all, that you don’t really care for your outfit ergo you don’t care really much for them to be proper dressed, so you are simply a waste of time.

It was a period in my high-school in which we were obligated to wear the same old tuxedo, school uniform, and I really felt cuffed to it, depressed, introvert much, couldn’t express my emotions via gesture as well as I did with it on me, sad sad program.

1. Have confidence – no matter what’s the situation

confidence2Girls love confidence, and I’m not talking here about top secretes that you might reveal, ehm, although that would be a trick too.

You could be a Barney Stinson, telling them you are an Anonymous member on the run and you must find shelter (in their unaware lingerie ), that might consider you a decent target for a night spend-off, but I’m not telling you to lie, but if you could that would be great, and if you could lie with confidence that would be even better, that would reveal a side of you that is very potent, not in that way but anyhow.

If you could lie for the sake of amusement that would be perfect, but hey, don’t listen me, listen your guts, if she is in for that kind of bullshits jokes she’s perfect, if not carry on searching. Some appreciate a good sense of humor but most don’t really know what that is. Don’t reveal them theoretically what it may be cause it’s a waste of fucking time and resources, go… where your spirit leads you to. In her panties: D .

There’s a line in Donnie Brasco where Al Pacino says the followings: “A wise guy is always right; even when he’s wrong, he’s right.” Follow that line and you’ll have lots to gain, but seeming all-knowing, and not being can easily sweep of the feet a girl and not in the good way, and leave.

Why, ego is not really totally the definition of personality, and if you fuck something up, they won’t really trust the shits that’s coming outta your mouth and you will feel it and you will stop being confident- end of story.

It’s like that girl sayin’ : “There’s nothing more sexier thing to wear than confidence”, and not to be sexist I’d say it applies just as well to men.  Be confident in what crap you are saying, you probably will be believed.

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