Monica Bellucci was on the poster On the Milky Road last year, the feature film drama of Serbian Emir Kusturica. Italian actress stars alongside the director himself, which is certainly one of his biggest film roles.

Emir Kusturica has directed plenty of other films. Click here to learn more about his movies and career on IMDB!

Since this event arose our interest, we started investigating some more movies related to Monica Bellucci. She already performed in dozens of films, and there are quite a few pretty interesting ones to choose from.

Without further ado, let’s see a top list of the six best movies of this black, elegant beauty:

6. Remember Me, My Love (2003)

The Ristuccia family lives in Rome: Carlo and Giulia with their two grown children, Valentina and Paolo. Each of them is at a crossroad in their life. Carlo feels the wear of his marriage and wonders why he works with Ricardo; Giulia, a teacher, can not stand to see his theater dreams vanish with the years.

Valentina and his girlfriend Anna dreams of becoming stars as they see these girls jiggle in the television, and Paolo wonders who he is. Convinced that he is nothing, he would nevertheless go out with Illaria.

We follow their lives for a few days; a life made up of decisions, theater, and coincidences that mark their future. This whole family will cross this small revolution at the same time, but everybody in their own way.

5. Tears of the Sun (2003)

In Nigeria, the president’s family has been assassinated and civil war is about to burst.

To read more about the film, take a break and check out this Wiki article!

A secret commando led by Lieutenant Waters (played by Bruce Willis) is sent to the confines of the jungle to evacuate Kendricks Lena, a woman doctor working for a humanitarian organization in a village threatened by the rebels. But the course of the mission changes when she refuses to leave without the villagers…

4. Asterix and Obelix (2002)

Asterix and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, decides to defy the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, to build a magnificent palace in the desert in three months. If she will be successful, he must publicly concede that the Egyptian people are the greatest of all.

To do this, Cleopatra calls Numérobis, a pioneering architect full of energy. If he will be successful, she will cover him with gold. If he fails, she will drop him to the crocodiles.

The first movie was Asterix and Obelix: Take on Caesar. Click here and get it on DVD!

The latter, aware of the challenge, seeks help from his old friend Panoramix. The druid traveled to Egypt with Asterix and Obelix. Amonbofis, the official architect of Cleopatra,  jealous that the Queen chose Edifis to build the palace, will make every effort to defeat his competitor.

3. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

In 1766, a mysterious beast is raging in the mountains of Gevaudan and took many lives without anyone identifying or killing it. People are scared. It’s a monster who emerged from hell or a punishment from God.

The case quickly took a national dimension and undermines the authority of the King. Gregory Chevalier de Fronsac, naturalist moreover, is then sent to the Gevaudan region to create a portrait of the beast.

Wit, frivolous and rational, he is accompanied by the strange and taciturn Mani, an Indian from the tribe of the Mohawks. These are installed at the Marquis Thomas d’Apcher.

At a party given in his honor, Fronsac meets Marianne De Morangias and his brother Jean-François, the heirs of the most influential family in the country. Fronsac soon encounters the animosity of the influential people of the region.

2. Dobermann (1997)

The Dobermann and his gang are in the news. Banks, post offices, vans, everything goes. An anthology of robbery, a best-of raids! But there is a cop against them who is making their arrest a personal matter.

If you are interested in the film, read more about it on this IMDB page!

1. Malena (2000)

In the spring of 1940, Mussolini declared war on France and Britain. The Sicilian city of Castelcuto is cheering. Renato Amoroso, a boy of thirteen, is happy for other reasons.

He has just received his first bicycle and fell in love with Malena, a beautiful war widow who turns the head to all men of the village and stirs up hatred jealous wives. Renato, literally bewitched, follows her everywhere with his bike.

But Malena suffers from the repressions and desires of the inhabitants of Castelcuto. The boy will find a way to help, and thanks to her, he will learn the lessons of life.

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