Bob Dylan singer, songwriter, and poet did not commentate at all his Nobel prize on his Las Vegas concert which caused such a great surprise all over the world. Why would a musician-songwriter get a literature prize? This is unprecedented in history.

But probably we should only take note of the fact that the world is changing and many mind-bending things happen which we can’t even follow or it’s quite hard. The Swedish Academy still did not manage to reach him one day after the announcement.

The 75-year-old rock legend gave a concert in the Chelsea concert hall of the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino before about 2,000 of his middle-aged fans, but he did not drop a single word about the recognition. He did not react to the ovation of the audience and the shouts mentioning his prize (Nobel Laureate!) that were probably never before heard on a rock concert.

As you can see on this Wiki page, he is also on the list of the Nobel Laureates so far among other great names.

The close friends of the musician said that Dylan did not respond to the award the whole day. Community pages of the musician remained silent for hours about the case and only later told the news facts without comment.

One of his friends, Bob Neuwirth singer said, it is possible that Dylan will never even say thanks for the recognition. The Swedish Academy has so far tried to reach out personally the singer but they were only able to contact his agent and his concert organizer.

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So the Academy does not even know if Dylan has the intention to attend the award ceremony at all. Despite this weird story, we are still big fans of Bob Dylan’s work. That’s why we compiled a list of the top six songs of this Nobel Laureate:

6. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

This song appeared on the album The Freewheelin ‘Bob Dylan in 1963. It is based on a traditional Scottish song “Lord Randall”. At the time, Dylan explained that he wanted to put all he could in this song because he thought he would not live long enough to write other songs.

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5. Mr. Tambourine Man

This is, without doubt, one of the most popular Bob Dylan songs and also a song which was adapted many times.

It is present on the album “Bringing It All Back Home” that came out in 1965. The text is very equivocal since we can interpret it as an ode to his muse or LSD…

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4. Visions of Johanna

The story says that the musician wrote this song in the fall of 1965 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York, where he stayed with his wife Sara while she was pregnant. It appeared on “Blonde On Blonde” (1966).

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3. All Along The Watchtower

We find this 1967 song on the album “John Wesley Harding” recorded at Studio Columbia A. In Nashville. Many know the famous version of Jimi Hendrix, who, moreover, was not the only celebrated artist who adapted it. We could also mention Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and the U2.

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2. Just Like A Woman

This piece is also present on the Blonde On Blonde album. In this song, the songwriter is making proof of his irony. A position that was not always well understood. At the time, some saw it as a misogynist text and therefore received a divisive welcome.

1. Like a Rolling Stone

Released in 1965 on the album Bringing It All Back Home, Like A Rolling Stone, is the best song of all time according to a ranking of Rolling Stone.

It is special because it begins with the refrain, unlike the classic pop songs that begin with a verse. The theme of this song is mainly despair.

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